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Maker of ATM bombing tutorials blew himself up – Euro cops


Bombing, like arson, should always be regarded as premeditated attempt at murder. Both demonstrate utter indifference to the lives of others.

Software fraudster 'fooled CIA' into terror alert


Bombing of al Jazeera

The US military bombed al Jazeera facilities twice that I recall, “accidentally.” It is not hard to believe that idiots convinced by this nonsense ordered these bombings.

This is what happens when people who do not believe in logic or proof or science control the government.

'CRU cherrypicked Russian climate data', says Russian


Ah, Science

The CRU apparently (and in my opinion, stupidly) wanted to keep data out of the hands of the idiot denier industry to avoid more of the fake controversies that are ginned up out of anything these folks either don’t understand (a lot of it, it seems) or are willing to misrepresent (all the rest).

Remember the kerfluffle that temperatures are decreasing because if you pick the (rather recent) warmest year and then the subsequent few the “trend” is down? Demonstrates a rather childish confusion between weather and climate, but it gets headlines--and confuses folks, halting action of any kind.

Which datasets are included in any analysis is a matter of judgment. There are many legitimate reasons to decide not to include data--suspect collection or incompatible metrics, for a start. A free market economist from Cato, or the Viscount of Fiddlesticks, are unlikely to be able to make informed judgments about this sort of thing, and certainly not without study.

I fall on the warming is real, human caused, and a problem side of the question. One of the things I find curious is that many of the mitigating measures are desirable ithout considering warming but are opposed anyway--you’d think the US right wing would be all for decreasing their cash transfers to the non-christian middle east, but it seems the invisible hand outranks the god of the scriptures.

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie


Welcome to the matrix (dance)

Am I the only one waiting for the remix with the chorus “Developers, Developers?” I once saw a balding fat guy who could chant that ...perhaps they could get him. He could rush all madcap through the matix, bouncing pinball style off of various happy dancers, vaulting tables of product.

I saw a bunch of kids dancing at the local Wendy’s years back; perhaps this is them, grown up and desperate--but I seem to remember the Wendy’s kids having better moves.

A viral campaign for the textbooks.

FBI sets out case against anthrax 'rogue scientist'


Unproven, unreliable

All that is presented is what the FBI thinks most favorable. Given the other high profile cases in which the FBI has acted shamefully and incompetently (Richard Jewell, Wen Ho Lee, Hatfill, and others across the years) I do not believe they are worthy of trust.

The FBI has a history and policy of applying maximum pressure against anyone they target, even casually (remember all the 60’s folk whose workplaces were visited by “Special Agents” who made ominous claims that often cost people their jobs); in this case the pressure may have been enourmous--and enough on its own to cause suicide, even absent guilt.

The tactics so far described should be curbed even if Ivins was guilty. They are a stain on the US, as is the FBI’s near-legendary arrogance and incompetence.