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The iPhone App Store - a classic protection racket

Chris Singleton

You clearly have no idea

No problems, market it , sell it, collect the money (all real world activities in commerce) and then see how it nets out at. You clearly live in some form of retro communist vacuum.

Judging buy the number of apps for sale (which grows at an amazing rate per day), quite a few people seem it get the general concept. Lets not even begin to ponder the fact that the humble user finds the whole experience of being able to find all these goodies in a single spot with a constant purchasing experience kind of nice !

Nope lets find and collect all the pieces of the Berlin wall lying in peoples trophy cabinets and reassemble it so we can go back to the Utopia that once was and Nationalise the Appstore comrade.

Apple says MobileMe mail problems 'behind us'

Chris Singleton

Still sinking

Well if this is problem fixed I would hate to see problem still unresolved. Syncing is still a no go.

The trial period is aptly name as it certainly is one.

Time to go back to something that works, the ubiquitous BB