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Dyson to build electric car that doesn't suck

Roger Shepherd

Re: The date seems very optimistic

If the Dyson car is radical will will innovate in production. What Tesla and the others are doing is only replace the an ICE drivetrain with an electric one - there's no change in manufacturing or distributions. Dyson would be capable of doing production - they might licence a process (e.g. Gordon Murray's iStream) or they might do something from scratch.

App Store II: Steve Jobs sucks Mac's soul

Roger Shepherd

I want Angry Birds on my Mac

I don't get the criticism at all. Apple are opening a new shop; they want to stock it with the things they want to stock. They're not stopping anyone selling anything for the Mac. I think it is great to see a new channel opened up - one that will enable 99c applications for the Mac. You know, there were downloadable apps for phones before Apple opened the iPhone apps store, but there are a whole load more now. I think the Mac store will do the same for the Mac. Yes, I do want to play Angry Birds on the Mac.

Hull falls off the internet

Roger Shepherd

Be Unlimited had a major problem on Saturday as well

Massive problem on Be on Saturday night. http access seemed to be dead for a lot of the internet including inconsequential sites such as google. They fixed it in a few hours.


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