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999 comes to VoIP

Greg Scullard

Rude awakenings

"They'd get a rude awakening when they'd just cut off their hand with a power saw."

Assuming that hasn't resulted in the power tripping, in which case, no DSL router, no broadband, hence no VOIP....

UK gov advisor proposes 'licence to smoke'

Greg Scullard

Here's an idea....

Stop using our tax money to pay these pointless "advisers" and put the money into the NHS so that nurses, etc... get decent wages, equipment, etc... to work with.

Hundreds of millions a year spent on pointless surveys, research, etc... and nothing ever good comes out of them GRRRRRRRRRR.

Sky recruiting to fill Sky+ customisation gap

Greg Scullard

About time too

Been harping on about the poor functionality of sky+ for a while, having owned a TiVo which sadly died not long ago, I very much miss the functionality it offered.

More specifically:

-Series links that work beyond the end of the week, F1, World Rally Championship, etc... can't be series linked since they don't run weekly... what's the point then dare I ask...

-An EPG which is downloaded onto the hard drive and updated regularly, I can't believe that scrolling past 24 hours takes such a long time for the listings to show, worse, if you are recording two programmes at the same time... you can't get the listings at all !

-Being able to view being able to view programme synopsis while recording two programmes (similar to above).

-An EPG which shows all the programmes for a single channel at the time, I hate the cropped programme names and the fact that you can't easily see what's on say BBC2 in the next four hours easily.

-An A-Z which covers more than the next 24 hours, and properly searchable too, a single letter is nowhere near sufficient.


Have TiVo trademarked/patented any of the functionality ? This may explain why SKY can't just copy it ?

Rant over, at least looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Finally, do I get the job ?