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We translated Intel's crap attempt to spin its way out of CPU security bug PR nightmare

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Re: Old is new again?

Positive, he's the only person running it :-)

Pickaxe chops cable, KOs UKFast data centre

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All just waffle and distraction from "we have single points of failure and either no DR plan, or one which we never test and just hope it works!"

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DR Testing Failure

"generators failed to take over the service"

You can blame all the diggers, pickaxes or rat's gnawing fibre.

There's not point having backups if they don't work.

RCA Action #1 Do DR tests regularly

Take that, gender pay gap! Atos to offshore hundreds of BBC roles

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Outsourced means outsourced

The Beeb will have been directed by it's governers to secure the best deal for their IT provision.

They signed a contract with ATOS. Atos has then decided to offshore the folks providing that support to make it cheaper and pass some saving on.

Not the BBC.

If the BBC had it's own IT department or put out a tender for "UK Only staffed IT Support".....then I'd expect your license fee to increase significantly.

Thin-lipped chancellor tight-lipped on contractor-nudge-onto-payroll plan

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Re: Thin-lipped chancellor announces death of UK contractor market.

I'd say it's pretty disingenuous to say that you don't get paid well.

All contractors where I work earn considerably more than permies doing the same role.

But contracting comes with plenty of risk and no securities such as pension contributions/sick pay/holidays/redundancy etc.

So it's a trade off. Pays yer money, takes yer chance.

But it looks like Gorgeous George might be narrowing that gap but not giving out any breaks to balance it. Maybe he's got a mate who runs an umbrella agency?


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Changing opinions

It is interesting to see a comment like that (from el Reg). Have we all forgotten the included browser fiasco from Windows?

It would appear so as Linux Distros come with a free office suite and/or GIMP and music studio apps included for free. Phones come with a plethora of installed apps.

Have we all gotten over the hoo-ha of "but if it comes included it's anti-competitive"?

Solicitor General takes fresh pop at PunterNet

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What's perverse is that 6 weeks of "investigation, were wasted into a dog crapping on a train platform!

Gmail users howl over Halloween outage

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Whinge Whinge Whinge

"One poster said they'd never pay a penny to google after this debacle..."

30 hours without e-mail over a weekend.

So if there was no e-mail and you relied on the Royal Mail? Then what? no delivery for 3 days.

Do people have your phone number? Do you have theirs?

And yes as you righly point out it's free.!!!!!

You go off and set up an e-mail service for 100s of millions of people and YOU keep it up 24x7x365

Pfft if people can't live without mail for a few hours they need to get a life!

.........off to check my mail

Home Office makes nice cartoon ID card ad

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Mr No TV

You are the man from the onion!

CHAPEL HILL, NC–Area resident Jonathan Green does not own a television, a fact he repeatedly points out to friends, family, and coworkers–as well as to his mailman, neighborhood convenience-store clerks, and the man who cleans the hallways in his apartment building.


Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

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far too reasoned!

Amiga OS4.1 rulez....because it was necessary

Apple iPhone 3GS

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one more reason not to opt for Jesus Phone

So I have unlimited internet, but not if the http request comes from IE on a PC, rather than Safari on the iPhone. Isn't this anti-competitive?

What next, if you text in English it must be US English or you have to buy another bolt-on?

Anyone who pays for tethering really has more money than sense when any Nokia or SonyEricsson offer it as standard and O2 don't charge more for that.....or is that surprise waiting in the wings?

Apple won't let Commodore onto its baby

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Thumb Down

Propietary fools!

No flash, no java, no emulators, no free apps we didn't write (coz we all need an app to work out a bill for us!)

No use for this phone!

RAF strafes Next in pirated duvet copyright rumpus

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Black Helicopters

Copyright "owner"


As with most large companies, I'm sure the MoD inherits, owns and can sell anything you produce or think whilst you work there.

"All your designs are belong to us!"

BOFH: Shiny new computer room

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IT Angle

Those memories ring true for too many of us!

i can visualise it now myself!!!!

"Rows of tables in carpeted rooms with servers stacked on and around them....

...Portable aircon units leaking water onto the floor...

...Rats' nests of network cabling and power cables strewn all over floors and tables, in doorways, across light fittings..."

pretending to be the robot from Lost in Space with the portable aircon tubes as arms.....oh how we laughed....

Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows

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you mean there is a browser better.....

than Lynx?

I refuse to believe it!

I bet the gopher client on this "Safari" is rubbish..........

TV-Links man: 'I'm no master criminal'

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Guilty of a different offence maybe?

Lots of people are saying he's not guilty of copyright infringement. I'd agree with that. But one reader said if you pass on info about a dodgy dvd seller that's not a crime.

Well in this case his website was basically advertising the location of copyright infringements so others could take advantage of it. So he was aware of a crime being commited by not one, but multiple other individuals...and did not report it.

I'm sure the sentence for "failing to report a crime" is pretty low and doesn't grab as many headlines but they should add that to the list of charges if they want to be sure of a convinction on *some* reasonable grounds.

Ubuntu launch marred by website woes

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Wifi if you're lucky

Despite listing the Ralink cards as on the compatibly lists, they don't work fine with the wifi network manager if you want to use WPA.