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Facebook smacks away hardness, sticks MySQL stash on flash


Re: This doesn't make sense

Good point.....well made.

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This doesn't make sense

If the largest part of the cost savings is from consolidating Oracle databases (and therefore licenses) on to fewer servers (cores), then this has nothing to do with Fusion-IO. Faster IO (and I would dispute that anyway) does not equate to fewer Oracle licenses. Faster clock speeds, and greater core counts combined with database instance consolidation is what reduces exposure to Oracle licensing.

Oracle will roll out cloudy services next week – Ellison


Re: right at the start?!!

fair enough...wasn't at the start....but was early on.

The cloud fanbois are only just understanding its value.

Oracle website 'not found' as Ellison et al schmooze customers



Seems fine to me.....

SQL Server 2008 moves on, wants to stay friends


Always playing catchup !

Yawn, another bland review.

Truth us is Microsoft are once again not exactly innovative when it comes to delivering new features and value to its customers;

Latest "New" features for Microsoft customers include;

Spatial - available in Oracle 7.2 in 1995 (13 years ago)

Resource Manager - available in 8i in 1999 (9 years ago)

Compression - available in Oracle 9.2.in 2002 (6 years ago)

Policy Based Management - available in 9.2 in 2002 (6 years ago)

Change Data Capture - available in 9.2 (6 years ago)

Transparent Data Encryption - available in 10.2 in 2005 (3 years ago)

So hardly "new" are they.

Things is, although you pay a high price for Oracle, you usualy get an additional 6 years of value, compared to Microsoft.

Oracle=BMW, Micosoft=Daewoo

If all you need is a car, then fine, these features aren't important to you anyway.

By the way, did you know that SQLServer only runs on Windows.....surely such a "good" database would sell on other platforms as well.