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BT scratches its head over MYSTERY Home Hub disconnections


Re: Obvious problem, obvious solution

Does it happen to be HTTP or HTTPS that its forgetting? I had the same problem. The rule was already bound to the router WAN side. On the AAISP wiki for the router is a telnet command to remove this binding. It then works fine from the GUI.

Ho, ho, HOLY CR*P, ebuyer! Etailer rates staff on returns REJECTED


Colleagues Delivery

I remember a previous colleague being gob smacked when he ordered a CPU and hard disk from them and it turned up in an A4 envelope. Not one of the special bubble wrap kinds. Just an envelope. Amazingly it didn't work. As they had similar practices when delivering to businesses they were quickly banned by procurement for the company too.

Top 10 Steve Ballmer quotes: '%#&@!!' and so much more


Re: Homework

Wasn't that one of the articles about IBM from someone who worked there but dealt with MS because of OS2?

Sky falling: 119,000 Brits flee O2, Be after Murdoch broadband gobble



Got my MAC through yesterday. Still not seen anything from them on how they are going to deal with the features that BE offer but SKY don't. After requesting my MAC I was offered half price broadband for a year but I would have to start a new contract with them for 12 months. No thanks.

Forums are full of people saying they are leaving and as they are now SKY customers getting calls from them asking to migrate over early and lose the extra features they went to BE for.

PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister


Re: The devil in the detail

Good list and the filters can and do fail!


FIXED: Blocked sites accessible!

2013-06-23 06:43:59, by drsox

EDIT: 2013-06-24 21:54 - The site has been re-blocked. However raises a good point about the efficacy of ISP based blocks which are easily circumvented or, as demonstrated, go wrong!

An IRC user alerted us that court-mandated blocks on websites such as ThePirateBay seem to either have been removed or the system to block them has failed!

The user reports, and we have tested, that ThePirateBay, Fenopy and kat torrent sites are accessible again after being blocked for around a year!

How long will it take Facebook Home to hit 1bn downloads? 76 years


I tried it just to see what it actually ran like and how polished the finished product was.

What I found was that the product wasn't too bad for what its designed for but do you really want your background to be your friends posts? Do you want random photos with inspiration text that has been shared thousands of times to be shown as you unlock your phone, or really bad photos taken in bad lighting stretched to fill the screen from your friends nights out.

iOS 6.1 KNACKERED our mobile phone networks, claim Vodafone, Three


Re: Strange

I remember from my days at working at a large college these sort of registration problems. After doing a few I did a quick net search and found you can press a key combo at that screen to bypass it completely.

Command + Q possibly.

Fanboi beats 'e-trespassing' rap after using GPS to find stolen iPad

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Re: Cerberus app

I have this app too and its brilliant. The multiple devices for one account is good. I have it set on family members phones and often get emails showing them mistaking putting in their unlock codes.

You can also set an alarm remotely and it will take a photo when someone hits the dismiss button to shut it up.

Coders run Android 3.0 on Honeycomb-less tablets



Most of the information about the Vega on Xda is reposted from tabletroms or modaco.

Especially tabletroms for the HC goodness.

All their announcements are here first.


Ubisoft undone by anti-DRM DDoS storm

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Had Assasins creed 2 giving to me a gift from the fiancee. Been looking forward to it for a while.

This new DRM madness is driving me mad. Im in the process of s purchasing a new router as my current one is flakey. Which means constant game drop outs and lack of playing the game.

If I was still doing my old job which involved a lot of travelling. I wouldnt be purchasing any of their games. As id want something I could play in a hotel room with no internet access.

Police have more than 10,000 ANPR cameras


Are you me?

I had an almost identical experience. Although I had recently bought mine so had every document on me. Was fun watching the police look over ownerships documents. reciepts for purchase etc/

Public rejects Time Warner metered-bandwidth tests

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How about services such as Steam. Fancy playing a new game? Add a few extra dollars onto the price for the download. Or Yesterdays Warcraft patch. 880Meg. Dont think id be willing to have this.

Especially not with 2 home servers. and numerous other family pcs and a Mac in the corner.

American ISP flashes phantom bandwidth cap


Streaming radio

One guy in my office listens to streaming radio all day everyday. According to our firewall hes using 700meg daily on his own. imagine him on that kind of limit at home.

BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers


port list

For the person above who asked for a port list

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers quite a few being used other than port 80 on the net these days.


Eclipse scheduling

I know it operates from 9am to 11pm but this means the only time the net runs at the speed i would like is when im asleep. dont think i should have to schedule everything and wait till the next evening to look at a file i wanted yesterday. I know theyre upfront about their schemes but the timing is bit of an incovienance to me.


Same for me on eclipse

I have similar experiences with eclipse. As soon as i get any torrent started my internet net will crawl to a snails pace. as soon as i stop the torrent it will come back to normal speed withing a few minutes.

Anoying as i was capping torrents myself so i could keep on browsing easily.


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