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Cops taser crap-smeared Oz clubber


i want in

"Which is just one reason your society, in fact your whole civilisation, is going down the pan."

which civilisation or society do you belong to then?

where do i sign up for this alternate civilisation, i want in :P

Liverpool police get mini-Black Helicopter



That would be the most amazing episode of crimewatch ever!

The cctv footage showing 2 or three mini airwolves shooting missiles at the police chopper until it loses control and lunges into a crowd of shoppers (no injuries of course ;)

and the closing, police are looking for remote control enthusiasts with access to toy weapons hahahahahhahaha

Who star to make beautiful music with girlfriend's dog



Anyone heard of a band called CANINUS

all canine vocals and very metal :)

google more info if dogs doing metal rocks your boat, they sure rocked mine.. with titles like:

"bite the hand that breeds you" and "no dogs, no masters"

soo good.. gonna bark along now :P

Dark mutterings on killer Wi-Fi in schools help no one


nature vs human

Blaming wireless networking for all society's problems is nonsense.

I'd point the finger at parents first, followed by broadcasters and greedy corporations targetting kids and mashing their developing minds with "brand awareness" and generally confusing them.

That being said; I am on the fence on the long term effects of mobile and wireless radiation. In large cities, we are constantly bombarded with all manner of radio, microwave and other waves, most of these introduced by humans.

Nature vs Human?

I trust mother nature, she's been around longer.

...even if she has decided to melt and flood us into oblivion :)

Pirate radio: the pros and the cons


Choice of frequency

When driving in and around London, it always amuses/confuses me that some of the pirate operators are broadcasting on or very near to the frequency of national staions, like BBC Radio1.

With all the unused frequencies on the FM band, they choose to go head to head against a BBC channel with massive broadcast power.

Anyone know why this is?

Does it make them harder to detect?

On the emergency service communications: I don't see how broadcasting on the FM band interferes with their radios, unless the pirate station is set up badly with poor equipment and broadcasting spurious signals all over the frequency range.

Hi hon, I'm on d plane



Am I am missing something here?

If this new technology is only in early testing phases, then....

How exactly did people on hijacked flights on September 11, 2001 manage to make calls to family members?

Audio quality on the recordings of these calls released to the media sounded perfect and that was almost 6 years ago?

Has this been covered before, anyone know the answer?

PS: I forgot one of my phones im my hand luggage when flying a few years ago, it was on throughout the long haul flight and nothing went obviously wrong.


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