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Twitter falls silent in the UK



Harsh comments... I use Twitter though must admit I use it less than Facebook now (if that's OK with you lot, or would you like to ban anything else while you're at it)? What a bunch of bullies.

COBOL thwarts California's Governator


Not just nonagenarians

I'm 60 years away from being a nonagenarian and was a COBOL programmer at 23 - and I don't have a beard either! I think procedural languages still have their merits for things like Payroll, though it must be badly written to take 6 months to implement the changes

Gmail outage causes outrage



Well I use the paid-for Gmail service so I can use my own domain and wasn't too bothered about the short outage. What fuss.

Net shoppers bullied into being Verified by Visa


Depends on the banks implementation....

I just think VbV and SecureCode need standardizing across all banks. The main problems I have encountered are having 2 Barclaycards of my own but being unable to register both under the same username; and having to share passwords with an additional cardholder because both cards are issued with the same number.