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Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

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What the article does not tell us is whether there will be pricing differences between the versions. If someone wants basic Windows 7 without the glorious splendour of IE and WMP, does it come cheaper?

Google Squared - the Cuilest search app ever

Sean Groarke

Answer for you...

You asked "Am I dumbass?" but failed to pose said question to Google. Let me help out here and tell you that the answer is "Yes."

Google Squared useful? Nope. Far from it. But it's an interesting idea. But all you seem to specialize in is knocking stuff. No attempt to balance things: yes, poke some fun at it, but also point out where it does work and where, in the future, it could work better.

So, to use your own eloquent words, "Ted Dziuba, kindly get the fuck off out of my internet."

BTW, I would have thought someone with such a fondness for the words might get it right: it's "Fuck off..." or "Get the fuck out..." but not "Get the fuck off out..."


G20 police demand ID as train staff ordered to spy on passengers

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This is really not good

So in Britain today you can be reported to the police if you are: "Groups of travellers wearing noticeable themed clothing, for example same large logo or coloured shirts etc"

I know the "If you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear"-brigade will say that folks like me are over-reacting, but I find this so deeply troubling. The British people (and many others, I freely admit) are sleepwalking in to something very dangerous. Exactly what "it" is is hard to predict. But I do predict that it's not good.

Wake up and do something.

Lawyer-client privilege no bar to surveillance, say Lords

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Slippery slope...

The final decision went the government's way, which may or may not be of concern depending upon one's views. Much more worrying, though, is as two of the Lords pointed out, that the government flagrantly ignored the lower court's decision and carried on regardless for a year or so. It's as if the governement's took the view that a court's ruling is merely advisory and can be ignored when it is not convenient.

*That* is the much more significant outcome of this situation - a governement which treats the courts as a minor irritation that can be brushed aside and ignored. That is a very very slippery slope indeed.

Obama CIO a confessed petty thief

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Typical Democrat

Typical liberal. Sub-$300. Pathetic. If he'd done it properly and nicked something decently large (a bank, say) he'd have become a Republican instead.

Worm burrows into Church of England email system

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Damn good thrashing

"...either been deleted during sending or otherwise thrashed,..."

Bishop sends thrashing email. Mmmkay.

Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story

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Bonkers, but...

Bonkers, but hardly much more bonkers than most of the competing religions. I'm an atheist - I'm thus allowed to chortle at this sort of stuff. But anyone else out there who is not an atheist should suppress their sniggering and look at how their beliefs appear to me. Likely just as barking.

'Lenny': Debian for the masses?

Sean Groarke

OK. Tell us then.

Two tantalising comments, but no details at all.

1) "...there are plenty of CLI-based system configuration tools that you won't find in Ubuntu."

Uh-huh. Interesting. And some examples are....?

2) "...but for the seasoned user grown tired of Ubuntu's hand-holding..."

Uh-huh. Interesting. And some examples are...?

I like Debian & Ubuntu. Yet I cannot immediately think what you are referring to.

So could you elaborate please?


US couple leg it with 'gift from God' bank error

Sean Groarke

Titter ye not


Goldman Sachs to sack 10 per cent of workforce

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Thanks for telling me what 10% of 32569 is - not at all sure I could have worked it out for myself. Cheers.

PS And you rounded it for me too! You treat us just *too* much.

Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions

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Kew the weirdos

So a sentence such as "Their books - they're there" would now become "There books - there there."