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FINGERS CROSSED: Apple and Samsung said to be hammering out settlement


Somebody demonstrating flexibility?

Assuming the original report is true (reasonably large assumption), I wonder if Samsung's apparent lead in flexible screen tech has led to a softening in Apple's position. After all, Cupertino would not be amused if world and dog got to license the tech while they did not.

Of course, it might just be my mind wandering into FantasyLand...

iPhone slips in Europe as Windows Phone claims OVER 10% market share


Re: I'd like to think

"Apple make more money than anyone else from Smartphones, no one even comes close, and while the others all have to compete with the same operating system, apple has its users all to itself.

I have never seen so much utter rubbish posted in my life lol"

Perhaps you've been misled by fellow Apple stalwarts, or you just prefer being in denial, but a simple search of the interwebs would show that you're mistaken in your "no one even comes close" belief in Apple's supremacy in profitability. No company remains top dog forever, so your doggedly Apple-centric view, while charming, is perhaps an example of the "so much utter rubbish posted" you refer to?



Re: I'd like to think

@AC "Except Apple are selling more iPhones than ever - so that does not really fit?"

You should probably start paying attention to what's actually happening rather than what you want to happen. Apple's growth rate has dropped significantly compared to what it was only 12 months ago. So it's not simply about Apple's growth versus a flotilla of low profit handsets. It's not meeting its own high standards.

And the company's profitability is also dropping.

Might I respectfully suggest that you have a look at Apple's own quarterly results for the last four quarters, especially the Average Selling Price, net profit and growth numbers. While you might be disinclined to accept my word for the above, it would be hard to argue against Apple's own financial filings and their conference calls with the post-report financial media.


@AC"Would be interesting to see market share by VALUE or by PROFIT"

If it showed profit or value, it wouldn't be market share though. Market share is defined as a percentage of unit sales relative to the total of the market place.

Apple had traditionally "owned" the profitability crown in the smartphone market, but that has passed to Samsung now. Whether Apple can recover that position from its Korean rival is probably too soon to say for sure. But its profitability is trending downward, driven by lower ASPs of all the iPhone models. Samsung's profitability on the other hand is trending upward.

I don't think Samsung is concerned that its financial results are achieved from a mix of high, middle and low end devices. While the higher end of the the market (primarily Western nations) is showing signs of approaching maturity, the burgeoning middle and lower ends are exhibiting massive growth still.


Re: Lolz

A pointless measure? 0% smartphone market share would be dire for Apple considering how much the company depends on the iPhone for its existence, so a trend towards the lower end of the market share dial would certainly be a valid measure of success or otherwise. So, is there a trend in that direction?

Of course, Apple supporters can be buoyed by the huge profits the iDevice maker reaps despite its dwindling market share - unless of course, its profitability is also trending downward. Oh, it is? Oops...

The Cupertino Colossus would be well advised to get its "next big thing" out the door, I think.

Apple returns to courtroom once again to contest ebook shafting


So Apple's defence was that they colluded with book publishers to save eBook buyers from Amazon's possibly raising prices sometime in the future, by raising said prices now. Ha ha ha ha ha...

And they expected the court to buy that? Does Apple's hubris know no bounds?

Kiwis consider new spy laws in wake of Dotcom debacle

Big Brother

Re: It's pretty obvious...

Except NZ already has the "legal right" to monitor those believed to be involved in any kind of crime. This legislation changes the status of an organisation intended to keep tabs on non-residents to one that spies legally on residents as well. And does so on the pretext of protecting the country from cybercrime when it's a clear attempt to head off any litigation from the other 80-odd NZers who have also been spied on illegally by the GCSB over the last decade.

The only thing "pretty obvious" about your comment is how ignorant of the facts you are.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?


Eyes Wide Shut

As a long-time fan of Stanley Kubrick, I was sorely tempted to have him euthanased after my having sat through the first two and a bit hours of this stinker. Even the train-wreck-watching rubber-necker in me was unable to make it through to the end.

One of my more resiliently constituted mates watched it to its conclusion with his partner, (on a dare or a promise, I suppose), and I asked him what happened in the forty-odd minutes between the point where I shot through and the end credits. To which he replied "nothing".

So not much different from the beginning then.

And just in case that doesn't meet your standards of worst movie ever, consider that other remarkably interest-free dog turd of a film, The Remarkable Lightness of Being. Remarkable Likeness to Boring, more like. May the director of that waste of human heartbeats never be allowed near a motion picture set again in his/her miserable life.

That is all.

Crooks haul Vodafone NZ's ENTIRE Xperia Play stock

Thumb Down

Stoopid VF publicity stunt

I think they'll be looking for a new PR or ad agency. Just a hoax perpetrated by the folk at Vodafone to get some attention for the Xperia. For free.

Thought April 1st was well over, but apparently not here in Godzone.


HP rocks Redmond with webOS PC play


Clam down GreenOgre

"Who would bother with an immobile lump like MS Office?"

Any business, from sole trader to the enterprise, who rely on being able to consistently interchange MS Office documents with their business partners? And since I have experimented with F/OSS and found it to be unreliable in document translation, I am compelled to meet the standards that my clients and suppliers follow - MS Office. Get back to me when that lack of OSS reliability has been overcome.

And good luck finding any F/OSS alternative to Adobe's suites. They are the graphics industry standard and not having them is financial suicide.

If MS compiles their code-base to run Windows on ARM, then good on them. That doesn't imply in any way that they'll rewrite their Office suite for webOS though. I think you're a little confused...


Interesting times...

...but whither the productivity apps for the new OS? Maybe I'm deluded but I don't see MS re-writing Office for webOS. Nor Adobe their suites. Perhaps HP see their future in social media, entertainment and such.

However it plays out, good to see the PC incumbents MS and to a lesser extent Apple getting a hurry-up. Welcome to the game HP and Google.

And good luck.

Apple takes Snow Leopard for walk


@ Buck Futter

Dear Buck,

Can you show a link as to your CPU/OS share info?

It doesn't matter what Apple's rationale is for dropping PPC support other than the fact that the tithe to be extracted is a bucketload more than for Microsoft's dropping of Vista. Perhaps you missed the point that my comment was in answer to the posts claiming that $29 seems to be cheap compared to what Microsoft will charge for Win7 when it's released? It won't be cheap for me.

And stripping out half of this 'Snow Leopard' service pack's capabilities (the PPC code) and then having the gall to actually charge for crippling it for those like me who still use a G5 tower for a living, is truly breathtaking in its cynicism. The entry price to Snow Leopard for me will be a very expensive one indeed.

However, I'll be installing SL on my hack as soon as I'm able to access the OS. It should be interesting to see exactly what improvements Apple has made that will justify the major investment in hardware to support it.


Wow. $29.00???

$29. Wow. That's cheap!

Unless you want to run Snow Leopard on your G5, (which is the majority of us Mac users at this point). In which case you can add in the cost of an Intel Mac, which is, say, US$1599 for a MacBook 15". So that's err... ummm... $1628. Which is a wee bit more than Microsoft are charging for their Windows 7 'service pack'.

That's right. Win7 runs perfectly well on the old Wintel boxes. :-)

While I'm musing over the relative merits, I haven't had the priviledge of trying Snow Leopard on any machine yet so its real benefits remain a mystery to me but I have Win 7 RC running on a couple of installs and it's surprisingly good. On a Hackintosh I built, CS3 for Windows runs faster on Win7 than CS3 for Mac on Leopard. Not bad for a late Beta, Microsoft.

So, goodbye Vista, hello Win7.

And sorry Snow Leopard, you've left me behind. At least for now. See you in a year?

Click here to save Bletchley Park


Deadline EXPIRED?

"By Anonymous Coward

Posted Thursday 31st July 2008 08:45 GMT

Deadline EXPIRED - The online petition deadline was May according to the form so it was a pointless article. "

May 2009 is expired? What space time continuum do you inhabit?

How about you don't try to undermine a truly worthy cause with your (a) Incredible stupidity or (b) Illiteracy.

Pointless article? Pointless criticism, more like. :-P


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