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You 'posted' a 'letter' with Outlook... No, NO, that's the MONITOR


Re: But these are actually intelligent people ....

There also seems to be a perverse pleasure some otherwise smart people take in not knowing things.

Have had this with my elder sister for years. She seems to pride herself on not knowing how computers work, i think because it ranks alongside knowing how plumbing works and that's the sort of thing lesser people have to worry about. Needless to say a number of years ago I told her to buy macs and call apple not me.


Indeed: 1st Rule Of Computing...

"Thought shalt turn it off. When it is off though shalt turn it on again"

CSC confirms $1.5bn NHS IT write-off


$1.5bn? are you f**king kidding me?

I'm sorry, I've worked in startups and large corporates but I just can't understand how they could have possibly come up with such a large number for software development.

How can it possibly have cost $1.5B to build some patient record mgt. apps for some NHS trusts (i.e. not all of them)?

Up until the beginning of 2011 (pre the latest big cash injection from goldman sachs) facebook had a total investment of $800M. Now obviously at some point FB started generating actual operating income to offset cost but it's the largest social network in the world with something like 14x the number of users as there are people in the UK.

Gov rolls out 'dedicated area of the internet' for digi-ware tests


sorry, but have to agree with @hohoho

"With over £1 billion to invest over 3 years we have the opportunity to start to make a difference in changing the innovation environment in the UK."

splutter splutter splutter...


is it me or do government types simply not understand how much £1B pounds is?

the last 4 startups i've been involved with had combined initial funding of about £4M. one of them went on to be sold for $1B. the current one has run quite happily for 3 years on an initial investment of 1.3M and now makes a profit.

biotech may need this sort of help. please stay away from the internet startup scene.

WD rolls out 3TB today


title required

3TB on a single drive! when i was growing up we were lucky to have 1kb! and even then we lived in a hole in't road and were so grateful to have more that 512 bytes we would kill ourselves every evening etc.

Apple, Google, NASA, and the Rainbow connection


You're assuming the positive...

No one is saying that they want to change the world for the better (even for a personalised definition of better).

They're just saying they want to change it.

BCS trustee threatens rebels with libel action


i want to join!

the people on their website look so professional and prosperous and even sexy!

oh, they're stock image you say? really the bcs is all about trying to emulate lawyers and doctors in creating a closed system of patronage?

maybe i'll carry on being a startup monkey then and help create entirely new businesses no certified professional thought would exist rather than taxing existing businesses for my "professional services".

(disclaimer: 15 years in IT and still no formal qualifications other than a couple of old MCP passes in the 90's)

MySQL under Oracle: No changes, except to what we say


would be easier to believe if...

i hadn't had to put up with so much FUD and general abuse over the last 10 years at even the suggestion of using mySQL from Oracle DBA's, Sales staff and other misfits.

Has the leopard suddenly changed all it's spots?

We need evil larry as an icon.

US gov cries foul on MPAA piracy claims

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i like to pay for foss

We make extensive use of Debian so every year i buy some random merchandise or send them a donation.

In fact you're just reminded me that I haven't yet this year. I will do so now.

Tories to cut IT to keep National Insurance down

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totally agree

been saying this for years now. why can't politicians/bureaucrats/organisations take the good stuff from the net (i.e. distributed interoperability) instead of the merely trendy (twitter).

i had an interview for a health organisation as a data architect a few years ago and the first thing i asked was how they managed standards in the health space (assuming the spine would be based on some sort of standard) and was told there was no such thing. anyone know if it's improved?

Trustpilot prunes florid iFlorist tributes

Dead Vulture

and the newsitem is?

online company abuses online review services. stop the press!

Sure Signal not so sure


Been thinking about getting this for a while..

We live in a basement with patchy reception (currently on o2)

Here are some requirements for you.


- I run a tech dev and ops team that has a support requirement outside hours

- Things go wrong that require my attention outside hours

- Would rather my home phone number is never used so I have the option of being out of touch


- Is a freelancer and often gets calls about prospective jobs

- Her mobile number is the one everybody has

- If someone can't get hold of her they will likely move on to the next person on their list.

- No work = no money

Young people are lazy, think world owes them a living - prof



"rustle the newspaper of condemnation at the kitchen table of national debate"

love it.

Dell servers block un-Dell HDDs


absolutely agree

when i do buy dell it's for convenience only.

in my head i'm still buying a mainboard, case, drives, ram etc.

some of the servers in our office rack have cobbled components going back 10 years but are still humming along running network apps.

i guess it's true only the raid controller is effected but still annoying to make we think twice about buying dell in the future.

Google 'open' memo betrays deep corporate delusion


search should be open

I think the argument that search has to be closed for SPAM reasons is a very seductive one, but still rather misguided.

As an operator of a number of websites I am in complete thrall to google. They have 95%+ of the search market. Lots of people are employing SEO methods to increase rankings and as such I have no choice but to follow. If our sites are not on page 1 then we don't get customers. We don't get customers we don't eat. etc.

However these services are for the most part snake oil. Complete BS. This exists because nobody really knows the rules.

If you look at the way email operates (still bigger than HTTP traffic I think) there are a number of providers of ANTI-SPAM software (from small to large) which operate on understood rules. Why could there not be an equivalent set of software available to me to help filter out SPAM sites?

Surely it would be better if the "army of good guys" (myself included) could be in a position to help improve the rules that govern spam. To act as a community to help remove bad sites?

Maybe this is pie-in-the-sky but in my experience solutions worked out collectively tend to last longer and have less negatives than closed-door solutions.

And i second the call for both Holy and Evil google icons. I want one.

Inmate gets 18 months for thin client prison hack

Dead Vulture

more detail?

would love to know the sophistication of his hack.

was it just holding down the shift key when turning on the client or did it involve some cleverness?

WarMouse pushes gamers' buttons with OOMouse


what's all this moanin about wires?

in my experience wireless jobbies are a pin in the preverbial.

they're heavier to use so slow you down and have annoying side effects like the batteries running out.

simple optical wired mouse: plug in. forget for at least 5 years.

Burger King cooks up Windows 7 Whopper


me want tooooo!

please don't just let the japanese enjoy the artery clogging goodness!

Windows 7 - the Reg reader verdict

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our users are all impressed so far...

personally i'm more of an osx and debian person these days but i an responsible for the work network which includes about 12 pc's under daily use.

we bought some new shuttle kit a month or so ago for a few users and have been running Win7 on it without any problems. all of the users involved had been using Vista previously and have been pretty effusive over the upgrade. from a support perspective we've had no issues (other than incompatability of xp profiles, which we had with vista as well).

in addition this week we've been experimenting with upgrading our legacy desktops (Dell Pentium 4 GX260s running at around 2Ghz with 1Gb RAM) to Win7 to see if we could get rid of XP. This wasn't even remotely possible with Vista but has worked flawlessly so far with Win7 (after some hackery to get it to use old Win2K graphics drivers). It's still a little early to tell but the Users in the test group have made plenty of positive noises.

Labour MP quits over McKinnon extradition vote


@Andy Bright

"delete the stock market"

just conjured the wonderful image of an incompetent MP finding a big red delete button in the basement of the LSE marked DELETE. of course they would ignore the "Are you sure?" dialog.

Made me smile.

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS


hardware compatability?

"...they don't want to spend hours configuring their computers to work with every new piece of hardware."

so now google is going to be writing linux drivers for all the esoteric printers, scanners, cameras etc?

cool. (if true).

Oracle suits to strap on Sun's Java sandals


@Bruce Ordway Who cares about java?

The predominant use of Java in the enterprise these days is running web services, middleware integration, messaging etc. These are then for the most part powering browser based interfaces.

In general the use of Java as a fat client technology hasn't been very successful (with the possible

exception of Eclipse).

So you're probably using Java powered applications a lot more than you realise.

Air/Flex is picking up the desktop applications baton and doing a better job from what I've seen so far.

Go, Brown, go!

Dead Vulture

Ditto to all naysayers

I have a shortcut to the telegraph on the off-chance i want to read some right-wing labour bashing.

If el reg is now a supporter of a political party please come out and say it so I can move on to better pastures.

Next-gen SQL injection opens server door


@Brian Miller

Hmm. Interesting that you seem to not understand Agile at all.

Are you recommending that instead we use waterfall models with full Engineering type timescales?

Wouldn't this mean that the system you eventually deploy is based on a design which in itself is based on the security needs of an internet landscape already out of date?

Just curious.

Sky network downed in London


Connection sharing?

"We currently have an entire sales team crowded round a laptop fighting over access to a Vodafone dongle"

maybe someone should explain to them how to share an internet connection...

Study clears cannabis of schizophrenia rap


i was going to leave a comment...

but by the time i got here i'd forgotten what it was.

damn short term memory loss!

who am i again?

Hard 'core'? Birmingham City Council's net filtering



i totally agree. I had the misfortune to end up in a large US corporate for a while (unfortunate buyout) and simply couldn't get across to them that their banning of access to pretty harmless sites inspired me to work around all sorts of security.

As a card carrying atheist (or would be if the bha issued cards, damn them!) I wouldn't be surprised if the default u.s. list blocked access to atheist sites. they really don't like us.