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Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details

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@ Les Matthew

That's a bad pun, that made me laugh out loud - thank you.

Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'


I cheered

I have to admit I cheered when Laura Roslin died, I despised that character. Other than a lot of gaping plot holes the general series has been a lot of fun, sometimes though provoking.

But that still does not change that the best Sci-Fi has to offer is still Babylon

BT waves goodbye to 10,000 temps and permies



"The fact that there are people on this thread who obsess about Phorm when what they should be far more concerned about the financial melt-down of the UK tells me that they live in a nice little fantasy land themselves. Welcome to the new financial world people - it's going to get bumpy, and this is what happens when you run bubble economies floated on hot air rather than real production..."

A dig at me I suppose, personally I could not care about the financial melt down, I paid of all my debts 6 years ago and have not got into debt since, I own my own car, home and have a steady job earning enough to pay my bill's, and take a holiday every year. Why the hell should I care? I did not cause this it is not going to effect me if I lose my job, I’ll go out and get another one doing anything (I have been known to take on full time cleaning to earn a wage until I get a decent paid job again). There are always jobs out there that people won't do, that I am willing to keep myself in credit.

I can obsess about Phorm, because I am in a such healthy situation and really don't care that the worlds governments are taking people to hell in a hand basket, if your so concerned get off your arse and do something about it.

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Phorm Investigation?

I can see this really annoying one or two people in the government at a time when the issue of unemployment is only going to get worse, and what happens when MP's get annoyed? Yep that's right they investigate thing's.

We will now see the letter Martin Selmayr wrote getting a response and a full investigation of BT's trials with Phorm, heads will roll wonder if they will count them as part of the 10,000 jobs?.

Paris because, i've seen her give a job ... it was not very good.

Gary Glitter expelled from GCSE paper


Pedophile Glitter

So is pedophile glitter something they use in arts and crafts?

As for "I dread to think what they may find searching online for him" What a tosser, obviously the guy has never used a search engine before, and is one of these muppets that thinks the kind of material Mr Glitter had on his pc is easy to come by. World is being over taken by the worst type of people that i'm sure if you delve deep enough into their psych you will find that they get turned on by this stuff.

Hustler demands to know Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?

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I saw this today


I wonder ....

Paris, because i always wanted to do a paris icon

US teen cuffed for sending nude phone pics

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Thank you

I am so happy i'm not the only one laughing/shocked at this, give's me hope that one day we will overtake the idiots of the world and inject common sense back into life.

World of Warcraft upkeep costs only $200m

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Those figures need adjusting

Your not including the fee's for name changes, server transfers the boxed version's of the original and The Burning Crusade games.

You would think though that for all the cash they are making, they would at least have decent servers not placed in France and going via Telia (the horrors those two things make).

Wonder how much money they will make if they manage to get "Arenas" as an Esport?

BT lobbies Welsh Assembly for superfast broadband subsidies


As a Cardiff boy

I will expect the Welsh Assembly to stick a massive clause on any subsidies ( subsidy?) NO PHORM. That will do me nicely otherwise they can get lost.

Wall Street shudders under Lehman collapse


How about ..

Seizing the assets of everyone on the board, every damn last penny, house, car, holiday villa, and pay those 5000 people some severance (we can throw them a cardboard box to live in). This will send out a nice little message to these maggots, that feeding off us has consequences.

I really hate the fact that the management always walks away unscathed by any thing that happens the company and they usually walk away with millions. Just one day I’d love to see someone held accountable ... but that's a dream I have.

Mines the one with the millions in the pocket.

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe


Know what

At least if it does go all tit's up, i can rest assured all you lot will be coming with me.

Northrop in electric blaster cannon milestone


How would this work?

So how would this laser weapon work? I really don't understand the type of damage they would do, would they burn, slice, incinerate, or even be possible of delivering some form of explosive charge?

The rail gun I can understand they shoot a projectile but laser weapons just baffle me as I can't see them doing any real damage.

Russell Crowe to play Bill Hicks?

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A Bill Hicks Quote -

"I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your fuckin' mouth."

I died alittle when i read that article. I hope to be dead if this movie ever get's made.

Depp for Dark Knight follow-up

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Glover for riddler!

Crispin Glover for the Riddler, would be the best man for the role.


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