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SATA Revision 3.0 released

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thats all very well but

when is there going to be a 2TB SATA Revision 3 Barracuda in my desktop????

and, are the drives actually going to be capable of 6gb/s sustained speed, not just burst?

doubt even sata revision 8 when it comes would stand up to one of these loaded with some old ddr2: http://www.hyperossystems.co.uk/

they have some interesting statistics involving a 12 million row MySQL table, and a server with hardware RAID for comparison :)

Asda clamps down on killer teaspoons



we need to be atleast 18 to commit murder with a spoon?

but its still ok to kill people with your car at 17, or moped at 16.

or with peanuts at any age (allergy dependant)

i never thought I'd see the day when someone puts an age restriction on murder.

has anyone thought to ask the age of the teaspoon murderer? i bet s/he was over 18..... and it was manslaughter for leaving the spoon propped up on the floor so the murderee could fall on it.

I think everyone who lives near there should organise a mass teaspoon-buying expedition to asda. and when they say "id please" act offended and point out how stupid it is, throw the teaspoon on the floor, stamp on it and walk out. and you should all queue at the same checkout, for added effect.

remember to youtube it ;)

US Forces 'black' budget = 2nd biggest military on Earth

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@AC Really?

Well the thing is, china just say "your in the army" rather than what we do, which is "come and join the army, we'll pay you lots of monies and u can has lolz".

And they don't spend anything on guns, all their soldiers are actually Tibetan monks with uber l33t ninja skills. they dont need guns. And they can fly.

Black Helicopters

I for one

welcome our CIA black ops overlords, and *their* gatling-cannon wielding fleshbag-killing predator drone overlords.

Whos idea was it to put the T-800 in charge of California? A few $billion of that total is probably the electric bill for recharging him every day.

and all those spy satellites...... Skynet, anyone?

/me hides from the CIA....

Swedish factory fined $3,000 for robot attack

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I for one

welcome our head-grabbing robot hand overlords.

just had to...... :)

Craigslist founder defends 'erotic' listings



Dude wtf!? Java kicks ass!! would you prefer C++ or C# (ie would you like to bend over for a MicroShaft).

You make baby jesus cry.

embrace teh coffee.

Konami nixes Six Days in Fallujah

Black Helicopters

so is it on bittorrent yet??? :)

I agree with all of the above, especially David Wiernicki.

There are already numerous games out there already about Iraq and Afghanistan, both the first and second gulf wars, etc etc, even games about wars that the Merkins lost - eg Battlefield Vietnam, Conflict: Vietnam, those FPS 'Nam ones that I forget the title of.

AFAIK real vets are also consulted (on both sides) for the Medal of Honor games (at least the newer ones).

I mean, God forbid that they would try to get the story from both sides........

This sounds to me like a bunch of PETA members who happen to know a couple of squaddies who heard some half-truth about this project and said "well I dont like the sound of THAT!", then proceeded to march to the post office to send letters of complaint.

I hope they don't find out about the rest of the real world, then we'd really be in trouble...... and by trouble I mean knee deep in letters of outrage....

Black Choppers cos now they'll be sending me complaints for dissing the "MERKA WINS!!!" mentality

eBay scammer gets four years in slammer



I think you missed a few zeros from that number......

Microsoft conjures imaginary 'Apple Tax'


apple sucks

is my normal opinion. But i also think microshaft sucks. but in this case I am willing to put my normal anti-apple opinions aside and join the fanbois slagging microshit, because for this blatant, immature, petty, vindictive pile of malformed opinions they deserve a good kicking.

maybe one day, if that wanker ballmer and his tosspot company ever hits puberty, they might start growing up and maybe one day, after that, they might start producing something thats actually worth the money you normally have no choice but to pay them.

the tosser that wrote WPC? should try an apple out, and a pc with linux on it, and maybe get a qualification in hardware while hes at it. after that, i might consider considering his opinion on the matter.

Which desktop Linux distribution?



You do have a point, but I don't know that I am wrong, I was fairly sure that I was right, to a degree.

The site you linked to had things like Local Area Security Linux, Damn Small Linux, various rescue cds et all which are hardly what one would consider to be desktop linux distros, they are more specialised niche distros. The list was too comprehensive.

IMHO when someone asks "which desktop linux distro" the answer (atm) is either Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE or Mint. Those are the top 5 (in no particular order).

Windows 3.1 (not sure what was before that apart from dos :) )

Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows 98SE

Windows 2000 } think these are the same by different names but meh.

Windows ME }

Windows XP Pro

WIndows XP Home

Windows XP Media Center Edition

Windows Vista Home Basic

WIndows Vista Home Premium

Windows Vista Business

Windows Vista Ultimate

Have I missed any? Thats more than 5. Granted not many will be using 3.1 or 95 etc but even if you disount anything before xp, its still more.

The reason so many linux distros exist is because its free to modify, and people who need it to do very specific things can mod the distro and create their own relatively easily, and they make those changes available back to the community. If you could do that with windows I'm sure there would be more (and better) versions of it around.

The point here is that if you get a list of all linux *desktop* distros, I'm sure there would be more but there are plenty MS distros too. I don't see it as an issue, the reason its an issue for wintards is because they are force fed a single current OS when they buy a new pc and thats the end of it, they dont realise there is a choice.

no trolling intended, honest.......


why is anyone making an issue about the number of linux distros...

.... when windows comes in just as many flavours?

and to Jaowon, your right it probably wont, because the majority of the planet (and by extension windows users) are ignorant of its existence. 10/10 for spelling, minus several million for relevance. and one other thing.... windows sucks.

Wacky Jacqui spanked by husband


may i be the first to say


that is all

Microsoft: Judge us by our deeds on open source

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RE: AC, first comment

You, sir, win.


DARPA at phase 2 on human 'regeneration' tech

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from what I can see its not an ability, its a process they put someone through to heal the affected area (I'm thinking floating in a tank of liquid rich in whatever they use to get your cells to grow you new stuff) so they would be able to torture someone for decades only if they had the tank of goo on hand and didnt mind spending months waiting on them growing new parts.....

regardless sounds awesome. could the same process heal scars or torn tendons other than just cuts / missing limbs I wonder?

if they can find a way to make the patient's own cells behave like stem cells then great, time to start curing alzhiemer's etall..... (ye i know its spelt wrong)

Bush Obama sides with RIAA in P2P fight


@get over it

so what? I'm all for tough punishments for breaking the laws designed to protect people (copyright doesn't really enter into this in this case IMHO*), but when it comes down to difficult to prove acts like getting a free mp3 off the interwebs, I'm not so sure. Add to that the fact that the ONLY reason the Arse of America is doing this is to make an example, not because this guy actually damaged their business. Plus, I very much doubt that the artists who made the tracks will see a penny of whatever ludicrous amount they think this guy owes them.

*When it comes to an Arse like the Arse of America, they really dont need any more money. They already have enough, IMHO if this guy broke the law then send him to jail. Fining him more money than he has will not solve the problem and will probably just piss him off and make him want to rip them off as much as he can in future. Also I don't think copyright is really the issue here, considering that the Arse didn't MAKE the tracks. If it was the artist themselves suing, I would consider that to be a copyright issue. These bastards just want as much money as they can screw out of anyone, whether thats selling them a cd or suing them for not buying a cd.


Ministers spending billions on unlawful databases


its all in the database



Wikileaks tells Aus censorship minister to rack off

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go wikileaks

win for wikileaks methinks.... just wait till they publish a new leaked list and see "wikileaks" at #1 :-)

eSATA: A doomed stopgap?


fair enough, but.....

the 3 motherboards I've gone through in the last 4 years all had 2 x eSATA ports (the 2 newer ones had eSATA2) and of course 2 or 4 usb2. True I haven't seen many laptops with eSATA but I have seen some.

One suggests that eSATA is not as dead and non-widespread as the author implies..... but USB will always be bigger, this I agree on.

/me can't wait for 6GBit/s drive transfer speeds :)

now all we have to do is make the drives themselves capable of that kind of sustained speed.

Microsoft promises 'lessons learned' on IE 8 download day


wont be getting it...

just because of this: "All sites need do - according to Microsoft at least - is complete the relatively simply task of inserting a tag in their code in order to render pages in IE 8's default standards mode - the new, web-standards compatible version of IE rendering."

its not up to the rest of the planet to make their websites work with IE8, its up to microsoft to work with the standards and display web pages properly. This does not entail the rest of the planet adding helpful tags to each page to tell IE8 whether to render in "IE6" mode or "what it should have fucking been in the first place" mode.

standards are there for exactly this reason. any standards compliant page will render correctly on any standards compliant browser. time MicroShit woke up and realised that "web standards" != "microsoft webstandards 2009 home premium edition"

I hope they fail.

Government flags ID cost increase



I agree.

But tbh I'm not that worried because I know, I just KNOW that they will epic fail beyond all expectation and the system will be proven not to work on multiple occasions, as per (any other large money-wasting govorment funded failathon here).

All they will have done is waste countless amounts of our money and time on something doomed to fail and totally unwanted, and as our beloved MP overlords prove to us time and time again, that is what they are FOR.

If you truly want shit like this to be stopped, forever, the best way is a revolution or a millitary coup. I'd opt for the coup option, as that way the MP's will probably be "accidentally" killed in "crossfire" or just outright executed, I could live with either.

The only problem after that is to decide who SHOULD be in charge.....

I would do it, for a small fee. and I'd quite happily spend money on things that would actually benefit us, and on nothing that has mass opposition. No buts or ifs here, as our govorment seems to have. and of course I would have orbital defense cannons. Goldeneye style. (unless opposed by more than 50% of the public.)

And then, when everyone realises what a cool / dangerous country the UK is, they would stop terrorist attacks on us because we have changed our ways and don't meddle with them any more. and I wouldnt keep using 11/9 as an excuse to invade any country I damn well please - although I would reserve the right to shoot teh laz0rz from orbit at them. PEWPEWPEW!!!

ooooo yeeeeeeee.

Shuttleworth gets cloudy with Ubuntu 9.10



sorry to hear it didn't work. you could try

sudo nvidia-settings

if you have an nvidia board.

i agree with you actually. it does take a bit of dicking around to fix a broken x-server sometimes.

some hardware / hardware combinations just dont work sometimes. I have ubuntu on 2 machines, on my desktop its a pain in the arse to configure because of various hardware and driver issues, but on my laptop with its mobillity radeon hd24-something graphics and all intel sound / network etc, it works beautifully, even got half life 2 running on it.

regardless, its always improving, im sure given a few improvements / new releases in the future one of them will "just work" for you. and tbh iphones are sooo proprietry and locked down that its propbably illegal to get one working with linux in the first place :)

however someone will probably do it even without the 'jailbreaking' part - that prediction being dependant on enough linux experts owning iphones :)

At the end of the day, if its worth £300 / [insert pctax figure for your machine here] / breaking the law (pirating) to you to get your iphone sync'd up with your pc, windows fits the bill. otherwise, ubuntu rules \m/

one more point i wanted to make - if windows didn't make such a big thing about wiping the user's arse for them at every turn, then IMHO windows users would be alot better at configuring things and using the CLI, and so could probably sort out something as technical as a broken x server.

the problem here is balance between control and ease of use - in microshaft's latest incarnation of windows, you have no control. every measure is taken to prevent the user from doing anything but use the system, and we have to just trust that the os does everything it should do, and "just works". when it doesnt, you are screwed unless you want to part with more hard earned cash, or attempt a reinstall (subject to legal conditions as set out in the eula).

with linux, we have absolute control. yes linux refuses to go around wiping people's arses, but with good reason. they should'nt be so damn lazy. and if it did, it would soon be out of toilet roll.

armed with the linux forums and the abillity to fix things rather than reinstall or give up, i find the linux desktop environment to be unbeatable.

no trolling intended :)



$ sudo displayconfig-gtk

enough said

also, with some tinkering there is always a way. that is the great thing about ubuntu - someone, somewhere will have figured out how to get an iphone working on it.

Universal taps iPhone App Store for tunes sales


im obivously missing something

what is the meaning of "spotify"?

please dont flame my n00bness :)

Hitler ordered Luftwaffe to spare Blackpool


@daily mail

daily FAIL

nuff said

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hells yea

Raygun jumbo: 'Long duration' ground blasts begin

Black Helicopters

i for one

will not be typing a typical "i for one..." comment.

all we need now is for the jumbos to be automated, paving the way for the flying terminator laser-equipped mirror-armoured killbots that skynet needs to take over teh world.

one thing I want to know - when the apocalypse happens and automated killing machines massacre their fleshy masters - do we need to agree to the EULA first?

UK.gov to tap BT as data harvester



well looks like thats it for teh intermagical tinterwebs.

any word on this challenge from "small countries" being relaunched?

there would be no problem with this (as far as I am concerned) if the people who ended up with the information concerned were infallible, credible and insurmountable, and of course it had been put to a public vote prior to even being planned.

But its the fucking government. Tossers.

They do not have the right to do this, and they know it.

The government are *servants* of the people, not our masters. They cannot be trusted with ANY information, as it has been shown time and time again (just scroogle* for "laptop left on a train"), and even though they keep losing it, like a bunch of alcoholics they try every trick their manipulative little minds can think of to get more of what they *think* they need.

The people should be spying on their government, maybe then they would get away with less.

as others have suggested, i think its time to get myself a vps.... or would that just say to them

"look at me, i have something to hide, break my encryption pretty please"?

* if you are concerned with your privacy on the web, http://www.scroogle.org instead of google. google record stuff aswell as your ISP you know.

How to survive the crisis: Sell kiddies booze


i for one

welcome our adolescent drink-crazed knife-carrying underage overlords

Phorm: BT system 'most definitely' online by end of 2009



does anyone know of a comprehensive list of every ISP and their dogs that are going to be jumping on this ad-supported band wagon?

eg PlusNet, as they are owned by BT?

that aside, i propose a new synonym - phorm and phale.

Nokia N85 smartphone


@can a phone ever be just a phone again?

in a word, no.

I agree with your sentiment, and to a degree practise it myself - i have a pile of older phones that I use as backups, and i like some of them a hell of a lot more than my shiny new samsung.

that said, everyone wants mp3 players, internet browsers, personal organisers, games consoles that fit into the palm of their hands and let them phone and text their mates aswell. nokia would be exceptionally dumb not to be making what the majority of the market want / what they are telling the majority of the market that they want.

its all because of the i-Phaile, if it wasn't around then the world would be a better place..... and phones would be for talking to people, not for trying to impress them because you managed to afford one.

the problem is, the world is full of materialistic tossers who think that buying something like this is a status symbol (the kind that says "look im a tosser with more money than sense") rather than a useful tool for communication.


apologies to anyone who owns an i-Phone for legitimate reasons, i'm not trolling, honest. its just that everyone I know who owns one has it either because it was made by apple or they want to say "my phone is better than yours cos it cost me far too much moneys lulzzzz". Which it isnt. my old motorola pwns any iphone. its teh awesome.

i for one welcome our 1995-era WLAN-less, game-less, greyscale-lcd, removable-aerial-enabled overlords.

US airforce to get ground refuelling robot


i for one

welcome our mobe-typing commentard/moderatrix overlords

just lol....


i for one

welcome our jet fighter-refuelling visually-guided radiation-proof robot overlords

Apple gets censory on iBoobs'... ass


epically pointless

I demand this be added to the dictionary!!

that aside....

I for one welcome our Bulgarian-Airbag wobbling apple-censored I-Phale-based overlords

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth


i for one

welcome our drug taking, smart talking comedy actor overlords

Obama's rainbow stealth aircraft uncloaks over Virginia


i for one

welcome our rainbow-cloaked luuuurrrv-dispensing* overlords

* aka hubble-lens-flare-bodied phony-planes**

**aka reflection-of-the-jetfighter-flying-behind-it***

***aka someone-playing-silly-buggers-with-photoshop

I like to cater for all eventualities..... no telling who will be our overlords these days.....

Ubuntu's Shuttleworth praises Windows 7, welcomes fight




Rapists should be raped, declares Jordan

Paris Hilton



if all the rapists were to be raped, then the prison officials that raped them would be raped, and eventually the HM prison service would run out of rapists to rape the rapists, they would have to turn to other .gov services, then to the public, and the whole thing would spread like an epidemic of rape.

everyone in the UK would end up firstly raping someone, then being raped in punishment. Maybe Jordan likes the idea.....

paris cos she has less grotesquely over-inflated legislation

Will magnetic switching by light keep storage vendors spinning?



pewpew ftw pwnt omgwtf win

Conficker seizes city's hospital network




that is all.

/me goes off to write 3 lines of linux....

The Vatican tempts the YouTube generation

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read as...

"...current occupant of the PayPal Apartments...."

I knew the Pop was behind it all......

(spelling intended :) )

PopeTube TM. Coming to a good, upstanding Christian PC near you

Tabloid girl's jubs freeze at -130°C


-130? << that IS a title!! WHY do I need to type this ASWELL??

er...... I thought we used celcius here, not farenheight? Or is this the typical reporting standard for the Daily Star - I don't soil my eyes with reporting of that caliber normally.... just the 3rd page XD

Well if we are in for minus 130C then I suppose we should all go to mexico......

mines the one with the copy of the day after tomorrow in the pocket

Apologies after teacher's 'Linux holding back kids' claim

Gates Horns

Check out the follow-up

as mentioned above - I pity the teacher and tbh sympathise with her on some level. You will see why if you read the follow-up by Ken linked in other comments above.

Its quite sad really, but it speaks volumes about Mr Stark's character that he expained his reaction and "Karen"s ignorance / misconceptions, rather than commentarding like everyone else was doing. Maybe if this is in the spotlight long enough, some M$-tards out there who see it will start asking some uncomfortable questions of themselves and their favourite evil bastard corporation.

we can but hope.... :)

Snipers - Cowardly assassins, or surgical soldiers?

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that was a sweet article, thanks :)

and to add a little to the conversation regarding the history of sniping:

I have it on not so good authority that the idea of firing rifles at range to pick off the enemy one by one before they got closer was in use up to around 200 years ago by Britian (ftw) as a way to sap the enemy and scare the sh*t out of them before they could even start to retaliate. Apparently they used older musket-style rifles that had much better range but took ages to reload compared to the more current guns of the time. There would be a limited number of these more specialised troops in a unit and the rest would be using faster loading weapons for closer combat. man we used to pwn teh baad guyz so much XD

I accept full responsibillity of this being totally wrong as my information is coming from a conversation with my brother who likes to read fact-based history books, usually about alexander the great et al and also about ye-oldy blighty empire.

however it sounds plausible to me, like the longbow idea of taking everyone out at range, just carried over into newer weapons.

please feel free to correct as is required :)

p.s enemy at the gates was awesome..... but so was sniper, mostly because it was so bad it was good :)

Would you know a base station if you saw one?


re: steel tree


a bloody steel tree!? i wonder if it still exists in a museum or something.......

how the hell did they not notice though? wouldnt it be obvious when it inevitably gets hit by something and goes "DINK" as it bounces off rather than exploding into splinters? and infact wouldnt it just be damn obvious anyways???

Hans: "Hey Sarge, ze tree is looking shiny today."

Sarge: "Random."

Hans: "Should ve shoot it?"

Sarge: "No, better not. A tree as shiny as zat must have been expensive......"

going to go watch armstrong and miller now..... standard :)

p.s kudos on the st andrews day getup reg :)

Inside Microsoft's 'New Xbox Experience'

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@Rob, David, Nick and Graham

Seeing as you all have similar points, i figure i can get away with one big answer :)

(with some small extra ones...)

David: no I havent used the new update, infact I dont own a 360 but a few of my mates do, I have played them quite extensively.

Everyone: Yeag your right about upgrading pcs alot, however the comment I made was "fairly cheap and current". Mine has 4GB DDR2, 256MB ATI Radeon X1950, 3.2 GHZ amd dual core. It was expensive to put together when I built it 2 years ago, but now you can buy something like that for 400 or less (yes i know i wasnt very clear on that point). This runs crysis nicely, gears of war, mass effect, bioshock et al, I havent needed / wanted any significant upgrade since i built it.

I admit Im a bit of a PC fanboi, but I have been on the other side too, but with the next gen of consoles its just gotten too expensive for me now compared to keeping a pc in shape - hd telly of a decent size being like £500 upwards or roundabouts, plus the console.

You might make noises about GFX cards being damn expensive but mine cost £160, 2 years ago......they are more like 75-80 now, and it runs crysis quite nicely. you dont need the latest and greatest, by any means.

One other point raised was the comfort / experience of sitting at my desk watching movies.....

well, considering the fact that I dont have an HD telly or anything, chances are if i had a 360 I would be sitting at my desk watching movies through my monitor (which, by the way, is a 19 - have you been spying on me!?) using some assortment of adapters to make an hmdi cable work with a vga monitor XD

also considering the telly in the living room is actually smaller, i fail to see the point :)

anyways its nice to see I illicited some interesting debate, thanks for replying :)

Thumb Down


if you know where i can get one of those for $160, I would be impressed :D

that aside, the whole thing sounds crap, to put it bluntly. has anyone seen that (fairly) new advert for shitboxes on UK tv? first it shows you people apparently enjoying watching movies on their shitbox 360, then immediately cuts to a "woo look, were selling them for £129.99" clip, only if you read the (very) smallprint will you discover that infact, 129.99 models do not come with a hard drive that is required to watch a movie. models starting at (i think) 169.99 do. that is very nearly false advertising IMO and at the least extremely questionable.

at the end of the day, a fairly cheap (mine was 400) but current PC will let you play most of these next-gen games without shelling out 200 quid or so for a console, plus the hd telly. and you can watch movies on a pc too. :)

Scots vote out ID cards

Thumb Up


Thank f*ck for that.

Im a Scot and as a Scot on behalf of all Scots, I laugh in Jaki's face. HAHAHA.

Just out of curiosity, the 5bn needed to do this..... since we have said no, does that mean it now comes entirely from England / Wales taxes / public funds?

If were not going to have them, were sure as hell not paying for them......

On another note, whatever commentard blamed us for the English smoking ban.......

actually I'm quite happy to take the blame for that, its a damn good move, I was tired of being slowly killed by other ignorant b*stards' second hand smoke at the pub, and now I dont have to worry about it while visiting the penninsula either :P

If nobody wants ID cards...... move to scotland. If England ends up footing the bill for them, and everyone moves out, there wont be any moolah for Jacki to burn.

Of course, that doesnt mean we can't demand to see ID when Jacki turns up at the border to find out where all those people who "keep coming up to her" asking for ID cards have gone.

BT threatens to pull plug on better broadband


I Personally Beleive.....

"I personally believe if it is the right thing to do as a 20-year decision it is the right thing to do,"

sounds a little like......

"I Personally beleive that US Merkins......."

you get the idea.

In other words, BT = EPIC FAIL.

Ill get my coat.

Microsoft sued in China for black screen of death



Good luck to the guy, hope he wins (if its a legit copy he has).

MS need to be taken down a peg or two IMO.

@Charles: Dude thats dumb. Micro$hit can't interfere with your hardware just to inconvenience a possible pirate that has some of their software installed on one partition on one drive...... that would DEFINITELY be illegal, considering there could be any amount of personal and important data stored on that drive.

Its like suggesting that sony equip DVD players with melt-grade lasers so they can melt any DVD's that they consider to be possibly pirated. Utter bullshit.

And quite apart from the above, who the hell would use an OS that might take a random hissy fit and sporadically render your drive unusable!? oh wait........people bought vista.........

Blu-ray Disc a 'bag of hurt', says Jobs


I have a BR Dive!!!

Just thought I'd mention it. theres alot of BR bashing going on here.... and tbh I can't fault anyone for that.

Personally I like it, and I think the extra detail (on newer films, most noticable on cg shots) can be good eye-candy.

Apart from that I'm convinced that the HDTV and bluray formats are just a scam fathered by the conceived need to have 50 inch TV's in your living room.

Get a 50" LCD and plug in a dvd that you watched on your old CRT 20". It looks awful in comparison because its stretched to fit the bigger tv....... so, you need a full HDTV and sky hd and bluray players just to have a decent picture on your grotesquely gluttonous oversized starescreen. Thats all it is, just a decent picture on a giant screen. Its not proportionally any better than a dvd on a much smaller screen IMHO.

I think that if you're loaded enough to afford a 2 grand tv for no good reason then you can afford a bluray player or skyhd to go with it and if you cant then DONT BLOODY BUY ONE.

otherwise, if dvds are good enough then why moan about it? no-one can make you buy it.

the br player in question is actually on my new laptop, an acer <insert model number here (woops i peeled the sticker off last week)>. It's a nice high spec one, the bluray drive wasnt a factor in whether i bought it or not, however there is something reassuring about supporting all the current optical formats on one drive :)

and no, I havent bought any brd movies, nor would i. due to the points listed above, the detail difference is negligable on a 15.4" lcd (it came with a BR demo disc).