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The great semiconductor drought may be about to break


Re: Meanwhile in the real world

And if you check back in January, the availability will have slipped to December 2023. They've been playing this game for the last two years.

Yep, something is definitely fishy there.

Why bother with warrants when cops can buy location data for under $10k?


Mr. Dabbs is busy publishing his weekly column on autosave for wimps, there's a new one there today in fact. Shame of the Reg for tossing it! Bit of a wrong turn here it seems. Next thing you know they will be doing glowing iPhone reviews...

Fish mentality: If The Rock told you to eat flies, would you buy my NFT?



Next step: Fish-as-a-Service.

'Can you identify your assailants?' Yes, they were pixelated! I'd know them anywhere!


Re: Deeper and deeper.

That one must have been a snatch!

Google Chrome's upcoming crackdown on ad-blockers and other extensions still really sucks, EFF laments


"Moreover, the EFF's repeated harping on this point reflects a sense in the developer community that Google says it listens to community input but fails to translate that input into meaningful changes to its plans."

The famous line from Krylov's fable "The cook and the cat" comes to mind:

А Васька слушает, да ест

You walk in with a plan. You leave with GPS-tracking Nordic hiking poles. The same old story, eh?


"However, Spencer is now 30 years old and a bit pissed off that he didn't make any actual money from the photo shoot. His lawsuit labours not so much on this as the claim that he was a victim of sexual exploitation."

What a dick move.

It's 2021 and a printf format string in a wireless network's name can break iPhone Wi-Fi


Re: So what happens if...

Just tried to create an open hotspot named "R%s%s%s" on my Android. The iPhone 8 (14.6) sitting next to it does not auto-connect to it. When trying to connect manually the iPhone says "Unable to join the network" and then WiFi turns itself off and cannot be turned back on again until the iPhone is restarted.

So much for the apple store idea. If you could get it to auto-connect then this could indeed wreak havoc in the turtle-neck department.

USB-C levels up and powers up to deliver 240W in upgraded power delivery spec


Coming soon

USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 4.0: use your USB-C cable to charge your Tesla.

Microsoft: Behold, at some later date, the next generation of Windows


Re: next generation?

So that's what Nadella meant by "self-hosting" it!

A keyboard? How quaint: Logitech and Baidu link arms to make an AI-enabled, voice-transcribing mouse


Re: Really?

Perhaps that is where the mouse comes into play?

Cockup or conspiracy? Popular privacy extension ClearURLs removed from Chrome web store


Ditto! Cheers to the Streisand effect! These fake links in Google search results have bothered me since forever but never enough to go looking for a cure. Until Google themselves put it right into my lap

Oppo takes China’s smartphone sales crown as former leader’s sales dive Huawei down

Thumb Up

Huawei to go, Reg

It is truly remarkable, in a Huawei, to see them go Huawei out of their Huawei to find yet another Huawei to get those Huawei puns in at every turn of the ...

Boeing 737 Max will return to flight after software updates, says EU's aviation regulator


So MCAS was not really even needed?

"We also pushed the aircraft to its limits during flight tests, assessed the behaviour of the aircraft in failure scenarios, and could confirm that the aircraft is stable and has no tendency to pitch-up even without the MCAS."

So it boils down to 346 people dead because of a bodged software fix to a theoretical problem. You could not make this up. This is truly the modern equivalent of having propeller blades jammed with red tape.

Linux Foundation, IBM, Cisco and others back ‘Inclusive Naming Initiative’ to change nasty tech terms



Shouldn't Red Hat start by addressing the non-inclusive word "red" in their name as that is clearly offensive to the native American minority?

Uber is now a food delivery company with a substantial sideline in taxis


Uber eats

"Eats" - is it a verb, as in "uber eats your babies"? Or is it a noun as in "food leftovers from Germany"?

Either way that hipster name alone makes me want to throw up instead of ordering something from them

Love Minecraft: Java? You'll have to learn to love your Microsoft account as well – it will be required next year


Not just Minecraft

This is a recent MS trend across all their apps. Just the other day I opened Excel on my Android phone to add up some figures on the go. No can do: not without signing in to an MS account. Until you sign in you can only view files, no editing allowed anymore. Just a few months back that was still possible.

Now they do the same to Minecraft.

Seems like this Microsoft's me-too obsession with slurp is like addiction spiraling out of control.

Has Apple abandoned CUPS, the Linux's world's widely used open-source printing system? Seems so


Re: What to call it

Maybe they'll upgrade it to JUGS

Forget tabs – the new war is commas versus spaces: Web heads urged by browser devs to embrace modern CSS


Indeed, what they really should have been doing is getting rid of unnecessary Tab

Microsoft brings the pane: You'll be looking at Xamarin and React Native to design apps for dual-screen gizmos


Re: Novel idea...

Everywhere else they'll call it a wonderbra because it enhances your cleavage

Ozzy app maker cancels hump day: We've tripled profits! scream slackers


Re: So let's see here

The sheep's a liar!

We know you all want to shove AI where the sun doesn't shine. And that's exactly where it's going – detecting prostate cancer


This sure gives a whole new meaning to the term ANN! Did they consider all asspects of backpropagation?

Take my advice: The only safe ID is a fake ID


Re: Are you Sue?

No, that would be De Mall, Sue

Blade Runner 2049: Back to the Future – the movies that showed us what's to come


Re: Good 'ole Phil

"Second Variety". No direct attribution and different plot of course and that's why I said "inspired by". It's only my subjective opinion but does the idea of robots building other sophisticated robots, indistinguishable from humans, designed to infiltrate and kill sound kind of familiar?


Good 'ole Phil

It's worth noting that out of the listed titles four (Blade Runner, Terminator, Total Recall and Minority Report) are based on or inspired by Philip K. Dick's stories. Then there was alo Paycheck and Ajustment Bureau but perhaps we aren't quite ready yet for those predictions to come true.

Phishing scum going legit to beat browser warnings


Re: unless scammers also get EV certificates

LDS: too true, but a certificate original does not necessarily say much about for whom it has been issued.

I dare anyone to determine, only by examining the certificate in the browser, that the reg's SSL cert has actually been issued to situation publishing (or to whoever manages the site).

The latest crop of browsers throwing fits about non-SSLed connections only makes websites bolt on free SSL just to shut up those pesky browser warnings. Does it make the net any more scammer safe? Not a bit, the problem has just been swept deeper under the carpet.


Re: unless scammers also get EV certificates

Why don't you enlighten us a little then? Let's take a prime example, the Reg's own SSL certificate for instance, issued by none other than CloudFlare. When viewing the certificate in Firefox, the field "issued to Organization (O)" says Cloudflare and "Common Name (CN)" is theregister.co.uk. Where can a user check "for whom" the certificate has been issued? How can you tell if this actually be a stand-up pillar of journalism or a wretched hive of scum and villainy? (on second thought, never mind...)

Take a sneak peek at Google's Android replacement, Fuchsia


Re: Holy Grail

Sounds more like Holy Fuchsia to me...

Elon Musk: I'm gonna turn Mars into a $10bn death-dealing interplanetary gas station


Some of you may die ...

...but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make

France's 3-month state of emergency lets govt censor the web


Re: It's just like a bad French remake of the US 2001 bullshit

More like a remake of the 2002 Attack of the Clones

Palpatine: "It is with great reluctance that I have agreed to this calling. I love democracy. I love the Republic. Once this crisis has abated, I will lay down the powers you have given me!"

Worked out nicely for that Republic

Hi, um, hello, US tech giants. Mind, um, mind adding backdoors to that crypto? – UK govt


Decrypt this GCHQ

Read my HEX:


New DMCA rules mean you can fiddle with your tablets, routers, cars (as if you weren't anyway)


Quoting page 33 of the linked document

"The Register has twice before recommended, and the Librarian has twice adopted, an exemption permitting jailbreaking of smartphones."

Way to go Reg!

FOUR STUNNING NEW FEATURES Cook should put in the iPHONE 7


Wow ... what's the flavour of today's kool-aid?

Perhaps the AIpocalypse isn't imminent – if Google Translate is anything to go by, that is


It could be worse

There's a restaurant in China called Translate Server Error


NSA: 'Back doors are a bad idea, give us a FRONT door key'


Sounds vaguely familiar?

... And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of Men, who above all else desire power. But they were all of them deceived...

Virgin Media blocks 'wankers' from permissible passwords


Fear not - thanks to the Internet archive this jewel has been stored for future generations to admire! (or at least until VM uploads a robots.txt file)


Raspberry Pi B+: PHWOAR, get a load of those pins


Re: Interesting title

Suck it up, buttercup

Gigantic toothless 'DRAGONS' dominated Earth's early skies


To fly, to serve?

Are the two birds in front really wearing British Airways stewardess hats?

Evolution, it seems, is not without a sense of irony

CEO Tim Cook sweeps Apple's inconvenient truths under a solar panel



One should hope that Cook has a plan in place to stop the employees from outgassing on premises

DEAD STEVE JOBS kills Apple bounce patent from BEYOND THE GRAVE


Re: Regardless of the merits of the Apple patent

If you have an idea and want to patent it, you keep quiet about it until you file for the patent and THEN start bragging about how amazing it is, not the other way round.

Give us a break: Next Android version to be called 'KitKat'


Hudson Hawk?

Why don't they start naming the Android releases after diseases instead?

Android 5.1 Chlamidia does have a nice ring to it

Nintendo is FLATLY UNHINGED: New 2DS is a handful of game


I guess you can play the 3DS cartridges which won't fit into the old NDS

BRUCE WILLIS (ad) DIES HARD (in Sky broadband telly fib ban)


I'd day

the ASA went the whole nine yards on this one

Obama: Just call me Billygoat Gruff the Third, patent trolls


In other news...

Both the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice are already looking into whether bears shit in the woods.

StreetView spots possible roadside nookie down under


Here's another one, Latvian style:


Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE


Well that's a relief!

Granted, that's the worst-case scenario. The destruction however might be limited merely to our own galaxy

Artist crafts Kevin Bacon bacon bust


Only if...

Only if he does him inside a Nicolas Cage ... with a few Sharon Stones thrown in

Internet gambling mogul surrenders $300m in guilty plea



...sounds like that NZ electronic chain. Then again, Hundscheidt would have been so much more subtle (the Dutch do have some nice names to go for them)

ISS urinal/drinks-machine combo still buggy


2 piss-related reports in 3 days?

Well, I guess it's hard to blame anyone for taking the piss out that machinery...

Virgin customer numbers dip


Re: Which Virgin?


I thought it was crystal clear from the title: virgin CUSTOMERS!