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Swissdisk suffers spectacular cloud snafu

Ramon Cahenzli

Bavarian cuckoo clocks, darnit

@Trygve: Cuckoo clocks are from Bavaria (Germany), not Switzerland. I don't have any idea why people keep associating them with Switzerland.

And in other news, why do they call themselves SwissDisk? They don't seem to be a Swiss company, they aren't Swiss people, they just want to abuse our cute square little flag for their dirty cloud-based get-rich-quick scheme.

Linus calls Linux 'bloated and huge'

Ramon Cahenzli

Windows comparison unfair?

I wonder if it's fair to compare kernel sizes when the Windows kernel doesn't support nearly as much hardware and as many exotic devices as the Linux one?

Suicide squirrel knocks out Swiss TV

Ramon Cahenzli

Emergency studio was not even powered up

Well, shows how misinformed some people are. The studios that were affected are the Swiss TV's normal ones in Zürich. Of course their generators aren't enough to run the entire building.

The emergency broadcasts in case of war and other unfortunate accidents would be from the emergency studio in the Bundeshaus in Bern. That studio's a lot smaller and has its own power system so it can broadcast as long as it likes. A roasted squirrel is not an act of terrorism, so nobody powered up the emergency studio.

Sun's JavaFX debuts with familiar cast

Ramon Cahenzli

NetBeans is not so bad

A second vote in favor of NetBeans. It seems to run faster than Eclipse for me, does more useful things for my kind of work (Ruby hints, working auto-indenter, supports esoteric things like ERb and HAML) and it generally just gets out of the way. It won't force me to create a workspace and it happily puts together a fully working project around already existing code, without messing anything up. It supports Subversion, git, Mercurial, CVS and others.

There are just a few things to nitpick about (no "Save as..." feature when working on a versioned project, instead you have to copy/paste the file for example), but all in all, it's my favorite "fat" IDE.

Disclaimer: 6.1 is the first version I've used, and now I'm trying 6.5, so if it sucked before that, I'm not claiming it didn't :)


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