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Fasthosts downed by dicky Dell switch

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Steven Moffat fumes over Doctor Who plot leak


In a parallel universe i dont need a title.

I couldn't agree more. The first 30 minutes on a Monday morning in the office consist of what happened in Dr Who on Saturday and future plot discussion/direction, and who was the closest and who was way off. Now of course this means that guys are off reading Dr Who spoiler blogs, leaked photos of the sets etc, to better arm themselves ready for presentation of there new theory as to why "Amy has a small scar on the left of her nose" on Monday morning.

Does that mean i am the "Worst Fan" because i have such an interest in the show that i am willing to commit the horrific crime of being excited as to what will happen next.

Now this might sound really sad and geekish to some, but hey we all got to get our kicks somehow.

Ofcom okays Derren Brown psychic-baiting

IT Angle

ICT Angle

ICT angle covered under psychic communications. It's like wifi for dead people.

Story gone


First i knew

Hmm i totally missed that one, I admire you letting the user choose but that doesn't help if the user doesn't know the choices available.

Blackhat SEO 'cheats' Reddit


Nothing new move along

This is nothing new, i have been doing this on Digg Reddit Mix etc etc for years now.

And trust me it doesn't take any magic blackhat skills to achieve, anyone can create a reddit upvote bot in under 30 mins using off the self "macro style" software like UBOT or IMACRO.

Now how do i get 200+ votes on this comment

Oklahoma granny sues cops over tasering


Taser Wins

I think this is a victory for the Taser. if the police who attended really felt that threatened by an 86 year old woman in her sick bed that they had to "Disable" her, Then without the Taser she and probably her grandson would be dead now as they would of shot them with real handguns.

Mechanic drove three miles with angry bloke on bonnet


Staffie = Dangourous Dog

I guess that’s why they have the nickname Nanny Dog, Do the people here saying they are dangerous dogs have any experience with the breed? Or just what there subjected to in the media which obviously has no interest in sensationalizing stories about them.

And no I don’t subscribe to no bad dogs just bad owners because each dog has its own personality and traits and some dogs (Any Breed) will have a tendency to attack other dogs or people, However a responsible owner would take steps to prevent this.

My 16 years experience with the breed (I am on my 3rd staffie) show me yes they are VERY strong and potentially dangerous but so are most things in the hands of an idiot, a keyboard a car a knife just about anything can be dangerous in the wrong hands and it’s here we should be looking to control

Rant Over

eBayer sued for leaving negative feedback


Hug a lawyer

Dont blame the lawyers. Blame the people who instruct them, The lawyer is after all just carrying out the request of the client in a way that gets the best for the client.

All the lawyer gets is a modest fee for using his knowledge of how to use the law to screw every last ounce from BOTH sides before they go bankrupt as a result of the action.

Now come on guys hug a lawyer hes the real victim in this.

Posted from my nice AC office on the top floor of a law firm. ^_^ Even lawyers need IT support

Wikileaks video shows US gunfire on Reuters staff


Full unedited version


Full unedited version

Make your own mind up

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist


@Steve Roper

I work with someone like you, He is a 40 year old virgin as well

Easy iPhone 3G unlocking for $30?


Stay Clear

Quote from the PwnageTool guys at iphone-dev

"We’ve been monitoring the whole “SIM-card unlock” proxy-SIM situation. This involves using a chip that is attached to your SIM card (with a small modification to your SIM) or sometimes a small PCB soldered inside the phone. These sim mods so far seem very very very questionable. Zf has found that they use trickery of the GSM and UMTS network that is considered highly illegal in most countries and they rely on sending bogus IMSIs and various other nasty hacks to obtain service on your iPhone. A couple of our members have worked out how this all “works” and we’ll try to publish our findings soon. DevTeam recommendation: Steer clear, don’t use!"

Happly waiting for my OpenMoko to arrive


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