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Seagate kisses Maxtor goodwill goodbye

David Cunningham

Maxtors drives are dirt

Well from my point of view working in repairs I can confirm the first comment that maxtor drives definetely have a higher failure rate...

sure sometiems they are fine.. but weve been bitten in the ass so many times now using them its now company policy never under any circumstances to use a maxtor hard disk

Demand for consoles, add-ons skyrockets as PC games plunge

David Cunningham

pc is getting stiffled by protection

I have myself an xbox 360. I got it for the primary reasont o stream media from my pc to my tv, which i have working pretty well, games were just a benifit.

I have went through a transition of going from being a pc gamer to moving to the xbox to going back to the pc again full circle. The main reason being I just cant stand fps on the controller even after months of pratice just cant beat the old mouse keybaord combo.

This new DRM crap in all the games is a serious headache, a friend of mine bought farcry 2 and it wouldnt run properly or run because or DRM related issues. After posting on game maker forums for help, he got banned for saying he had tried a cracked exe and got it working. Result - he contacted the original games supplier got a full refund and then downloaded the game for free with a crack which worked prefectly. Now hes swearing he will never buy another ubisoft game as long as he lives... What do these companies expect people are going to do when they take aim and crap on your head from a 20 storey building with every new release.

Steam seem to be the only outfit keeping it simple as far as I can see, buying and downloading content from them is pretty easy and hassle free.

Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers

David Cunningham
Gates Horns


"The latest manifestation in this unfolding campaign is the Mojave Experiment, where Microsoft tricked ordinary people into liking Windows Vista, caught their reactions on "secret" camera and then posted them online."

To be honest that bit made me laugh... hows about... ms get a single core laptop with 512 mb of ram running windows vista... lock bill gates in a room and force him to use it to do a days work on it... of course the hidden camera covertly positioned...

Now that would be something id pay to see...