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1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update

Jonathan Jenkyn

Outlook 2003 fails... iPhone fine

Oddly my iPhone 3G stopped picking up mail on/around the 7th August, after having been fine until then... I tinkered with it and finally (by adding "exchange\" infront of the username) got the blasted thing to work... then all of a sudden Outlook 2003 on my lappy stopped working, with continual "Please enter your password" error. The DNS flush doesn't work for me. I can pick up mail with OWA... but then who want's to use that... it's a backup IMHO. I'm a bit stuffed at the moment, having to rely on iPhone to send and recieve all my bussiness mail.

1and1 have been okaaaaaay. Support experience with 1'n'1 ranges from incompetence and ignorance to blindingly fast and informative, but nothing inbetween. This is the 2nd exchange outage I've noticed in the last 12 months.