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Earthworm blamed for laptop crash

Stephen Jones


I had a video card fan a gecko got inside here in Sri Lanka.

Chilean anti-piracy law drafted on pirated software

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Word authors

Nobody here seems to understand how a .doc properties work. The author name will be that decided when Word was first used for that profile unless that is particularly changed. However, it is very common for people to make a document, not from a blank template, but from a pre-existing document. This pre-existing document may well have been made from another pre-existing document, which of course could have been written on another machine. Unless you actually access the properties to edit them, the properties of the very first document will continue to show.

A litttle known fact is that if you click 'send to email recipient' the title that shows in the subject of the email is not the title you have given the document but that written in properties. A colleague of mine decided to send a report to the Managing Director, that had been written modifying a document that had been written modifiying a document that had been written modifying a birthday message. The title of the report showed in the email subject line as 'I love you darling!'.

Microsoft breaks IE8 interoperability promise

Stephen Jones

Seems OK to me

Microsoft's action seems perfectly logical to me. What's the problem?

Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor

Stephen Jones

Don't get it

I don't get the logic here. Presumably smaller networks will have as many calls out as in.

And isn't the proposal talking about charging networks, not users

Senator slams DHS boss over border laptop searches

Stephen Jones

Native Americans

------"ohhhh, we're so awful...we took it away from the "native americans"; who took it away from the peoples who were here before them."------

Except that there wasn't anybody here before them.


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