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Is there any good external HDD encryption software?



So, Truecrypt it is.

Thanks Everyone.


Satanic net neologisms - nominations invited

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What I hate most on the web.....


Always at the top of the search engines, far too pretentious and often wrong.

And held in such high esteem.

Why ?

'nuff said.

El Reg seeks top net neologism


Web Words....

"...we're inviting readers to submit their fave vocab gleaned from the wonderful worldwide web..."

Nope there isn't one.

Not a one.


Europe takes aim at BBC licence fee


Stuff Nellie.....

Here we go again....

Nellie sticking her nose into things that don't concern her.

As far as I am concerned, the BBC is well worth the £150 or so quid a year we pay for it. Radio Four and Radio Five are worth that on their own.

Basically, I travel for a living, I'm sat in southern Africa right now and I have seen a lot of national telly......

The quality of stuff thrown out by the BBC accross all media, telly, radio and web is frankly astonsishing for the price and should be protected at all costs.

Nellier can stuff herself if she is going to start poking her nise in and telling us how we should deliver content. When the French Belgians and Romanians start producing as good as we do, then she can crow, but until then....... %Q£$%W$% off.


Toshiba takes wraps off netbook


? Trolley your off you are

£260 way to high?

Just thing about that for a minute. £260. Less than a PDA. Less than the real cost of a decent mobile 'phone, A night in a good hotel, or a cheap away day return with almost any railway in the country.....

I think some of you need to get a real kick in the reality pants; £260 for a LAPTOP is not, NOT over priced you oiks.


US wireless pioneer to carriers: Don't be European

Jobs Horns

The difference between 'us' and 'them'.....

... but only an idiot from a British or European point of view. Americans do indeed think that the provider should also be owner. Look at the furore and verve around the pile of shit Apple calls a mobile phone; they restrict what you can put on it, they will actively remove what they don't like, and if, in the interests of the subscriber saving a few pound when they travel, they unlatch the device, Apple deem this to be breach of Apples T/C's and will try to disable the device.

As it seems, Americans are quite happy with this. Only a minority of people have bought the Apple thing. Nokia is bar far the market leader. Nokia's are devices which allow the user to add pretty much anything they want to their device, thanks to the S60 OS.

So, for an American to advocate American companies owning content as well as the devices that are used to access the content as well as the airwaves for carrying that stuff is not so bizarre, for Americans.

Being English we will tut and grumble and not much else, but the French being will take a much liberated approach. And as oft reported, the Scandics don't like being told what to do by fruity upstarts, cocky little shits who think that because they sell an no better than average much player that some how gives them the right to do what they want in the wireless world.

No siree.......

Google launching its own navy?


Data centre in a box..... i'm in one now.

This thing about a data centre in a container ?

What is the definition of a data centre.. ? Telco hardware suppliers have been delivering this soluti0on for years, in fact, I'm sat in one now : a switch site in a containers, lots of sun boxes, lots of 'proprietary' boxes and cabinets, in fact, lots of data.

Does this invalidate Googles claims for a 'world wide patent' ?

They are arses......

Garmin: Nuvi satnav phone release set for Q1 2009

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Who owns the bloody thing anyway....

Have to say, I'm getting pretty pissed off with hardware suppliers telling me with whom I can use a device and whom I cant'.

If this thing is a 'phone and GPS device then the gps is independent of the gsm stuff.

Now, yes, I know, EGPS blah blah blah but GPS IS independent of the carrier.

It is independent of everything frankly.

And if I take it abroad, will the sim lock and then try and charge me stupid amounts for the data transfer....

Stuff it, looks like a Nokia and Magellan once again for the future for me.

Ofcom considers termination charges


The Poor.........

""Given that pre-paid customers tend to be at the lower end of the economic scale that's rather unfair, though Ofcom is at a loss as to what to do about it.""

Fair ? fair ?

A mobile is a f)(*&^%$£"£$%^ luxury, it is not water nor is it oxygen. If the 'poor' can't afford a mobile phone tuff tits. They'll just have to cut down on the JPS and the Prigles multipacks at the weekend then, won't they......


Which is the best Linux for laptops?


MSI Wind : Advent 4211

Has anyone put Linux on an MSI Wind : Advent 4211 ?

If yes, which one, how ?

I have no external usb optical drive handy so will need to boot from usb. Does anyone know of there is a linux distro that will.....

GOS sounds good, except... hate google and all they do.


AT&T freshens tourist-trapping iPhone data plans


... what we really want is........ to be able

.... to be able to put a 'local sim card' into a device when roaming, and not be latched to a device.

The joy of a real mobile device and not a tarted up piece of junk with far too much eye candy.


Advent 4211 mini notebook


Two penneth worth......

Basically, I travel for a living. 80% of my time is spent in other countries.

Last year I had my £900 laptop nicked, and I was mighty narked.

My work provide me with a laptop, but it is a work laptop and as such has all the inate loveability of a dog after a headswap op. It does the job for work very well, but is not very, shall we say, user freindly.

So I bought myself one of these little advents, after reading so many reviews of the wind. £280 is about the same as I paid for my psion 5mx all those years ago.

I have to say i think is it an excellent machine. Yes the battery life is utter pants, but so it seems it is on pretty much every laptop. Yes Yes I know, its how they are used, but if I could actually get three hours life on a charge I'd be happy. two and a half is about what I get on the advent and less on my work laptop.

The screen is excellent for video [running from a usb stick or external drive....] wireless works, keyboard is more than manageable and it has a better than average feel of quality.

Yes, 3g would be excellent, and battery life is a real issue, however, for £280 it is probably the best machine I have bought since my 5mx.


UK White iPhone 3G availability boosted



... is what I think of this jack of some trades.

A medium spec' nokia is still way ahead.

Why does El Reg keep churning out these non stories about this pointless hybrid of junk.

Anyone who pays nearly £1k to rent a device from Jobs Lot needs their heads testing.

Is Zune finally coming to Europe?


ipod / zune / mp3 player....

I've had a 60GB Zen for a couple of years now. Does the job of playing music perfectly. But then again how hard is it : a small hdd and a bit o' software wrapped up in some plastic.

Job done, no pun intended.

Can't ever imagine ever buying anything from MS or Apple.


How good are open source phones?


Neo Nokia's....

I've asked myself this a few times and always ended up buying Finnish.

The reason is simple : Nokias are everywhere and I have never, EVER seen a Neo anywhere; shop, warehouse, somebodies draw. Nothing.

To be honest, i thought they were just developer units now, not intended as 'retail', more proof of concept than anything.


UK.gov misses deadline on EU Phorm probe


Rock and a hard place.....

This is my quadary :

1 : Hate Phorm. Think BT were [if not wrong] very VERY cheeky.

2 : What the "£$%££$%£W"$E%$!" has it got to do with a bunch of jacked up europeans. The B in BT is BRITISH telecom.

In the famous words of The Sun, Up Yours Delors......

I'd change it if OI could think of something offensive to rhyme with Redding......


Blighty's nuke-power push stalled as EDF buy falls through


By Anonymous Coward et al....

re the "train your own engineers and develop your industry then" chap....

Yes I agree. Could not agree more in fact.

The history of this goes back a while, but 'engineering' is not seen as sexy, as Dyson once said. Which is why we dont build planes any more, or cars [yes I know, Nissan in tyneside etc...] , or power plants or trains or..... the list goes on a bit. So, hats off to the frogs, they have it right. it is the beefies who have fucked it up.

And in reply to the oik who thinks that */not/* letting other people run your power supply is somehow a peculiar thought [although what the hell Babbage has to do with time travel I have no idea...] there are some key fundamentals that every country should be : one is food sufficient and the second is power sufficient.



The French Pull th plug....

.... am I the only one who thinks NOT letting the French run our nuclear power stations is a good idea ?

I don't want to go down the 'lamb route', but really...... letting somebody else run your future power supply is madness, letting our gallic cousins is the worst nightmare.