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Microsoft promises 'lessons learned' on IE 8 download day



Another piece of shit browser from M$ that we've got to adopt new methods of working in order to make it 'compatible'.

If M$ had genuinely 'learnt their lesson' then we wouldn't have to do ANYTHING to make our standards compliant sites render correctly in all of its competitors browsers work in IE8.

crap crap crap crap!

Mine's the one with any browser other than IE installed...

Metallica's Lars Ulrich illegally downloads own album


30 minutes to download an album???

You'd think one of the highest grossing rock musicians ever (apparently) would be able to afford a decent broadband connection wouldn't you?

Mines the one with no Metallica albums in the pockets

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth

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More fear-mongering

What's the Sun's readership? I'm guessing that they've just highlighted this 'problem' to around 5,000,000 people who otherwise wouldn't have known about this 'security breach'.

Well done them for keeping the cat in the bag...

(need a 'cat out of the bag' icon!!! :D)

Ruling: Gov reports into ID scheme must be disclosed

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"What is it about ID cards that makes the government feel they have to pursue them so hard?"

It's just one step closer to the chip they want to insert in your head so they can track your every movement, control your ability to purchase things etc etc.... and restrict that movement if you so much as blink an eye in the wrong direction at the wrong time (yes they'll be able to track you blinking too! :D)

... I have my tin-foil hat on - you got yours? :D

bh for obvious reasons...

UK.gov to send your holidays to sunny Manchester

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ahhh.... but providing details of the success rates wouldn't breed the levels fear and distrust that they require everyone in this country to have in order to muscle their 'Security' measures into law.

I may be cynical but if the fear wasn't there, if terrorists weren't hiding in the washing basket or behind the dustbin (What do you mean you haven't seen them? They're there I tell ya, the G'ment says so!), then I suspect our Government would have a hard time explaining what the hell they were playing at!

Or am I granting the general British populace with too much intelligence and freedom of thought?

Black helicopter for obvious reasons....

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Dude, you ought to write for The Reg!!!! Someone give that man a Job! :D

Apple iPhoto gets in your face

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@Sarah Bee - ODFO


Google Analytics crippled by autoimmune disease

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@Charlie Clark, James & Adam

The DPA does not cover ANYTHING provided by Analytics. The DPA is there to protect individuals' PERSONAL data. There is NOTHING in Analytics, unless you're doing something VERY naughty with your website's data, that could constitute a breach of that. You would probably need to put the users data into the URL itself to breach the DPA - personally, I don't know any developers that would do anything that moronic.

Paris, because she knows all about divulging personal stuff!

Spinning the war on the UK's sex trade


@ James

"Liken it to the smoking ban and stir things up a bit, when in fact there is not much similarity.

The majority of people don't smoke, and most of them find the ban an exceptionally good thing."

I think you've missed the point my friend. The point is not to liken prostitution to smoking, it's to liken the ridiculous introduction of freedom removing laws of different origins to each other.

Whether or not the 'majority' of people don't smoke ( the 'majority of people I know do by the way) it was a removal of a freedom that was the only definite outcome of that law. Businesses (particularly the entertainment business) have suffered because people will stay at home rather than stand around in the street having a cigarette like a naughty 14 year old. When people stay home, they're not buying drinks, food, cigarettes etc and so the prices on those things go up meaning less people can afford them meaning more people stay at home meaning less money being spent which results in prices going up... are we seeing a pattern?

Even this isn't the point though - there should only be ONE law in my opinion. A man (or woman) may not do anything that harms either another man (or woman) or his (or her) property or removes his (or her) freedom in anyway. Anything else is fair game. This way, you have the ability to do what you want where you want, when you want.

And before you start bleating about passive smoking, make sure you have some solid FACTS about the dangers, not the government pushed propaganda that was published in the Daily Mail. Anyone remember the 'cannabis increases your chance of mental disease' hype over the last couple of years? Yeah right increased by 0.0000004% from a starting point of 0.00000005% (or whatever the actual figures were).

It's all about proportion....

Florist kicks up a stink about false phish alarm


That'll teach 'em

... for associating themselves with PayPal!!! :D

'Faith-based' investment firm fingers holiday's most sinful games

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@ David Wilkinson

"Best thing to do to raise decent kids is be a decent person and let them see you treat others with respect and compassion. Games are just games."

Hear hear!!!

IT departments VAT-whacked

IT Angle


"it's a global parameter but there are points in our procedures, which sit slightly outside our main system (order forms and import routines), which do have the VAT hard coded into them."

Then maybe you should have hired Developers/DBAs that knew how to build a scalable system instead of cutting corners?

Who on earth hardcodes something that no matter how infrequently, may change at any time.

Why isn't there an icon with Homer Simpson available when you need it? DOH!

1&1 botches Microsoft Exchange update



I can assure you that I don't share your positive experience. Less than 4 months into a hosting plan with 1and1 I suffered the additional costs of setting up an alternative hosting solution and still paying for my full 12 months with 1and1, transferred all my domains over and left 1and1 hanging. I know they don't care - if they did, they would have responded to support requests when my DNS stopped working, mod_rewrites stopped working (for no reason and with no amends at my end) and various other problems.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind problems - problems happen, but when a money-grabbing organisation ignore problems or don't have the infrastructure available to respond appropriately then they deserve everything they get.