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Convicted Romanian hacker is hot commodity in Italy

Adam C
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What the hell?

Why are these companies offering these chaps a job when they're committed a felony. If they wanted to get themselves a job in the security industry, they should go through the proper channels instead of trying to get attention by stealing money and breaking the law.

You do the crime, you do the time!

Storage breakthrough could bust density record

Adam C

@ bits and bytes

Weird.. I thought a DVD was 4.7GB? And dual-layer is twice that... Perhaps they were talking dual layer?

17in MacBook boasts bloody big battery

Adam C

@Steven Hunter

If you want to point a hairdryer at a lithium ion battery (Which has previously been known to explode), be my guest.

Just be sure to include me in your will yeah? :-)

Flame icon, naturally..

Grifters punt 'get rich quick' scams at Facebook users

Adam C
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Facebook ads

Are all a load of fucking shite. These have been running on the site since I first signed up to it nearly 2 months ago.

The site initially takes that payment, but if you read the small print you're agreeing for them to take a load more after 14 days or something.. The fact they let this go on is sickening. All this on top of the Privacy policy tosh...

OpenDNS rolls out Conficker tracking, blocking

Adam C
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Been using OpenDNS for some time now..

And I must say, for filtering out most of the dodgy stuff on the family PC it's very useful and simple to set up. I think this is a great idea. OpenDNS seems fast and pretty reliable from what I've seen so far. Nice to see someone taking a slightly different approach to the problem.

Samsung LE40A786 'smart LED' 40in LCD TV

Adam C
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The blue

Looks awesome. It's subtle, not too OTT effects like that, that win me over...

Hands on with Sony's Vaio P netbook

Adam C

I like it a lot....

But not £800 worth of lot! If I had the cash I'd buy one though. Definitely! Is the Sony startup thing stored on a different partition I take it? And Linux-based or wha?

Also, what's the possibility of installing XP.

All in all, looks very swank, although I'm astounded it doesn't have HSDPA out of the box, or similar. Thumbs up from me!

Swoopo - eBay's (more) evil twin

Adam C
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What an absolute load of bollocks

I think these sites are more scam-ish than legitimate!

Oh, and sites like this have existed for years. Why the sudden report now?

AVG slaps Trojan label on Adobe Flash

Adam C
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I'd like.....

to be able to recommend AVG to people, but like Norton, it just has too much impact on system performance. NOD32 and I've never looked back. =)

Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly

Adam C

Hahah like this will ever take off in the UK....

Absolutely useless in Britain. How the hell are we going to manage 220kWh shining through a window in your living room onto a bloody solar panel!? We have approximately 2.7 days of sunshine per year.

MI6 agent's moustache falls off during TV interview

Adam C

RE: Don't fear

For the gazillionth time. ITS BOOTNOTES. Pay attention! :P

Griffin pitches out-loud music without wires - or speakers

Adam C
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That's a pretty neat and innovative idea, and the price isn't astronomical like most other iPap accessories. Thumbs up tbh

First Android phone to retail for $199

Adam C

Re: Someone needs a calculator

I think you need to open your eyes. For $199, you get to OWN THE PHONE. It's not locked to a shite network, and it's yours to keep.

An iPhone 8GB total cost of ownership is massively more expensive than the $199 for the android handset. Wake up! =)

The Google-isation of all the net's access points

Adam C
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Well I don't know about anyone else but....

I've been using it all evening and it knocks the pants offa Firefox for general browsing speed, and Java-heavy stuff (Web-based remote desktop) was pretty impressive....

UK punters scowl at webmail ad targeting

Adam C

Free webmail - You get what you pay for

If you use email enough for spam and the suchlike to be a problem, and decide to use a free alternative - You deserve all the spam and targeted ads you get in my opinion :-)

Apple, O2 to release PAYG iPhones this month

Adam C
IT Angle

'Unlimited Wi-Fi'

The 'unlimited wi-fi for a year' is for 'The cloud' or BT Openzone hotspots you muppets :P They're hardly going to disable the Wi-Fi after 12 months... come on people you're supposed to be switched on!


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