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Perhaps middle-aged blokes SHOULDN'T try 34-hour-long road trips

Tony Sweeney

Sweden changed which side of the road they drive on in 1967, not the 50s

They had a referendum in 1955 on whether to change but voted against. However, legislation was passed in 1963 to make the change, which actually occurred at 5 A.M. on Sunday September 3rd, 1967.


IBM PCjr STRIPPED BARE: We tear down the machine Big Blue would rather you forgot

Tony Sweeney

Re: VGA ? What? VGA was introduced in 1987 with the PS/2 ...

The author clearly states "Because the PCjr had no dedicated memory controller, the machine's first 128KB block of RAM was refreshed by the VGA (that's video gate array in this era) graphics chip", i.e. he knows damn fine that while this is the same acronym as The Video Graphics Array standard that we all now know as VGA, the same acronym was used for this logic in the PCjr.

Funds flung at 9-inch fan-built Raspberry Pi monitor

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Re: 9-inch screen

It's not 1920 x 1080: If you RTFA, the cost would have been prohibitive. The actual resolution is 1280 x 800

Black-eyed Pies reel from BeagleBoard's $45 Linux micro blow

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Wonder if it will fit in an altoids tin?

The mechanical specification is on page 77 of the PDF and says it's 3.5" x 2.15". Anyone have an Altoids tin and a ruler?

First rigid airship since the Hindenburg enters trials

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Re: 'rare and expensive helium'

It's rare on earth, because free helium escapes from the atmosphere into space, and the only replenishable earthbound source is radioactive decay (though it does exist in commercially extractable concentrations in natural gas).

'War texting' hacks car systems and possibly much more

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Remote unlock to help locate car?

I know I've done this when I can't remember exactly where I parked and can't see the car.

How languages can live together without killing each other

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One other thing...

Would be that it would probably also have contributed a great deal toward linguistic diversity if invasive cultures hadn't historically explicitly tried to deligitimise the use of the native language and culture in occupied countries and regions:


For an older example in Ireland. There are newer (and probably older) ones involving much harsher sanctions against local cultures and customs worldwide.

Antique Nimrod subhunters scrapped – THANK GOODNESS!

Tony Sweeney

Th-Th-Thats all folks

"Nimrod" was Bugs Bunny's pet name for Elmer "mighty hunter" Fudd:


Free postcoders bang on Ordnance Survey door

Tony Sweeney

Ever heard of ZIP codes?

A full U.S. ZIP code for a given address is nine digits, not just the five that you see in, for example, Beverly Hills 90210, and is considerably more accurate than a U.K. postcode. A U.K. postcode is typically shared by dozens of addresses. When I lived in California, my 9-digit ZIP covered four apartments that shared a single stairwell. Lots of properties have unique 9-digit ZIPs. Further, the US Postal Service has a 12 digit Barcode standard based on the 9-digit ZIP code and 2 additional bits of resolution plus a check digit which guarantees to resolve to a single mailbox. More than you ever needed to know here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIP_code

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2

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Re: Netty

@Annilihator; one reason not to use "netty" for these things is that it's Geordie for 'toilet'.

Ofcom coughs 3G coverage maps

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@David Roberts

Virgin is just a brand -- they don't have their own service, they just resell someone else's (T-Mobile, I think).

Mrs Slocombe's pussy vanishes from Twitter

Tony Sweeney

Actually very well known in the U.S.

I lived in the States from 1995-2002, and I can assure you that not only does this show play on the cable channels in the U.S., at one point in the last decade or so, you could catch a different rerun every goddamned night. Don't get me started on Benny Hill -- for some reason they eat that up as well.

Supersonic stealth jumpjet passes hover thrust test

Tony Sweeney

@Andy Barber

Actually, Britain finished paying for WWII two years ago


However, Britain still owes the U.S. for WWI, and is in turn owed an even larger sum by other countries (presumably within the Empire) that it loaned money for the Great War.


The madness of 'king cores

Tony Sweeney

Maybe not Oracle...

but the Informix DBMS is quite capable of running threads in parallel across multiple cores. Sequent may be gone, but their Silver Bullet architecture runs ever on.

Buffer overflow bug bites Linux wireless component

Tony Sweeney

Of course you're only vulnerable if you have NDISWrapper enabled.

This is only a problem if your wireless chipset isn't natively supported and you enable it using NDISWrapper. If, like me, you take care to buy wireless cards with native drivers, this isn't an issue.


Asus launches Atom-based notebook - not netbook

Tony Sweeney

Re: Rage Hard - Bend Sinister


the "Rock solid - heart touching" tagline is on the boot splash screen of my original issue Eee 701. I seem to recall reading that the slogan was new when I pre-ordered my Eee in November/December last year.


Sub £200 mini laptop launched

Tony Sweeney

Novatech has them in stock



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