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Ofcom probes BT over fibre pricing after repeated gripes from TalkTalk

Andrew Holt

Interesting that Ofcom gave the OK for EE to have a monopoly on 4G but that they've not happy with BT for this...

Bletchley Park lands £4.6m restoration bonanza

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Great news

That's great news, it's a great day out and packed full of interesting exhibits.

Interesting news - an entry ticket lasts a whole year from the date of purchase...

HP to refund full-price Touchpad and Pre3 buyers

Andrew Holt

Just got a Pre3 on contracts...FFS!

Title says it all - didn't want the contract, just the only change I could find to get a fkn Pre 3. I'm now tied in for 2 years costing me £240 and because the phone was 'free' I won't be eligible for any sort of refund :(

Piles of unshiftable HP fondle-slabs choke Best Buy

Andrew Holt

From a 'fanboy'...

I would call myself a webOS 'fanboy' - love the operating system, great to develop on using my existing skills as a web developer. Also love the multitasking and the fact that it feels more productive (email, messaging etc) than other, more popular, mobile operating systems.

Price - I agree with the fact that the price is too high but only in comparison with what is out there in the marketplace currently.

Apps - These will come; how many apps did Android or iOS have on launch? The built-in apps are more than adequate for using the tablet for productivity purposes i.e. not wasting time on games.

3G - This is the killer for me; I'd much rather have one with 3G OR a good discount on one without (and use my phone/wifi for net connectivity). 3G is a convenience item which makes sense to me for a tablet where I'll be wanting to do "stuff" on it wherever I whip it out.

OS - Definately geared towards business/productivity but will work beautifully for home/leisure (once there are more leisure apps for it).

Sage Pay says sorry for upgrade shambles

Andrew Holt


Oh dear, I feel outnumbered here :-s

Aside from some problems now and again, I've found Sage Pay to be quite good and a pleasure to work with (as a web developer)! I will admit that the new admin design could do with some tweaking to make it more user friendly (not everyone's quick on the uptake) but I think it's a well needed improvement on the old system.

eBay looks to flog useless stuff

Andrew Holt

Buyer's protection

If I bought Skype using PayPal would I get buyer's protection?

Nokia's next-gen Linux-based net tablet to incorporate HSDPA

Andrew Holt

Too soon for me

They had better not release a new version too soon since I just laid out for a N810 a few days before the announcement...

1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

Andrew Holt

IMAP also

IMAP access is also affected which means I can't get email on my mobile phone. 1&1 haven't been very forthcoming with information which is the most disappointing thing. If Schlund own both Fasthosts and 1&1 couldn't they add an RSS feed like Fasthosts have?