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Apple account hijacks spread to developers

Mark Neuwirth

It's time to try escallating the complaints

Even though the compromised accounts seems to represent relatively small amounts, perhaps it is time to try to get some assistance obtaining Apple's attention?

The FBI has an Internet Crime Reporting site at http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx Since we all seem to have been victims of the same crime, if enough people report their issue it might become sufficiently significant for the FBI to do something other than watch old X Files reruns, and for Apple to take some affirmative action to correct this.

It may do something, or it may do nothing, but everything tried so far seems to be totally ineffective in obtaining Apple's cooperation or notice. Maybe we could at least get them to formally acknowledge that there is a problem.

Mark Neuwirth

It's not that simple.

"If you use an easy to guess password to protect an important account like that then you deserve to get it stolen from you.

Wise up people and use decent passwords."

This is an exceptionally simplistic and inappropriate comment (troll?).

I use 12 character, randomly generated hex passwords and they still get compromised the same day that I change them.

Apple's systems themselves are compromised, not the individual accounts. I would have thought that this is sufficiently obvious from all the posts for any intelligent person to realize.


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