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Wii grasses up cheating wife

Simn Lovatt

A lot of these comments are...

Wii-ly bad.

She probably didN-intend-o for him to find the evidence.

I'm all out.. *runs... very fast*

Vodafone responds to iPhone rip-off

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Re: Anonymous

It's spelt "Vodafone".

Kerching! Halo 3 rakes in 'record' takings

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The Register has some of the most miserable readers on the planet!

Maybe people should spend less of their time hating Microsoft posting comments with witticisms like "M$" or "Microshaft" and more time enjoying their lives?

...and no. I didn't enjoy Halo 2 all that much, but what a bunch of whiney-pissy comments!

A little more Conversation, to get in on the action

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How long have Blackberry devices been doing this for? :-)

If users are a security threat, how do you manage them?

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Good read

Though I'm not sure if it's due to me being in mobile already, but it all pretty much seems like common sense.

Scary to think that most employees don't (or won't) take the most basic of precautions with their handsets.

I carry round a Blackberry and a HTC TyTN and they're both locked securely with passcodes before you can do anything with the device due to the amount of sensitive data I carry around and this is data that's sensitive at a personal, not just business levels!

O2 starts charging for calls to non-places

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Why all the anger??

All of the other MNO's have been doing this for years..!

Did everybody really delude themselves into thinking o2 were the last bastion of consumer friendliness who would continue taking the hit where other MNO's were making money?

Jesus, that's a scary attitude.

Siphoning MySpace tunes using Safari

Simn Lovatt

As an aside...

I found this article by using Opera's quick search by pressing / and typed iphon to find an article related to the unlocking of the iPhone...

How very annoying.

Simn Lovatt

Opera does it too... for a long time!

If you play ANY tune from MySpace - Opera automatically downloads the file into your cache as an MP3 at a low bitrate and then it's yours for the taking.

By default your Opera cache is at

C:\Documents and Settings\Neo\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4

Except obviously change "Neo" for whatever your computer/login name is ;)

Have been listening to music like this for around the last six months without using Burp or other assorted tools *vbg*

T-Mobile, Orange and O2 land Europe iPhone deal

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Let's get rid of all subsidies, pay for all of our handsets and have better rates with regards to data!

Minutes and texts, I'm happy with. *nods*

and no, paying for your handset doesn't mean you get more value, it just means the operator can't cover the entire cost of the handset as they won't recoup the full value of the handset and make a profit.

Novell owns Unix copyrights after all

Simn Lovatt

Check spelling of

chequebook please :)

Hackers saw through iPhone AT&T shackles

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SIM swappage...

Vodafone's system (in fact, all networks) know which SIM cards are available on their network. This is a basic security measure to stop people registering PAYT SIM's from other networks onto their network!

As soon as you try to perform a SIM-swap and use a SIM number that the network doesn't recognise it would be rejected.

I've pointed this out on What Mobile's iPhone discussion. SSN = SIM Serial Number, by the way :)

Vodafone 8944100,

H3 89442000.

AT&T 890111

So when your network operative enters 890111xxxxx into their SIM swap program it would be cross checked with the network's database of SIM's on the network and reject it as a foreign SIM.

Morely Dotes:

It's "grammar" not "grammer" - If you want to be picky ;)

Special-forces robot whisper-copter enters flight test

Simn Lovatt

Not black..

As far as I'm aware a lighter coloured object is harder to see in the sky. A black object stands out.

I recall reading somewhere that USAF boffins actually installed lights onto predator drones with photo cells that adjusted the bulbs to ambient light to blur them out in the sky.


How do you carry your mobile phone?

Simn Lovatt

Re: What useful information

May sound silly, but this sort of information can be very valuable for people who work in mobile retail :)

Virgin Airlines drops in-flight 9/11 conspiracy movie

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Unfastened Coins...

Following on from the huge success that that pile of claptrap made, follows a movie by the internet angry man "Maddox".

Do a search for "Unfastened Coins" on GooTube.

Turns out the Titanic sinking was a hoax as well!


Back to the story - I'm pretty glad Virgin didn't show it, not because it's about terrorism on planes being shown on a plane, more because the movie is a pile of sh*te, and watching that for a few hours whilst one travels from London to New York or whichever route they decide to put it on would put me to sleep terminally.

Added to that, the guys voice really annoys the hell out of me and I'd be driven to antics that could match terror just to shut up his whiney-nasal voice permeating through the cabin.


Apple releases MacBook battery update

Simn Lovatt

Battery deformity fix

What this patch does, in fact is change over the positive and the negative ports on the battery very rapidly, causing the inside of the battery to go all "gooey" (techspeak). The battery casing then returns to its original shape due to the memory effect of the plastic


Look over there.. *runs*

Chinese translation software blamed in racist sofa outrage

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and on this bombshell

I'd like to sue El Reg' for making me read that word. Oh how traumatised I am!

I don't think I can carry out my duties effectively for the rest of the day [*] I might have to go home

Vodafone explains N95 crippling

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SIM Free price.

£600 is a tad expensive. CPW & P4U are doing them for £500 - can be had online for less from places like Expansys!

Simn Lovatt

Firmware - Operator or Generic..

More tech' savvy users can change the product code of Nokia N-series handsets (sorry, handheld computers!) so you can use generic firmware on an operator branded model.

This helps as if you change a (for instance) Nokia N73 Vodafone edition to a Nokia N73 vanilla, the Nokia updater service will see it as generic and flash it thusly.

Careful, as you run the risk of paperweighting your handset though and not having a leg to stand on when you attempt to get it fixed under the warranty!