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Sorry, I can't hear you, the line's VoLTE


Re: Correction needed

I picked up a cheap Maze Alpha handset from Amazon a couple of weeks ago..displays that VoLTE working on EE. I was quite surprised as I'm sure it's unlikely to be a tested and supported device on any UK network being a pretty obscure chinaphone.

Virgin signs up record ultrafast broadband subs


Re: Oversubscribed

Every Network has winners and losers.....I get 210Mbps day in day out

Britain’s device-theft capital is now … lovely Leicestershire


Re: Bah!

You seem to be confusing Leicester and Leicester'shire'...

I live in Leicestershire and Coventry is 40miles away from me....Birmingham 38....

Like almost every county in the UK there are both urban and rural areas....

Even Leicester itself is almost 30miles away from me...

Motorola accidentally makes a profit


@Webster Phreaky

Go on please tell....You have a Motorola don't you?

It has nothing to do with them being American; It's because every phone they've made since the StarTac has been utter tripe.