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Cultivated dope-smoking Welshman barred from own shed

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I stopped reading at..

"... the Daily Mail reports."

Why, oh why, does anyone still re-report from the embodiment of all that's wrong with Middle England?

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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Ah, the Set-Top box...

Apparently, because I work in enterprise IT, my friends and family have asked me about installing/fixing the following things;

1) LCD Hi-Def TV

2) Car alarm

3) House alarm

4) Cooker

5) Car ECU ("but you work with computers. It's a computer.")

6) Smartphones/tablets

7) Windows (the OS, not the aperture)

So it seems that because I work with servers, that also includes the above list.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have a look at some things. I fixed my Dad's motor-mover for his caravan, as it was a crappy soldering job. Being a ham radio enthusiast has its advantages.

I still help my Dad these days (who still hasn't grasped the terminology... "I clicked onto my internet client and.....") and that's about it.

Ten gaming headsets

Dan Howarth

Inline controls are a weak point and why so expensive?

So, inline controls are great and all, until they develop a fault. I've had the Plantronics GameCom 780 headset for a couple of months now and it's great! For £40, it's a very capable headset and it doesn't have a stupid in-line controller. It's all on the headset, which is good if you like gaming/watching movies in the dark.

Mini retail empire Micro Anvika implodes, one shop to be shopped

Dan Howarth

"Oh, what a pity..."

... said no-one outside central London, ever.

Also, their Twitter account (@microanvika) says under other information "UK's Leading Technology Retailer".

Really? Maybe "Tottenham Court Road's Leading Technology Retailer".

Computers are so middle class – Mark E Smith

Dan Howarth

I am. Karaoke nights are especially fun.

Dan Howarth

Who in this "story" isn't a fuckwit?

"I can never understand computers. It's a very middle-class thing"

- "I don't get it so it's something I dislike." Idiot, they've been around for 20 years. If you haven't figured them out, close the noise hole regarding matters you admit you know nothing of.

" Smith also berates people for using online banking and for Web2.0rhea: "You always thought people are daft but you give 'em the benefit of the doubt, but they are as f**king daft as you thought." "

- My, that's a well reasoned point. See my first point.

"Has he got a point?"

- No.

"Well, statistically he's correct:"

- No, he isn't, statistics or not.

"17 million Britons are internet refuseniks"

- A third of us. How is that 'statistically" showing that people are daft? It doesn't.

"... is on a personal mission to brighten the lives of people on "horrible council estates" – people who prefer shouting across the street to tweeting and real communities to online communities."

- Ah, there's the real middle class attitude. who am I berating now? The author of this article or the quoted Nobody?

This is why people own Staffordshire bull terriers. It's not a lifestyle choice; it's a necessity.

- See my last point.


This isn't journalism. This is taking the effluent-like vocal output of someone who doesn't matter and keeping someone in a job somewhere writing a non-story for a news source I respect, albeit a little less.

I love the Reg, I'm a daily reader.

But this kind of "aren't the middle class snobby? Oh, and aren't the working class scummy?" attitude is exactly what neither the media nor the public need.

Drunken bust-up woman sprays cops with breast milk

Dan Howarth

Grammar police should have been called`

"recognizance" ? Really?


Flaw could expose 'millions' of home routers

Dan Howarth

Re: Can't find the link


3-million-km-long comet plunges into Sun

Dan Howarth

Yes, you are. :)

The _TAIL_ was 3M km long.. not the comet itself.

French poised to seize Port of Dover

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I stopped....

I stopped reading after "According to the Daily Mail..."

Today marks 'least productive' day of year

Dan Howarth

After 30-odd years...

... I'm used to it.

Why is it a surprise when this happens? It happens every year. October, clocks go back. March/April, the clock go forwards.

Every year, it happens. Every year, people say how much it affects them.

Why? We know when it's going to happen. We know what the effect will be. And after all, it's only one hour. Personally, I don't see the big issue.

And the Canaries? Are they really that bored that they need to do a study on a one-hour shift that's been happening since 1918.

WTF, as it's just an excuse to lie in, blaming the shift of the clocks.

P.S. I'm not disputing whether SAD exists, I don't doubt it does. But I feel it's like how everyone gets "the flu" in winter. They have colds, not influenza.

Subaru set to show stylish hybrid

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Looks like an Alfa

Or to be precise, and Alfa Romeo Brera


Cobain band mates denounce dead rocker's Guitar Hero gig

Dan Howarth
IT Angle

Are you all serious?

Seriously.. it's a computer game. It's not that big of a deal.

Ok, so they had a pseudo-Hendrix in GH3, and the "real" thing in World Tour... I can't see how Activision _wouldn't_ have got permission before putting out the thousandth title in their top-selling lineup.

If that woman doesn''t like it, pull the game, take him out, don't pay her a bean. Simple. How does this change our lives? It doesn't.

Still failing to see the IT angle. :)

Shock jock blames Britain for hack attack

Dan Howarth

Does anyone care?

Other than being largely unknown in the UK, his question is still valid. Why would anyone attack his site on that day? These are my suggestions;

1) Whoever it was typo'd the site they really wanted.

2) Whoever did this was bored.

3) His site wasn't attacked by the hacking and malware capital of the world, Great Britain (this is sarcasm)

The outcome of these theorem has numbers in the many;

1) No-one cares.

This is the end of the lecture. Please help yourselves to coffee in the reception area.

Thank you.

Fisker e-sportster debuts on infamous Laguna Seca circuit

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Still sounds like...

... a milk float. :)

What's Welsh for Orange?

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Some points are being missed

It's not about catering to people who exclusively speak Welsh. There won't be too many of them. but it's for people who wish to use their mobile phone in their preferred language.

Suppose you're French. Sorted. German? Sorted. Finnish? Also sorted. Welsh? Until now, not likely.

Well done Samsung, I say!

@AC " Use one language FFS!" - Wow.... just wow. It's this narrow-minded attitude that gives us English a bad rep in other countries. How do _you_ get your point across in another country? I suppose you'd shout a bit louder....

Barclays online banking borked

Dan Howarth

Taking the wee-wee?

So they're trying to flog a new "contactless" type of card, and arranged for the filming of their advert in the United States, involved CGI and location shooting....

Then they want to lay off IT staff, to people who keep their systems running, to save money.

Irony? Taking the piss? Flat-out stupidity?

Oh, they're a bank... no explanation required.

Esc button, as that's what Fred Goodwin used.

Hunt for MPs' expenses leaker hots up

Dan Howarth

Heart in right place, brain gone AWOL

This is the way I see it;

1) The public needs to know - I concur. We, the tax-paying public, should know how our money is being spent, especially during a recession when we're being told to tighten our belts and spend less (unless it's on a car or at the bank)

2) Fraud? - Whether all of this consitutes fraud is down to the police and the CPS. There is a fine line between ill-advised expenses and fraud.

3) Where did the £300,000 go? - Straight into the pockets of those who sold the information. Did it go back to the tax-payer? Did it hell. At least someone's doing something to avoid the "credit crunch"

The way I see it, we needed to know. Conversely, if the perpetrators are discovered, I think they should be looking at theft, selling stolen goods, privacy charges (this information is, after all, somewhat private - what was spent is not private, who spent it, is.)

</2 cents>

Sjull and corssbones because we shopuld hang, draw and quarter them, becuase they did it to make money, not for the common good.


Gov systems found on 1.9m zombie botnet

Dan Howarth

BuzzWord of the Day - 22 April 2009


Cybercrime, cybercrooks, cybergang...

Seriously... If I want "i", "e" or "cyber" in front of everything, I'll read BBC News' technology section.

Getting my coat, because even el Reg seems to be dumbing down.

S'kiddies light-up LHC website

Dan Howarth

Would they? Really?

God bless the British media. They wouldn't have been "one step away" from the control systems. Would CERN really have any of those systems logically anywhere near a simple webserver?

Of course not.

It's the kind of journalism demonstrated by the Telegraph that causes other kneejerk reactions like panic-buying petrol, bread and water in time of so-called crises.

Vodafone accused of talkingtoofastinradioad

Dan Howarth
Paris Hilton


Because if they don't have it on the radio ad, the customer will come into the shop, ask for the deal they're advertising, and complain when they see the limitations. This usually happens because they're idiots who expect all information to be in the advert.

So to avert this catastrophe of slaespeople having to do their jobs, they try to put all of this information in the ad.

Paris, because she couldn't talk at all at one time

Man buys $1,000 worth of iPhone pixels by accident

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@Matt Bradley

So can I whine at GM or Ford because they made the car able to exceed the speed limit, and didn't stop me from breaking it?

If the idiot's only justification for buying this useless tripe is "I thought it was a joke", maybe he shouldn't be allowed to spend money without an adult to supervise him.

HE clicked "buy". HE was using the computer. HE did this to himself. Regardless of whether the app is useless, a scam, or anything else... he still clicked the button that committed him to spending $999.99 on an animation for his iPhone.

Most sensible, intelligent people would simply fob it off with a "how ridiculous" or "who'd be so stupid...?" and move on to net-pastures anew.

He's an adult. Actions have consequences. At least if he learns his lesson, it's $999.99 very well spent, says I.

PH, because she wouldn't whine about it, she'd show it to the media and turn it into the new Burberry.