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Google will dodge EU MONSTER FINES by 'promoting' rival search services


Thats Genius

There are no rivals, just Yahoo and Bing


Genius - there are no rivals

Just the failures

Carnivorous plague mice 'wiping out towns' in US Midwest


The Squirrel Revolution

Not the first account of little rodents fighting back. As prophetic as a B-grade monster movie: check it out. hehehe: http://english.pravda.ru/main/18/90/361/15593_squirrel.html

What can Google's tablet deliver?


YouTube can make money

If it offers posters a slice of the pie. with very short pre-roll or post-roll ads, the videos which draw the most views would make nice money for the poster, if such a policy was put in place. Might even improve the quality of the stuff that gets put up there

Knights Templar to Vatican: Give us back our assets


Smacked in the Gobface

Ha ha... sneakily obtuse as ever, the "Secret Knowledge" is hidden in plain sight cast like pearls before swine who roughly grasp it, through it to the ground and trample upon it as if it was so much crud. Shame on you.

It is of course the mindblowing, but true, assertion: "nothing exists". Reality is, in fact, what Schrodingers cat experiences before the box is opened.

And you lot thought it was a tautology, non-sequitur or worse! Gad is great.

Firefox 3.1 vs IE8: 'Alpha, beta testers step forward, please'


FF rules. IE8 really has to come up with a big suprise - under 25MB, at least

Seriously, that should be under 10MB, but if I was a betting man, I'd say 30MB plus. Everything you dont really need in a browser, including the kitchen sink


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