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Big demand for pay by phone tech, claims Nokia

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Cashless transactions

Wasn't there a trial of something called Mondex or something like that in Swindon years ago? That was all about cashless low-value transactions, like buying newspapers etc. Whatever happened to that?

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Windows 7 fake spotted on BitTorrent

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It's not a fake

Takes forever to load, file copying never ends, performance is a dog - sounds like a genuine next version of Windows to me!

Mind your languages with Microsoft LINQ

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The code samples

From Chris, the AS400 expert:-

"Now, I had a look at the LINQ samples, and as far as I can tell, for an array with a small amount of numbers in it, it can have it's uses. For querying a database with lots of tables and millions of records? Hah! forget it. Just look at the samples, first you have the "GetProductList()" function which gets ALL your data to your client, and then the piece of LINQ, which looks like some weird sort of iteration construct, gets you the records you need. Who in his right mind thought thàt was a good idea?? Anyway, can we also see what's in the GetProductList() function? Some good old SQL maybe ;-)"

Oh for God's sake - they're SAMPLES!!! Add a parameter to the GetProductList() method and it becomes at least a little bit more real-world. No-one is suggesting that they're good examples of how to architect an application, they're just examples of code. Why don't you blame them for not having security checks or logging in the samples as well? The samples aren't the bible, you are expected to adapt them to your own requirements...

Read Uffe's post, above. He covers the technical details very well. You've still got all your SQL, it's still there if you need it including Stored Procedures. Linq to SQL is just a very convenient syntax for querying databases, and it's only a part of what Linq is all about.

Vodafone explains N95 crippling


Unlocked Vodaphone N95

Last Thursday I walked into Phones4U in Bristol and walked out with a free N95 on a £40 per month Vodaphone tariff (500 minutes and 100 texts per month) with just a 12 month contract - and I can reduce my price plan after 9 months if I wish. The people in the shop did say the phone was unlocked and they were a little surprised to have got them like that, but I've since downloaded Truphone and it's all working fine. I have no idea how Phones4U expect to make money out of this deal - nor do I care - and no idea why my particular Vodaphone N95 was unlocked, but it seems there are some out there... Might be worth asking.

By the way, while I think I got a pretty good deal from Phones4U, I won't be going back there for anything else again - can't say I was very impressed with them. VERY impressed with the N95 so far though... although do get a car charger if you're going to use the SatNav for any length of time.