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Pixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display


Re: Value for money?

"Dell's $2,500 monitor is the good stuff, just like the screen in the iMac."

the imac is 8bit, the dell is 10bit

they are not realy comparable

Hobbyist or hardcore? StarTech dual-bay Thunderbolt enclosure


630mb/sec with 2 intel 730?

thats just measly 150mb/sec more than a single 730 does

(all values crystal diskmark)

German freemail firms defend AdBlock-nobbling campaign


"We invited AdBlock Plus to comment on United Internet's GMX and Web.de warnings about ad-blocking technology but have yet to hear back from the US-based developer. "

Eyeo is a german company

You DON'T need a new MacBook! Reg man fiddles with Fusion, pimps out vintage Pro


last time i checked apple started soldering ram onto the mainboard

4K-friendly Thunderbolt 2 WILL ship this year, Chipzilla pledges


"Thunderbolt is undoubtedly the better technology - it’s not lumbered by having to have an old standard clamped on for compatibility the way USB 3.0 is"

instead it's shoehorned into the displayport and needs a ton of glue-logic

imho it's the bigger mess

Atlantis spacewalkers snapped through shuttle windows



they are clocks

the buttons in the first row say HR - MIN - SEC, 2nd row T1 - T2 - T3 - T4

the 3rd row looks like start/stop - clear - enter

but i can't read the switch on the right side

HP excessive packaging world record put to the test


reminds me of logitec

i had a mx1000 replaced under waranty a few years ago (logitec let me keep the defect one, thx)

what i got was 2 boxes filled with a total of 11 mice (logitec let me keep them too :D)

Apple, Microsoft sued over iPod, Zune controls



just look at all the PDAs that came out since '93

BMW, Fiat partner to dominate small e-car biz?



Bayerischer MistWagen mit Fehlern In Allen Teilen

use your favourite german/english translator ;)

Hitachi highlights gesture-controlled HD TV


one question

is it wii-compatible?

German medical team arms man, twice


not the first time

the first time that both arms have been transplantes was january 2000 in france

the second time was march 2000 in austria