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Viacom's anti-Google copyright case rises from the dead

James Woods

I wonder what would of happened to youtube if google hadn't of purchased it. You can't say it's a profitable business model because I get no ads on it and whatever ads aren't in the videos my browsers block anyhow.

Google has demolished what was left of youtube by following the myspace example of constantly changing things. It's so busted up now google will only put the pedal to the floor.

I haven't been able to login to my youtube account since they required you to have a google account to do so. I refuse to do that crap.

I know youtube won't go anywhere under google since the content flows across googles network allowing them to leverage free bandwidth because ISPs want connected to google and youtube so it's free for them.

Nothing will come about in these dmca cases. Small companies would be out of business just going through the litigation but google won't shed a feather.

Cocky Foxconn tells tech biz: We'll design your mobes, you do the ads

James Woods

It's amazing what using slave labor can do for a company. What's even more amazing is people continue to buy the garbage.

Yes I have a cellphone and i'll be stuck buying them made with the blood sweat and tears of people making no money working in inhumane conditions at company's like foxxcon but hopefully one day the people will rise up.

That's all blood money.

Apple using Texas cash to boost US hiring

James Woods

I guess this is our idea of capitalism. Apple makes cash hand over foot by mass-producing it's crap using slave labor in the third world and takes welfare over here to create jobs.

I don't own an apple product; I have no reason to own an apple product; i'll never own an apple product.

Take your apples and stick them up your bums.

Visa probes reported security breach of card processor

James Woods

At the end of the day it's always amusing to read about credit card fraud with issues related to the non-cardholder.

I had an experience working with a merchant account provider that turned out to be fraudulent. IE. they claimed to have 2 banks backing them and when we became suspicious of them contacted each bank to verify the relationship and surprise surprise neither bank knew who they were nor had any relation with them.

So we went through the usual channels and eventually contacted visa/mastercard to advise them of the wrongdoing. Guess what? I couldn't even get in contact with one of them and the other didn't even know where to transfer me to for issues like this.

So none of this ever comes as a surprise to me.

The cure for US job woes: More immigrants

James Woods

If things like this were true the third world wouldn't be the third world and the 'immigrants' wouldn't want/have to leave their homelands.

The truth is they bring down our society in several ways that corporate america doesn't have to deal with.

The corporate america suits live in glass houses behind pearly gates and don't have to put up with the hud housing and slums that the immigrants project because that's the type of life they came from.

They don't strive to become all they can be but rather all they need to be which is often more than a welfare white trasher goes but the white trash is already here; we can deal with them.

We don't need to invite the third world into a first rate country only to have it be turned into the third world.

Politicians love 'immigrants' because they come from nothing and are happy to get anything for free. Joe politician is more than happy to run their campaign on giving them everything they can (off the back of the working man).

Let's tax money transfers to mexico 50%, require english as our primary language for starters and let's see how many come here.

This study also doesn't seem to count the numbers of them in prisons around the country for very violent offenses.

Jimbo Wales ponders Wikipedia blackout

James Woods

Is this in between begging for money or will the begging continue throughout the blackout?

Twitter redesign seeks to monetise user base

James Woods

In a stupor i've tried to join twitter twice in the past few years. In each case the system was overloaded.

Why don't they fix their capacity problems before luring new children to the site.

Yahoo! may! never! see! a! penny! of! $610m! anti-spam! win!

James Woods

Well now that yahoo won can I sue yahoo for the years of trucking such spam to me from their network and ignoring abuse complaints only to see the same ip's abusing their service over and over again?

If yahoo is serious about getting money out of their core role as spam truckers why don't they sue all the dandy non-profits we have that preach to us how important it is to connect the third world to the internet.

We pay either voluntarily or in-voluntarily with tax dollars to connect the third world up because all the do-gooders that think areas of the world with no toilets need to have internet access and this is what we end up with.

Networks taken over by or heck setup by spammers/fraudsters to begin with that run with immunity scamming the same people that made their internet connections possible.

AT&T poised to kick T-Mobile USA out of bed

James Woods

can't see the forest for the trees

First off it's a little too late for big brother to come in and save us from a monopoly. The federal government is the worst monopoly one can ever ask for.

AT&T never wanted this merger to go through to begin with. For whatever reason it was pushed as far as it has been but t-mobile is a loser in the united states and there is no incentive for at&t to merge with it.

After having personally experienced their service [tmobile] (which has diminished in my area after these merge talks failed) and the pleasure of customer service informing me that even if the service no longer works that I still owe them i'll be glad to see t-mobile usa go up in flames.

I held up hope during these merger talks that if t-mobile had merged that I might get better cell coverage but now it's nothing in my area like it was when I first got it and the only excuse tmobile has is a one day outage they had. Customer service to this day maintains a 1 day outage has resulted in weeks of no coverage.

I've deal with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, and I can honestly say that tmobile has been my worst experience.

Yahoo! revenue! AND! profits! bomb! as! expected!

James Woods

While im no big fan of yahoo or one of how it's brass unprofessional has/does conduct itself alot of yahoos problems do exist because their competition 'google' is basically an arm of many governments.

Sitting in my living room watching the local news I would be lead to believe that google has brought to us the satellite technology that we have since they use google maps and plug google in it. The technology isn't googles and wasn't funded by google. It's all government data that we the taxpayers funded yet for some reason google appears to get the credit for it.

Yahoo; or any other company stands no chance when you have such a system in place.

Something tells me that if yahoo wanted to buy youtube prior to google doing so there would of been one hell of a stink raised about it just like how the t-mobile merge with at&t has been blocked by government.

As a t-mobile customer with crappy service i'd of welcomed the merge but no the same government that gave us the bell monopolies and only 1 cable company in an area is protecting us.

So I feel for yahoo in that regard; alot of the companies' problems may not lay so much at their doorstep but rather their government subsidized competition.

Debt collectors warned off pursuing punters on Facebook

James Woods

Whoever would of thought.

Two can play this game however.

When a company decides it's going to make things personal with you; simply do the same with them.

They have more to lose than you do when all their info lands up on the front page.

Trusteer scraps with analysts over 'bank security bypass'

James Woods

The bank I use that advertises trusteer doesn't even have an ev ssl certificate (green bar)

This banks site runs off an engine rather than how other banks I use do so it hard for me to see what third party code is injected but if they are anything like bank of america, pnc, etc... these banks always throw in third party code.

It would be like having a clown with balloons standing next to atms. Sure the clown with balloons may not be there doing anything wrong but would the clown really need to be there?

Same goes for tracking code inside of logged in areas of banking sites. Does it really need to be there?

Amazon settles sales tax spat with Governor Moonbeam

James Woods

Let your business try to tell the state of California or any other state when it wants to pay taxes. Let your business tell a state that if it's taxed it won't hire and if it's not taxed it will.

Just try it and see what happens.

Every company in California should band together and refuse to collect taxes.

What's good for one should be good for all.

FCC's net-neut rules now official

James Woods


I don't think this wonderful government of ours realizes who really controls the country.

They can write laws and have their police but the system is broke. We have bankruptcy courts in a country that itself is bankrupt.

When will the foreclosures hit pennsylvania avenue?

We are see'ing it everywhere; the states have no money. We have bridges falling apart, parking garages that have entire committees formed around them only to later have absolutely no money for repairs (because the money was squandered by government).

So the internet; what internet? We are the internet and we'll define it.

Other than social networking, online shopping, banking, and news there really is no _need_ for it.

I can go back to banking with a pen and paper and im wise enough to believe the opposite of what's printed in the local media. Don't need any of it.

Xbox Live patrols hit by ugly SWAT attacks

James Woods

Stooped to a new low? You mean like el reg trying to involve itself in politics; something it clearly isn't smart enough to do.

Spoofing is the fault our telephone system and nothing more. It exists because it enables telemarketers and bill collectors to harass people.

They payoff telco; thus the loopholes remain.

No reason in 2011 that spoofing couldn't be stopped with verification methods built into the system.

It's intentionally left this way for $.

Fox turns LightSquared political

James Woods

Hey look el reg is trying to be political

I'd keep to posting tid bits about the industry and not trying to enter a realm you don't have the mental capacity over.

The minute any company deals with and/or gets deals from government it's a political move. I guess it surprises you that the democrats are in bed with corporate america just as much (if not more) than your friends on the left.

Netflix: How to completely screw up

James Woods

Shouldn't come as a surprise that corporate america hangs itself with it's own fabric. These companies have people paid a salary to brainstorm and heres the result of that.

Where I live the redbox store units are very popular and while they don't offer such a vast selection of titles they do offer instant gratification.

The streaming of digital media will face future problems as network operators are going to refuse and throttle the traffic without additional payments.

Average nice HD movie is usually around at least 1gb to download. Just imagine having your household wired to all internet television. Comcast and others have done this yet the one thing that's never much figured in is how much it's going to cost. Unless they have unlimited plans for this comcast only gives you 250gb a month of traffic.

When your downloading titles and also streaming all your daily life on the internet you'll hit those data caps real quick and someones going to pay for it.

I still have t-mobile trying to nickle and dime me for text messages I never authorized. This is the corporate mentality. Screw the consumer until the consumer goes somewhere else and then either merge with another company or go under.

Netflix was doomed one way or another; they simply accelerated it.

Spanish feds mend website clobbered by Anonymous

James Woods

Picked up for utilizing their first amendment right? There are a few countries that would suit you better than the US; assuming you live here.

Ever considered moving to China or Iran?

Anonymous could simply send in muslim supporters. The FBI won't bother them:)

Feds probe naked Scarlett Johansson outrage

James Woods

This is all PR. With the way the internet is anyone would know once these pictures are out they are out.

Sites like thedirty.com took the pictures down as part of a calculated measure to make the pictures even more in demand.

You cannot "steal" someones nude pictures and claim they were copywritten.

Everything you do in the united states is not copywritten. You have to pay for copyright protection and I doubt Scarjo was buying copyrights for her naked pictures that im sure she took herself.

She looks like hell naked, nobody wants to see that.

I have the pictures, if I had the lawyers i'd post em and ask them to show me the copyrights on them.

Glad to see the FBI is hard at work. Maybe ICE can get involved as well.

'Amazon Tax' California decision pushed back a year

James Woods

Work with congress they say? How about working with the private sector?

Amazon might as well be a government operated company if they aren't going to collect taxes.

There are numerous loopholes brick and mortar could use to do the same things amazon does but they would be tried for evasion.

Amazon has friends in high places.

Don't buy from them. If you are a business owner that collects taxes or work for a business that collects taxes you are only hurting yourself.

Until we are all treated equal, some will suffer.

That some is the rest of us.

Man sentenced to 14 years for mass credit card theft

James Woods

Doesn't sound like much at all when you look at how the banks rob the people.

Fee after fee after fee and it all targets the poor.

Where were visa and mastercard when all this was going on?

What exactly do they take money for out of each transaction for again? To pay for sponsorships?

The mistake these carders make is going on forums where the feds are waiting. They might as well just call the fbi and ask how to steal information.

Ten years after the Twin Towers: What's the Reg angle?

James Woods

Is el reg just jealous of the traffic other sites get?

I guess im a conspiracy theorist for questioning how building 7 fell without being hit by anything.

How the then mayor pulled his security detail out of one of the basements of the towers days before the attacks occurred.

How immediately after the 9/11 "attacks" planes around the country were grounded while the elite still were flying out of the country.

How bin ladens families assets were put off limits in nyc by gw bush. Sorry if I commit a crime and the police come knocking they aren't going to care what family of mines' doors get kicked in. They'd be lucky to have the doors fixed.

The reg angle is jealously.

Typo-squatting domains can harvest corporate emails

James Woods

Reminds me of my previous life in the aerospace industry.

Our company and their genius IT guys did what they could to keep the exchange servers online so it wasn't a surprise that our e-mails would always contain a disclaimer about the contents of the message and no delivery guarantee.

Now I can agree the masses won't use encrypted e-mail but for corporate america it's a no brainer. There is no guessing with delivery (even with un-encrypted e-mail) however it is possible for spam filters to get in the way of things.

There was no reason for us to use plain text or html e-mail. It also may of been helpful to have some shredders around and not use the waste can for e-mails we printed.

But I wasn't a decision maker and while im out of that world im sure it hasn't changed all that much. When things fall apart don't worry because SMB will take the blow while the big fish continue to muck up the waters.

9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power

James Woods

I love hearing about banking online. It's the banks that create the problems. Most of the banks I deal with have loads of third party code on them.

Liveperson, google code, visitor tracking.

Please tell me, why does any website need to monitor with google or other visitor tracking those that log-in to secure areas?

You know the people are logging in; what else is there to know and why is it to be made public?

I've grilled my banks about it and have cancelled accounts with non-banks that insist on having tracking code inside of logged in areas.

Nobody should wonder why we have such a high rate of identity theft.

Im not saying google is evil or anything, but shouldn't it be against their tos to have their code inserted into secure logged in banking websites? :) I know they are rather picky about political sites and their ad payments.

Foxconn churns out '150,000' iPhone 5s a day

James Woods

It's amazing how productive you can be with slave labor.

‘We save trips to the library’ – Google

James Woods

Do as google says and not as google does. Google has completely monopoly immunity.

They hide behind being a search engine yet are starting up their own fiber optic internet service. They were able to buy youtube hosting it on their network that is in your best interest to peer with so that your customers have faster access.

Google is todays definition of a monopoly and I don't see any end in sight.

Not even a chart showing how google is hand and foot with the government would change this. Oh wait google buzz did just that and still nothing happened.

Telstra hauls in wholesale IPv6

James Woods


Think back to the early days of the internet. Dialup isps and heck even early cable isps did not allocate enough resources for their customers.

Dial-up cut corners with customer/modem ratios. Some early cable companies did it (adelphia) by not having enough ip's for customers so while you were connected you never had an ip and thus weren't on the internets.

Things have changed now and isps have reverted to just flat out lying about the service they sold you. Ya know that unlimited always-on fast as hell internet service (that by the way your limited to 250mb/month of a transfer) with. But be sure to blow it all on our own websites to watch movies.

With the ip's it's no different. Back in the day we didn't use as many ipv4 as we of course do today however when you look at ipv6 one of the things we have never seen yet is attacks.

Just think of what's going to happen with all those ip's. Right now we're all just babes in the woods when getting attacked by ripe or afnic ip's since there is no recourse. Alot of it is paid for with our US tax dollars to begin with thanks to groups like the ISOC who I support but who are mus-guided on where the resources need to go.

We are all going to learn the hard way about what having all these ip's in the pool is going to mean. Spam, attacks, virii. It's all alot easier to track with ipv4.

And unless the ipv6 ip's are "unlimited" don't put it past ARIN to not screw it up. They gave away ipv4 like we would never run out.

Green energy and jobs will cripple the UK economy

James Woods


No real big surprise here. In my state vehicle emissions are hit and miss across the area. You can drive 30-60 minutes and your vehicle won't need them which can cost you alot ($300-500 if it's an older vehicle).

They don't cover large commercial vehicles because industry won't comply with the regulations and/or would be forced out of business.

They only target the little guy and his passenger vehicle because they know who the masses (sheep) are.

So im glad the small passenger vehicles on the road have to comply with strict emission standards (or hell any at all) while the large commercial vehicles need to comply with well nothing.

Apple's ex-cop and the case of the lost iPhone 5

James Woods


Sounds like apple security considers themselves to be sworn law enforcement.

If the are not sworn law enforcement someone or a group of people better be in _alot_ of trouble.

Domino's to serve pizzas on the Moon, apparently

James Woods


sorry im not buying pizza or any food for that matter from people that live at the pizza shop.

we've all seen the dominos employee videos bathing in the kitchen sinks and picking their noses.

just think what your pizza will have if they live there.

DoJ files antitrust suit to block AT&T's T-Mobile buy

James Woods


As a t-mobile customer I welcomed this merger since it would hopefully increase my service. Verizon has a lock on several areas and will not let other providers in their areas (thanks to government).

So at&t is second best in the area and t-mobile flat out sucks. They give you a card telling you where your service should work and it does sometimes. Other times i'll find myself without service in the middle of the grocery store which is very odd.

What about google? No anti-trust there? What exactly does google not do except provide tangible goods that we can actually use? I guess you could say they even do that with the androids to an extent.

Google owns search on the web, they are launching their own fiber optic service that will leverage all the peering deals companies have to them against the same companies. They have their people in government (and when it comes out nothing happens).

They ride around in cars taking pictures of the country, hijack into wifi networks, do things that any other private company would land jail time for the management for alot less.

And what about verizon? They own a landline plus a mobile outfit. Or perhaps comcast?

I guess t-mobile and at&t didn't pay off washington.

I hate monopoly's more than the next guy but we have them with water, sewage, power, gas (same price everywhere).

So we'd still have 3 cellphone companies to choose from. I don't have 3 cable companies to choose from it's comcast or nothing.

Microsoft brings Hadoop option to SQL Server

James Woods


Perhaps the morons paying microsoft per processor to do things will learn that open source is how you win in this business.

Microsoft apparently has; they figured out how to sell you an operating system for lots of coin and to also market it with open source benefits.

I guess this is what happens when you can no longer outsource to save money you begin to market free solutions to the public.

Apache should boycott this nonsense.

Pre-paid Chinese users still anonymous despite new law

James Woods


Reminds me of a sirius satellite radio I attempted to buy at bestbuy. In order to check-out they wanted my name, address, and phone number. This wasn't to activate the sirius service but rather something for bestbuy.

The associate couldn't tell me what the information was being requested for and also couldn't complete the sale without it.

Having worked in retail many moons ago when a customer was un-easy about providing their information for warranty purposes we would simply use the customers name with the stores phone number and address.

Bestbuy doesn't seem to be interested in doing that and instead loses business or collects customer data with it.

They lost my business that day, I went to walmart and bought one where my information wasn't requested.

I did however return it after sirius wanted a fee to start service (a fee not disclosed anywhere) but all in all +1 for walmart -1 for bestbuy.

Foxconn reports $17.6m 1st-half loss as robot legion grows

James Woods


A robot may cost money but a robot won't sue you, won't claim unemployment, won't quit, won't show up drunk, etc...

Once installed most robotic operations are not maintained to the extent that they should be so the line of them needing people to service them doesn't really float. Most companies will simply hire a guy to work at the company to resolve robotic issues either part or full time so outside help is rarely needed.

I've seen benefits on both sides. Robots will do jobs people do not want to do however at the same time a robotic operation is a real wakeup call to an economy.

So much goes into making even a simple robot do something you could say to yourself boy look at how much work has gone into building this thing; that must really help jobs but it doesn't; unless your idea of jobs is creating them in china since that's where most of it will probably have come from minus the china price-tag.

Verizon buys up cloud start-up

James Woods

two losers make 3?

Verizon and Terramark.

Verizon wouldn't exist if it didn't have monopoly rights.

They lock out other cell providers & still have their bell monopoly with the landlines.

They buy up these loser companies only to turn them into much larger losers.

Mobile operators: US quake proves we need more spectrum

James Woods


No it doesn't prove anything other other than we aren't getting what we pay for.

My monthly cell bill is around $140 (t-mobile). I have one phone and one wireless card. The wireless card can't make calls and transfers very little in data. The phone I barely use at all as well (alot because the coverage sucks).

How do we all get in contracts with these companies and they can't service every single customer? I am not blaming one particular company for this but really? You lock customers into contracts and then you can't provide service to all of them at the same time.

I guess they are using dialup technology where not all customers are to be on at the same time with ratios.

I hope the lawyers get ahold of this. If cellphones are a human right (like the us government deems) and everyone must have one then everyone must be able to use them at the same time.

Or we should begin to see ratio bills each month.

US Marines not allowed to fart in Afghanistan

James Woods


You have three main missions in afghanistan marines.

Don't offend the locals trying to kill you

Guard the poppys

Guard the lithium

Any questions? That's why your there.

Woman in strop strip for Bermuda airport customs

James Woods


Same thing here in the states.

What forth amendment?

What constitution?

You don't want searched don't fly. That's the response.

Server sales still growing strong

James Woods


Unless im missing something in the article server sells have nothing to do with the "cloud".

Maybe more people are doing away with the cloud.

Growing clouds would usually reduce the demand for equipment since cloud operators will focus on enterprise equipment instead of farms of smaller server farms.

Fort Knox military cops disgusted with solar patrol carts

James Woods

im not worried

there isn't gold at fort knox anyhow.

how could a country as broke as ours have gold?

they probably manufactured replica gold all stamped with iou's and stuck it in there.

Australian bank to run trial with human teller in ATM

James Woods

those silly aussies

NCR must really have some good salespeople. They could sell heat in the dessert to these people.

This is like here in the US my state came up with the wise idea of vending wine from machines (previously only possible in government ran liquor stores).

The machines all had live people waiting to look at you and verify the transaction via a video link.

End result? It took I believe 16+ machines in various locations to sell the same amount as one liquor store. Turns out studies were done by the state ahead of time warning of such things but hey it's a contractors paradise.

The contractor is suing the state now for backing out of future orders of the machines.

Amazon deploys true-blue US gov cloud for secret arms data

James Woods


you must really have egg on your face if your business serves government at cheap pricing and your company pays taxes.

amazon doesn't pay their fair share.

it's who ya know yo.

Hackers breach website for SF transit agency police

James Woods

maybe they can turn off the internet

It works for cellphones, why not just shut off the net?

Innocent passengers targeted to protest subway agency

James Woods


I don't see how the passengers having their data breached is a sign of who the target is. If BART or the organization hording the customer data followed general mundane security precautions "anonymous" never could of gotten anything.

This is like saying innocent people die in war; yes they do.

Some "innocent people" may become victims because they entrusted corporations for whoms basic interest is to sell their information to store it and they did not securely store it.

Attack on open-source web app keeps growing

James Woods


PCI compliance was created by the card industry. The same industry that has always been responsible for making sure your credit card transactions are safe.

Common sense takes more steps to increase security than a PCI questionnaire.

If PCI compliance worked why do the big guys that surely conform to the measure always seem to be having the large break ins?

Another win for the bankers since at the end of the day if someone uses your card without your permission and it can easily be proved you should be off the hook. But not always:)

James Woods


shop owners not wanting to pay for a plan to continue management of what was installed.

Police kill mobile phone service to squelch protest

James Woods


This is always the thing when fighting with or against government or government connected organizations.

Much like with the rioting around the world alot of it was left to go only so that the police could crack down on law abiding citizens. Police are ordered to stand down and do nothing while the bottom feeds rummage society and after a few days the police step in.

They do this because largely those at the bottom have nothing to lose and if the police go after them the police may meet their matches however by waiting a few days and letting alot of distraction occur and interest to fizzle out it allows them to later implement more control over the society (which will never trickle down to the bottom feeders).

I could reference several instances where the authorities will use the utilities as a leverage tool to throw the situation into their court.

Authorities in the states have shutdown power to entire blocks when police chase perps into apartment or other buildings. That power shutdown affects a large amount of people and you can't tell me how having power is going to give the criminal an upper hand but tell it to police as your power goes out. They will shut off your gas and electric if you don't pay your taxes (even if you pay your utilities).

Nasa and others have worked to cellphone jam areas and we all know just how easy it is to do so you can never count on your cellphone to be your connection to the outside world. Much with the verizon strikes in the US it appears you can't count on your landline either.

So while the US government engages in wars around the world the whitehouse still have power and phone service. If you engage in what some would deem to be illegal or questionable acts around the world I don't think you'll have the same.

Ofcom report: Mobile operators feel the squeeze

James Woods


Well in the states the same can't be cried about as the government on alot of levels subsidizes communications.

Dating back when cable first came out alot of the towns owned (and may still) the cable systems while the cable companies provided the service. Back then if the people of the community had a problem with rate increases or service the town could boycott the cable company since they owned the lines to begin with.

However even back then you'd of only have been boycotting yourself because they didn't think ahead enough to have more than one cable company in an area.

Wireless surely isn't much different. In the states cell phones are considered a necessity and tax dollars are being used to give those that can afford to pop out babies, smoke, drink, and watch cable television free cellphones because they can't afford it.

If governments deem the people need something then you know the taxpayers at one point are paying for it one way or another even if they don't subscribe to the service.

School caned for losing 20K details

James Woods


Hacking websites is against the law?

That's funny.

The next time one of mine are hacked im calling the cops.

Google fights to hide incriminating emails

James Woods


Gotta love our legal system.

Someone can call the cops saying im beating my wife or abusing my children and i'll be guilty first with questions later.

These corporations and elite could have a dead body in their lap with the police on scene having witnessed the entire thing and they would still find a legal loophole to get out of it.

Our legal system works for the rich while those of us that can't pay people off are stuck with it.

I reference Mr Ted Kennedy and his lady in the water. Or the recent elites with women hanging from ceilings with the cops saying it "may be suspicious".

Yep maybe the women tied themselves up and threw themselves off a balcony; that sort of thing does happen all the time ya know.

I remember watching on tv once, can't remember what it was on. Criminal ditched a gun in the backseat of a squad car. He knew if he told the cops he'd have extra charges on him but he didn't feel right knowing there was a gun in a patrol car that could endanger another.

So he consulted with his attorney and the attorney was able to put forth the information without getting the criminal in trouble. In cases like this I don't have a problem with it. But when you look at corporate america and the elite if they were faced with a situation like this you know darn well that gun would of been left in the patrol car without a peep being said because they only care about themselves.