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US lawmakers put Canada, Spain on piracy 'watch list'

Daniel Garcia

does it have limits?

their arrogance, i mean.

ODFO copyright whores of US of A

France says 'Oui!' to three strikes for music pirates

Daniel Garcia

found guilty without due process....


DARPA to develop anti-Credit Crunch software

Daniel Garcia



and now, that i just give you the answer, please give me my fiver,please

Meet Phorm's PR genius

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Sir, you just say all that need to be said.

Google Chocolate Factory patents Data Center Navy

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My hairy arse.

Pirate Bay convictions are legally insignificant outside Sweden

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RE:Eventually the laws will catch up with the criminals


my fiver, please...

Daniel Garcia


The hoarders of Wealth are Sons and Fathers of Scarcity. Any Sub-reality where Scarcity has been Canceled is Alien and Heretic in their eyes.This is beyond simple desire of Domination(TM). They always think that in order to win, some else must lose.

Daniel Garcia

Generational conflict and reality check

young says: " LOOK, we can do cool things that are away of your control and you rules."

old says:" HOW YOU DARE???, i still can punish you or at least your vanguard."

young says:" Why instead to FIGHT us and make MARTYRS of our vanguard, don't you JOIN US?"


young says:" just a question: ARE YOU IMMORTAL?"

old says:" kid, i know that i am not immortal but MY RULES SHOULD BE."

young says:"LOL."

old says:" What?"

young says" EXACTLY."

China brands Tibet beating video fake

Daniel Garcia

‘China brands Tibet beating video fake’

i clearly see unarmed(some of them with clear tibetan dress) protester been beating up hard by military police/gestapo-like drones.

are you telling me that all that footage is fake?


Tibet free! ( from china and from the dalai lama, theocracy is shit too)

Samsung punts popcorn flicks for pounds

Daniel Garcia

Samsung ODFO

and the PC (Pro-Copyright) brigade can tell me off,pointing out how evil i am using utorrent/TPB joy-bringer combo of doom. meanwhile i will laugh.

And i am talking as a Samsung media-able phone owner...and usual buyer of play.com stuff

HM Treasury website traffic goes into recession

Daniel Garcia



should be


DARPA to build nothingness detector for tunnel sniffing

Daniel Garcia


accuracy required Vs Current(near future) Technology?

Smell like FAIL.

Traumatised Tibetan monks offered singing bowl therapy

Daniel Garcia

"life-wind imbalance"?

Asilone Windcheaters will do the trick. (Flatulex for our USA patients)

Texting peer released from prison

Daniel Garcia

Who cares?

I am reading/Waching/talking about how Jade is painfully dying from cancer, like the rest of the country.

/sarcasm off

Russian pops сабоs in pancake-eating contest

Daniel Garcia


"I shall henceforth be canceling my subscription to El Reg"

Good, more reg pancake for us...

no wait!

Kremlin-backed youths launched Estonian cyberwar, says Russian official

Daniel Garcia
Paris Hilton

if i was a baltic state citizen

i would do the patriotic thing of build up a million+ zombiebot army and hit hard next time that the lunatic at Kremlin decided to show again their post Mother Russia bring down down down inferiority complex by bullying little neiboughood states.

it is a shame that a country with such power to behave like they need to pump up its chest every time that something that barely looks like a "insult to the Mother" occurs.


Paris, because she is our sister of mercy

Jobless Brits face influx of foreign IT workers

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ALERT CITIZEN:any stat...

refering how many foreing people are "stealing" Jobs in Uk should come with the comparative how many UK people are doing the same in foreing countries.

"British job for british worker" is tabloid-populism for the mindless masses.

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard

Daniel Garcia


If you want to play law and IT tech at same match, get a degree(or equivalent amount of Knowledge/learning) in both topics, you will do a lot more money and kick your own arse less often.

D. Garcia, 100% TPB supporter

Landmark copyright trial against Pirate Bay gets underway

Daniel Garcia

My support for TPB guys

copyright (of digital information) is artificial scarcity(it is <quasi>free to copy and share) and therefore unsostainable to apply to reality.

you can try, and then fail.

you can try harder, and then fail more.

the main change created in the order of thing in our society by internet was making the sharing of digital information <quasi>free. A major step in the process of de-scarcitify our economy by technology. Therefore a major break from the capitalist theoretical model(towards something else that probably is not propely understood or named).

Just imagine that you can have a can full of nanobot able to replicated anything you want from mud and thin air. that will the end of the process( if it ought to occur).

Flame, because the scarcity lovers are many...yet.

Taliban man loves his iPhone

Daniel Garcia
Jobs Halo

A clear signal that they know

Steve job's works are Bless by Allah Himself.


Cocaine now cheaper than lager

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you policy too many things, you do too little on each point.

what do you think about a bunch of ignorant that can not see the difference between opium base drugs and extasis-like drugs?

they will never reconize that the biggest damage of drugs are the mafia related one, not the heath ones.

My cynic side always told me that when a state do not tax someting is becouse they cant physically or they doing it in other more efficent way(for them).

Btw, the price should be per 1 gram of active subtance. if it is not the argument is flawed.

Where do they get 1 gram of pure colombian at 20 quid in UK?


Prof: Save up fossil fuel reserves to fight the next ice age

Daniel Garcia
Paris Hilton

I can see

The hope that this guy has in the Future Fusion Technology.

Coming from the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, not a good sign.

Paris, because she can keep us all warm.

Networked radar barrage balloons pass milestone

Daniel Garcia
Dead Vulture


1- pop the ballon

2-retrive the apparatus

3-Hack the device

4-Jam the hell out of the system

MS puts up $250K bounty for Conficker author

Daniel Garcia
Gates Horns

i hope

that the guy lunch a total attack to microchoff in response.

i would like to wacth a cyberbattle of that magnitude.

i could not care less of the fate of both side.

Vatican endorses Darwin, slights intelligent design

Daniel Garcia

The Vatican do Know well

Evolve or die.

/coat -on

/goto exit

Police bail sysadmin in animal rights extremism probe

Daniel Garcia

this is a clear message

i readed "if you or your company host a website of those terrorist-like animal-lovers, you will find out that is not worth their payment Vs the inconvinience that we can cause you, have a good day"

the state-blender is at 100% speed and ready to mincemeat the zootards and anyone nearby+dog.

Good. i would like a 2 cheeseburgers of those with salad. YUMMY!!!

We need cheap, abundant energy. Here's how

Daniel Garcia

@warming planet?

and by analogy the earth is flat because from the top of the building i live i can no see the earth curvature that all those silly people "believe".

right now there is a heatwave in australia with a intensity that if you was there you will believe that the global warming is a tenfold faster that it is. gotcha?

/rant on

we live in the tirany of the spin and overvaluated mass-opinion.

i am sick that the value of my(and your) opinions is invariant of my knowledge and understanding but proportional to its popularity.

democracy is the symbiosis between the economic elite and the deluded mediocre masses, ones keep their supremacy by material posesion and the others the enjoyable illusion of equality without mental effort. intelectuallism and wisdom are second class social skill.

/rant off

Germany announces ITER fusion-reactor supercomputer

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Phycisist with blinkers on.

the superconductor cathedral is a waste of time and money, the basic concept is not good and instead to develop new conceps, they are obsessed with the stupidity that ion confinement plama with a maxwellian distribution is the only way. Lusers.

Now they think they need to run a supercomputer to keep the plama going on. more energy input, thats the way to go. yeah...

Hybrid fusion-fission reactors to run on nuclear 'sludge'

Daniel Garcia

RE: the AC above

your ignorance is well recived.

Learn physics (and related techologies). King's of London is a good college for a Physics degree, i recommend it.

And yes, i am dislexic

thanks Martin for the support (btw i need to check that chapter of Futurama :) )

Daniel Garcia

a better idea TM

"We have created a way to use fusion to relatively inexpensively destroy the waste from nuclear fission," says Kotschenreuther.

the tomahak is a horrendous expensive machine and in my opinion a nono for the fusion future.

if they instead use a over-size fusor and use the walls as repositorium of the target(that it is itself used for heating some fluid to generated electricy later), that may be done very cheaply and probably will get positive energy output without a lot effort.

Mayor Boris backs McKinnon in extradition fight

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boris for PM? buffons have more common sense than proffesional politicians.

i dont agree with a few of his policies, but i am happy to see that the my city mayor is a man drives by common sense. totally agree with his thought about all this.

And no, El Gordo Marron and his kickside are not lizards, they are oversize-egopumped rats.

Spy chief to Obama: Let DARPA fix economy

Daniel Garcia

RE:America is in a downward spiral,bla blah blah

hate? your speech contains more than anything i readed in last weeks.

take your medicine,it is good for the voices(in your head)!

Danish SWAT team surrounds PlayStation shoot-'em-up

Daniel Garcia

MET style

bah if that happen in london, they will have right now 7 bullet in their heads.

Pro-Palestine vandals deface Army, NATO sites

Daniel Garcia
Dead Vulture

RE: You call this journalism?

I am with you in this one, i am very disapointed with the reg,they sound very biased in this matters.

Another 524,000 US jobs go

Daniel Garcia

RE:Time to get off your arse if you wanna save your job

"4. Reduce Congressional salaries to $1/yr. until the national debt is zero - without raising or creating new taxes"


/wipe off tears

/Smile on

Sure they will listen to you, sure...(poor little thing)

City of Heroes fingered in MMO patent lawsuit

Daniel Garcia
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why the Korean with a free to play games?

and not the MMO powerhouse named Blizzard?

F**king cowards

American IT staffing will not tank in Q1

Daniel Garcia
Dead Vulture

Without fear...

I bet £500 that those predictions will be proved to be a big pile of BS.

Dogs and arson feature in top 10 data recovery disasters

Daniel Garcia


will be the villain best friend!

/coat -fast

Battery builders beg for $1bn

Daniel Garcia

Re: Karl Marx and Vlad Lenin

Thanks for made me to laugh until my head strated to hurt!

Man faces $52k bill after voicemail breach

Daniel Garcia

Plan A

1 dont pay

2 go to court

3 ??????

4 Profit

New York 'iPod tax' incites media bleating

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Sir, thanks for a little of real journalism.

no common any more in this times.

F**k the Hype and tell me what it is really going on... you just did, well done!

Economists: European ancestors are what make you rich

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Really, no F**king title need.

no sirs, what give us the europeans decendant our economic superiority (right now) is the "beautiful" combination of inquisitive geeks+power freaks+racist superiority belief of the last centuries.

That let a world dominated by european-white for long , with the 20 century full of example of where that cock-tell drive us.

Now the geek side is moving to Asia, in 5 hundred years someone could say exactly the same racist shit but speking of asian ancestors population.

Inside Dell's containerized data centers

Daniel Garcia

a sauna!

with all the heat enclosed there they forgot to include the sauna room for maximum energy efficency.

working there looks as atractive as work in a core deep gold mine.

Before Pong, there was Computer Space

Daniel Garcia

do you want to play?



Brazilian hackers blamed for aiding Amazon deforestation

Daniel Garcia

@Barry Rueger

that was my fisrt thought!

Indian court urged to 'ban Google Earth'

Daniel Garcia


sir, you fail. we understand the situation is hard, but it not excuse for plain stupidity. that image can be adquired outside of india regardless what your parlament/court will say. it is backward idea to ban anything on internet... proves ingnorance of our times.

Why the IWF was right to ban a Wikipedia page

Daniel Garcia

a title

we have forgotten history, and we are on the path to repeat it again.

Puritanism will force the paedo to behave more cunning, and more dangerous, to seek to be on the position that the will have the power to do their desire and at the same time looks like beacon of purity (double faces).

if the only way to "enjoy"( puag) CP legally is as a member of IWF, how can someone dont prove that they are pedophile element on it?

pedophilia is a mental tendency. that you think and force other to think that a photograph of a prepubecent girl is "sexual" is more than enough to think that YOU are the peadophile.

Wellcome to the new dark age mentality.

Daniel Garcia
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You are a troll!!!

and i want my five pounds!

Aussie convicted over Simpsons sex pics

Daniel Garcia

That judge need psiquiatric treatment!

and be declare unfit by his local psiquiatric unit.

not be able to perform a jugdament distinguishing reality from fiction is clear sign of insanity.

Pirates pee on Amazon's MP3 parade

Daniel Garcia

Re: Sean Baggaley

as i said before, artist should get pay for his original work. all your case( exc. Dickens) are original works, and should be paid.

how much? usually originals of recordings, manuscript or any artistic work from a laureated artist flech considerable sums and people pay good money to go to see bands. if nobody wants to buy your (original) art or you dont get enough to do a full living from it, dont blame the copyright breacher.