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James Webb Space Telescope suffers another hitch: Instrument down

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A very quick Google..

I can see Channel 5 renaming their Eggheads quiz show. The Professor Egghead Science Academy rebranding, and also Bacon & Eggheads, which "brings together Parliamentarians with experts in science and engineering, showcasing outstanding Canadian research accomplishments." changing.

It's going to be a busy period for marketing companies.

One decade, 46 million units: Happy birthday, Raspberry Pi

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Re: How many?

Bought two and both are sitting here running like a little plastic box that kinda doesn't really look much but it still, to this day, makes me so excited that the little box does so much.

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Re: Interesting.

Was going to downvote your comment but realised that was a dick/Putin move so added a comment instead.

Mine has no cooling and works fine. Sure if it was really taxed it might but running the usual services it just gets on with it.

Amazon's AWS S3 cloud storage evaporates: Top websites, Docker stung

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Re: Strava

If it's not on Strava it didn't happen

Survey: Most TV viewers surf while they watch

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Haven't watched an advert in 5 years since we bought our Humax PVR.

Mozilla to shift 12m surfers off 2-year-old Firefox 3.5

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Agree 100%

We tried FF 4 here but several of our machines just sat at 100% and we couldn't do anything so we rolled back to 3.5.19.

Ok I know we need new PC's and I am in the process of specing some Core i5, 6Gb Ram, SSD monsters but this is going to be a slow rollout and there are plenty of other browsers in the sea.

Hubble celebrates 21st with gorgeous galactic 'rose' snap

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Thumb Up

21 years of jaw dropping stunningly beautiful images

Just amazing

World's Biggest Pac-Man keeps growing

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Made for Internet Explorer 9

Are we going back to the dark days of the internet when sites were tailored to specific browsers?

IT job seekers can't smell spell

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I think it may have been a joke...

Ken's magnificent seven diagram

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ISOTYPE - (International System of TYpographic Picture Education)

Slightly related but interesting none-the-less...

There is an excellent exhibition at the V&A in London just now on ISOTYPE (International System of TYpographic Picture Education) a method of showing social, technological, biological and historical connections in pictorial form.

This method allows for diagrams to be produced very quickly and are also very quick and easy to understand, with the principle being that greater quantities are not displayed with larger pictograms but by greater number of the same-sized pictograms. This led to them being used in children's books and as educational material in the developing world.

Anyway, if you are near the V&A it is well worth popping in to see this exhibition.



Ten... fitness gadgets

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Good post apart from the mention of Situps

Good post. The only way to lose weight and get fit is via my famous diet called "eat less and do more".

You don't need any fancy diets, toys, tech, gadgets, just eat less and do more.

A healthy balanced diet with reduced calorie intake and burning more calories than you ingest and you will lose weight.

My only criticism of your post is you mention situps. They are dreadful for you and only really exercise the main trunk flexor, the iliopsoas muscle and don't work on the abs. Crunches are better but a lot of people now say that full body workouts are better, ie squats, lunges and deadlifts as they all use core stabilisation and work the whole body therefore reducing fat and this is the only way to get your abs to show.

Footie fans in 'cunthorpe Utd' calendar shocker

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The apology letter also contains a mistake...

"It has only been brought to out attention recently"

Should have been "our"

Ford cars get draconian parental controls

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but most of them do...

drive round at 20mph as it allows more of the "honeys" to see their hot rod of a 1.2 Nova.

iPhone alarm bug: now it's the UK's turn

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Call it what you want...

But both my wife and my alarms went off an hour late yesterday morning and this morning.

And yes, we do have our alarms set at a stupidly early time on a Sunday morning rather than spending the day lazing about in bed drinking coffee and reading the paper.


PARIS nursing mother of all hangovers

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Fantastic achievement.

Vacuum-wielding thieves siphon €500,000 from store safes

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Slow learners

15th such heist against the same store chain... that has been targeted since 2006.

They have had 4 years to improve their security. Seems a bit lax to me.

Cinema chain bans laptops, tablets

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No we don't but...

Have you never gone to see a film on the way home from work?

Gang get prison, face deportation for mobe thefts

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They come over here....

stealing our mobiles

Just 5% of workers ever truly leave the office

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Just had my 1st no work holiday in 5 years

Just back from Turkey and for the first time in the last 5 years I didn't check my work emails, get a panic call from them saying the Exchange server is down and can I fix it (no I'm on a beach FFS).

I also didn't even feel the need to switch on my laptop and do some coding.

And what a wonderful experience it was! Must do it again.

O2 blamed for iPhone's data sucking

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There are options in Settings - General - Network to turn off:


Cellular Data

Data Roaming

First true submarine captured from American drug smugglers

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yes she is...

And was at the time. ;-)

It is a Hindu name meaning "Transcendental and without cast" and until Liam's post, has always met with positive remarks.

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I love Submarines.

We named our 3rd child Akula which is the NATO reporting name for the Project 971 SSN

Online tax scam gang get 40 years

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They come over here

Taking our criminals jobs....

Fake IBM playboy pleads guilty

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£360 per day?

And yes there is an echo!

Are there any jobs going? I wouldn't mind shovelling poo for that that wage.

Secret docs reveal Dell knew PCs were faulty

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They even screwed their own lawyers.

"Even the law firm currently defending Dell got burned when the direct seller refused to fix 1,000 computers bought by the lawyers."

I bet that made for an interesting conversation.

More iPhone 4 angst: fanbois howl over head sensor

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a little bit too keen

"Having purchased every version of iPhone on each launch date, I have never encountered this problem"

Wow, as much as I knew about people spending hours in a queue for a phone and there being a "following", I would never have thought that someone would rush out and buy a new model of the <same phone> on each and every launch day. Seems a bit loopy to me.

NOTE: The iPhone is great. I love my 3G which I bought the year after it came out and I might go for the 4 but am also keenly looking at the Android range. (written on my Ubuntu Netbook just to show that even techies love the iPhone)

The Reg guide to Linux, part 3

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So how do I do this in the GUI?

All this command line nonsense is all very well for those black T-shirt wearing pizza eaters I try not to associate with, but you have just told me how easy this OS is and then proceed to give pages of commands to enter into the terminal.

How do I install mp3 support from the GUI?

NOTE: Before those Pizza munchers throw their hands in the air with horror, I am more than happy on the command line and have been running Ubuntu Netbook remix on my N110 for months now, I just think this article is a little strange as it states one thing then goes to describe the opposite. ;-)

Renew your firearms licence via your iPhone

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Article is incorrect

You state:

"Currently firearms applications require applicants to fill out the paperwork at pre-arranged police station meetings."

That is incorrect. The FO comes out to your house after you have filled out and submitted the application/renewal with your Firearms Tax payment, sorry I mean licence fee. Otherwise how are they going to check your house/cabinet security?

Getting back to the "There's an App for that"... I can't see how the iPhone app could allow you to attach 4 new countersigned Passport style photographs that are required for every application/renewal. And anyway, all the Firearms/Shotgun licence forms are already available online as pdf's.

Seems daft to me.

Balinese lad seduced by bovine temptress

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Good excuse

I will have to use this one if the wife ever catches me balls deep in an ugly cow after a good night out.

Artificial 'black hole' generator fashioned out of circuit boards

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No but...

driving below the speed limit will.


ISS snapped transiting Sun

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Can't even post a link! meh

What an idiot.

This is the link I meant to post:


from the Astronomy Picture of the Day site.

Hedley Phillips

Better picture showing Atlantis about to dock


Regent Street blocked by iPad fanboi swarm

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Clapping & Cheering

"He said his hands were hurting from clapping and his voice hoarse from cheering "

I find all this very uncomfortable, is it because I am British?

I know I shouldn't but it just doesn't seem right. I can clap and cheer with the best of them but not about standing in a queue waiting for a piece of tech.

Hell Yeah!

Fader pushers mourn Fritz Sennheiser

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Love the modular design

I have a pair of HD something or other and I love them. Have had them for over 15 years and they were second hand when I got them, lovely sound, comfortable and everything part can be replaced individually which was great when the dog chewed through the cable.

Thankfully the dog wasn't replaced.

Boffins aim to warm watersports enthusiasts

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Always wanted to kitesurf

It looks amazing.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx stalks PC and Mac converts

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I'm trying Ubuntu just now - mixed feelings

I wiped Win 7 last week and installed the Netbook Remix on My N110 and while the UI is looking a lot better since I last used Linux (think it was Red Hat and a good 15 years ago), and it has all the drivers for the function keys, webcam, audio etc etc.. It still isn't as easy to use as Windows.

I am finding it difficult to connect to my HP printer installed on the XP machine and have to now go off and download the HPLip package then use the command line to install. That is ok for me but I can't recommend this to friends and family as they want things to just work and shouldn't have to be mucking around on the command line to install a pretty common HP printer.

Also the built in Email client closes every time I click to view an email so I need to sort that out as well.

I'm trying to love it and will continue to use it but I was really hoping for an out of the box working system my friends and family would be happy to use and sadly, it isn't Ubuntu.

Nine year-old blamed for US school system hack

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I hope they throw the book at him

If it's good enough for Gary McKinnon, it's good enough for the cleva 9 year old.

Microsoft slams coffin lid on Vista

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Doesn't XP Support end in 2014?

Chris Miller said: "OTOH support for XP will cease in July irrespective of the SP status (i.e. earlier than Vista, which is exactly what one would expect)."

I thought it was just XP SP2 that came to end of life on 13th July 2010 and full support will end for XP irrespective of SP level on April 8, 2014?

VMware cuts entry vSphere prices

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correct me if I'm wrong

"But that $495 will get you three licenses to ESX Server 4.0 or ESXi 4.0, the latter being the embedded version of the VMware bare metal hypervisor for installation on flash drives inside servers"

I thought ESX & ESXI 4.0 were both bare metal Hypervisors, the difference being that ESXi relies on a remote console for administration whereas ESX has a built in Linux based console.

The ESXi embedded version is the one that can be embedded.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 embraces - yes - HTML5

Hedley Phillips

did I read the words "standards"

and "Internet Explorer" in the same article?

Samsung to bundle glasses with 3D TVs

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I hear ya

I too morn the death of OLED.

While 3D is pretty cool (saw Alice in Wonderland the other day) I would prefer to be able to just watch a good quality image.

Swedish pothead reports LSD-laced hash

Hedley Phillips

"carping about their absence"

More fish related jokes!

Rare NES title takes $43,000 at auction

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You must be my long lost borther!

Dads are great aren't they.

Even started saying this to my own kids now.

First Freeview HD TV goes on sale

Hedley Phillips

How much?

Our 28" Sony CRT cost us £25 from Ebay a few months back.

Job done.

Ok it isn't HD, widescreen, 3D or capable of making cups of tea but what it does do is let us watch television. And seeing as I am busy running a business and have a full time job, I barely get to watch the news let alone sit down for hours to watch that new fangled fancy stuff (HD)

Sony backs away from OLED TV future

Hedley Phillips

I don't want 3D

I just want a good quality image and that was what OLED provided.

I have spent many an hour in front of LCD televisions at friends houses and am yet to see a decent picture unless they had HD. Anything else looks washed out, blurry and pixelated.

OLED is jaw droppingly beautiful. 3D is just daft.

Humax ships Freeview HD box

Hedley Phillips

Humax make good equipment

I have a 9200 (Standard Def, twin tuner) I bought a few years ago after spending a not considerable amount of time reading reviews and I have been delighted with it.

Customer support is great, the box works and works very well, and we are very happy with it. We even managed to get a new remote sent out to us last week as my kids have dropped the original one so many times it becomes a bit hit or miss whether it worked or not. I was half expecting them to say I had to buy a whole new box but no, they shipped out a new remote straight away. Top marks.

My only criticism of the whole system is that the remote has a silly plastic sliding cover which hides the recorded programs list button and the back and forward buttons. These must be the most used items on the remote and I can't understand why they have a cover over them. Thankfully it does come off but then spoils the look of it a bit.

We are still resisting the move up to HD. To us it seems to be quite a considerable amount of money to pay for a TV and new tuner box. And if you don't have an HD tuner then watching SD on a big LCD TV is awful, the picture quality is rubbish, blurred and washed out (I have spent a lot of time at friends houses who have new LCD's and the picture on our CRT is much clearer). So, until our almost brand new 28 inch Sony CRT dies that we bought on Ebay for £25!! or our Hummy dies, we will be sticking with SD for the conceivable future.

Bit of a ramble but I just wanted to post and say how much we like our Hummy.

Oz banker caught porn-surfing on live TV

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MS spins IE security disaster into Windows 7 upgrade opportunity

Hedley Phillips

Would somebody please think of the kittens

While I share your same enthusiasm in seeing the back of IE 6, I can not and will not condone the killing of kittens ok?

Firefox 3.6: I am more than my Monkey

Hedley Phillips

What about the awful memory useage?

Have they fixed this?

Mozilla teases surfers with near-final version of Firefox 3.6

Hedley Phillips

Will it still be slow and use up all my memory?

I now use IE more than FF because it is so much faster and doesn't consume huge amounts of memory the longer it has been running.