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Turkish filters block Reg commentards

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Are they really doing content inspection on a whole country (which would require a huge infrastructure), or did somebody manage to use his corporate/provider proxy on a wireless connection on the iphone?

Doing this sort of thing seems.. absurd. Especially with the dumb filter rules.

What if they'd want to take a free tour of the horny goat beer brewery ?

Sony and BBC clash over PS3 problems



Disk swaps are not possible on a PS3 since the disk is encrypted with a machine dependent key.

Reheating the motherboard might fix the issue, but the best solution is to replace the motherboard (or the whole machine), which will cause loss of games-saves or other data on the disk, since it will not work in the newer system.

Microsoft pulls Windows 7 balloons from Euro 'launch parties'

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It can't be a good sign when your promotion campaign consists of people pointing and laughing at your new OS.

New Pegi videogame ratings designed



The symbols are pretty standard and already used quite a bit.

I think GTA4 looks like the top right icons on this page:


(with a 16 classification. 18 is in the Netherlands reserved for pr0n)

Playboy TV offers 'Jacq off' special package


On Vanilla...

Interesting for the Home Office to use the term 'Vanilla', since this word is mainly used in the BDSM scene to indicate 'plain (boring)' sex.

Google backs EU's Microsoft antitrust battle



FTP might be an option ?

(otherwise.. wget should do it as well)

Still, i'd be dancing in the streets way before this decision would be made, since your fav distro would need to have a monopoly in the OS market.

Western Digital My Book World Edition 1TB NAS box

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Nice disk

But is there any way to find this thing on-line without mixing it up with the older version ?

The only place where I could find it was at the WD site, but every other webshop seems to sell the older version. (or at least still has the picture of the old version)

Paris, cause she also makes it impossible to find something with the same name.

Group Test: Wireless music streamers

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I've been wondering a bit about some of these devices and never come across a good side-by-side review.

Still, one question remains.. I just want something with everything built in, including speakers. (just mount it on the wall, and that's all)

Does such a device actually exist ?

Holographic Wii storage en route?


Holographic storage..

Wasn't the main drawback that disks like this can only be 'burned' rather then pressed?

(unless somebody finds a way to stamp multi angle information, but I thought that the whole storage was based on wave interference)

There is only so much power that can be dissipated in a piece of plastic, so there is also a limit to how fast these things can be burned at a mass production rate, making it very unlikely that this will be the next distribution medium for games.

And for local storage, hard disks (even solid state) make much more sense.

/me is still intrigued.


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