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Sexy Namir sportster to rewrite fuel economy rulebook?

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[quote]so it came as something of a surprise to find the moniker sitting on something that looks like... well... this:[/quote]

Have you got any more details about Moniker?

Nintendo whacked with $5m Wii strap lawsuit

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Paris Hilton

5 Million?

That's one expensive telly!

Paris, 'cos she'd pay $5,000,000 for a 52-incher

Click here to save Bletchley Park

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New Year's Honour's List

I propose Darren McGuicken for a CBE/OBE/Knighthood for getting of his arse & actually doing the petition in the first place. If David Beckham can get an OBE for kicking a ball around, then surely Darren is a worthy candidate.

oh @ Luke, good call.

@ Dave Jones Thank those temporary huts for the life you have now.

Thumbs up to El Reg for giving this story the coverage it deserves