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Google kicks Maestro into touch


Stop using Maestro, or just stop using google checkout?

Lets face it, google checkout is easier to replace than your debit card.

Oh well, I quite liked google checkout too.

RIP tennis gal's DD jubs


Better of acting as Lara Croft!

She's the perfect real life model to match just about any female computer game character :)

OMG I cant believe you tricked me into watching tennis :(

IWF denies wielding Pirate Bay banhammer


An update

So Vodafone want me to log into my online account in order to disable the content filtering.

To do this you need credit card details. They charge you £1 to remove the filter (to check the credit card is valid). To make up for this, they give you £2.50 of credit for use in text messages or voice calls. Which I will never use. I have a phone for texting, and a computer for email. Why would I want SMS on my PC?

So I phoned them and ask the content filter be removed. Ready for an argument and everything, and the girl got it removed no problems.

Pity they've probably put the label PERVERT on my account now :-(


Vodafone also blocking

I can confirm my Vodafone mobile broadband is also blocking thepiratebay.

We'll soon see about that.

Mobile broadband or WiFi? You betcha



I've been thinking for a while about laptops and netbooks. All the manufacturers want to charge you for addons like 3G or whatever, but I have a better idea - for the consumer at least:

An Internet USB port or even 2, under a lid - with enough space to put your 3G dongle, your faster WIFI card, your Flash drive for readyboost or whatever.

That would be a major selling point in a laptop to me. No more dongles sticking out the back.

BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers


Its the pricing

I often get asked to reccommend a broadband supplier, and say the following:

Dont get the cheapest, it will be shit. The difference between cheapest and mid-ranged price stuff is a couple of quid.

So for the price of an extra pint or even two pints of beer PER MONTH - your getting poor performance internet. Its just not worth it.

I personally use Zen, and while I do mention them most people dont go that far - they tend to go for the midrange offerings and have no or little troubles with it.

The ISPS are in a price war to get customer attentions and we fall for it - we swap suppliers to save £2 per month, and then wonder why its rubbish.

You get what you pay for.


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