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US Army unit deployed to home front

Lord Nikon

The barn door is moving..

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but did the US Army withdraw 8000 troops from Iraq and then redeploy 4000 of them somewhere... what happened to the other 4000?

FoxNews commentator Bill O'Reilly's website hacked

Lord Nikon

Casualties of War

I don't like O'Reilly. The guy holds some views that are totally insane, so I was chuckling away when I read this. It's good someone busted him down a little. I remember one interview where he criticized the people of Iraq, saying they are not doing enough to help themselves. But we hear the stories of people being blown up while queuing for jobs in security. Some of these guy's died before they even got the job!

Hard as this may seem, the users that were exposed are kind of like casualties of war, and O'Reilly is the general.

New Yorkers to pay for RFID in driving licences

Lord Nikon

if you don't have your chip, your not coming in!

bit by bit, the new system is coming in.

Vehicle spy-cam data to be held for five years

Lord Nikon

Generate Report [OK]

When everything is in place, all they've got do is a simple click to generate the report with all your journey information. haha, just make sure that the anarchist meets you attend are in camera blackspots!

It doesn't matter if brown goes now or not, things will still go down the tubes.. Every new government we've had has sold off or given away the things we need and value most. The new person to take up number 10 will be no different.

This is nearly 1984! When we are in the thick of it (living in the 1984 scenarios) the people that did not have any issue with what is happening now, will feel pretty stupid but will not be able to speak out, as they will be committing thought crimes!


'Child protection' database slammed as plod data mine

Lord Nikon

But that was in the past!

Well you thought it was!

Haha. Where are all the 'I've got nothing to hide' lot? Yep, you might not have anything to hide, but your children might.

Thales wins first UK ID card contract

Lord Nikon

Got Your Number?

Numbers are easier to type than combos of letters and numbers. And in a decade or so, they'll advise that chips need to be injected into the body for ease and loss prevention.

I can see people being denied health care because they have misplaced their ID cards.

Lord Nikon

nothing to hide, nothing to gain!

@ Anonymous Coward

I've got nothing to hide, but what am I gaining from this? This card will not grant me access to anything that I can already get now. Before you know it they'll have your whole life on the card with no benifits.

Apparently CCTV makes people feel safer, but it does not stop crimes if the the person is serious about it. I could say this would protect/stop terrorists, but we all know that's a joke. And it won't stop random frenzied attacks, which happen to the poor young man on the greyhound in canada.

Lord Nikon

on a break

@ SImon Hobson

haha! You pretty much said was I was going to post before I got distracted. A system like this should not be in place because it will be open to abuse!

Many years ago I used to work on a helpdesk and they introduced a system called HiPath. The team leaders loved the new system because they could check in real-time how long you spent doing tasks and the reasons you where not taking calls by the codes you selected. There would be times that I would be on a break or about finish my long shift and my phone would magacally go into available status. The new system gave them power, and they abused it to suit their needs. Sometimes it was to make the figures look good to please their masters, and sometimes it was to get personal. The sad thing is that I know what it was like before and during it's installation, the generations after me will just go along with the status quo and be subject to it and the people that run it.

We (the people) should accept a system like this with society the way it is. At the end of the day people are still people and society still has not evolved very much, current media shows us that.

Lord Nikon

Strike a pose!

What's going on here? French firm will buy British power. French Firm is going to implement ID cards. Britain ratifying the Lisbon Treaty... What's the nationality of the current Euro President?

We can all use that fighting talk! But we all know ID cards are coming in. The mainstream media doesn't shine enough light on these types of subjects, so the public will be mobilized too late when they want to fight this move by the gov.


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