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Engineer Doe thought people's private info 'might be useful'

Philip Kilner

Is it "Private Info" when some dingbat has broadcast it over an unencrypted wireless link, then?

Nice to have some fun at Google's expense here - but people's reaction to this mystifies me, it really does.

Let's take a minute to consider what happened: -

1. People set up wireless networks

2. They didn't encrypt them.

3. They transmitted data over the resulting unencrypted wireless link.

4. Google recorded the data.

On the one hand, sure, there is a privacy issue - but it comes from Google's ability to aggregate data, rather than the "private" nature of the data - I really think that after you have transmitted your data over an unencrypted wireless link, you have to accept that it's a push to describe that data as "private", and that you are the one who has made it public!

We need some sort of "Date Protection Darwin Award" for this one!

Libya applies secret sharia to block sexy URL shortener

Philip Kilner

Let she who is without sin...

I'll play my tiny violin for Ms. "Blue" when I've stopped laughing.

This is the woman who tried to kill the career of the original (and rather more charming) Violet Blue, a perfectly respectable porn actress whose name this blogger had trademarked.


Karma is a bitch.

Drizzle plans to wash away DBMS past

Philip Kilner

"SQL relational model" - WTF?

What the hell is the "SQL relational model"?

We have the relational model, which is fundamental. Oh, and it's a model.

We have SQL, which is the language aspect of a dubious partial implementation of the relational model. It's not a model.

Conflating the two is unhelpful, especially in this context.




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