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Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'


Only £100,000?

Erm, £100,000 (salary and bonus) a year, even in these frugal times just about buys you a very good C++ developer. Double that for a good project manager for a medium sized project. Who would take on a thankless task like this for that kind of money?

Boeing: Raygun dreadnoughts will rule the oceans by 2019


Magazine unlimited?

The magazine of a laser may be unlimited but its rate of fire wont be and neither will the lifespan of its components under heavy load. Rail-gun 'barrels' also have a tendency to burn out.

When a swarm of 1,000 cheap sea-skimmers come over the horizon at Mach 5 how many can you shoot down? Rate of fire calculations any one?

How close does the singe nuke-tipped one buried in the swarm have to get?

Oh, almost forgot. Are these things any good against torpedoes which are pretty good these days? (Spot the sarcasm)

Surface ships are doomed in a serious exchange of views.

IPCC U-turn on Tomlinson CCTV


Mr Hardwick

With no particular view on Mr Hardwick's competence I would ask why did he make such a definitive statement that would have been so easy to check. Could we also have an assurance from the IPCC that THEY will collect this CCTV evidence and not members of the very group they are supposed to be investigating.

Only 'unlawful threats' would invalidate McKinnon extradition


@ Blinkstr

The next time France gets invaded the invading country had better have some deep tunnels.