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Netgear was told in January its routers can be hacked and hijacked. This week, first patches released – after exploits, details made public

Roger D. Parish

Re: Grimm

My Netgear R6700 has the option to automatically check for and apply patches. I have it turned on, and it has worked at least once.

Sharp creates true-hue five-colours-per-pixel LCD

Roger D. Parish

How can you derive 5 colors from 3?

This sounds very interesting, but, given that the source image was only scanned in 3 colors, how do Sharp derive the other two from a three-color source? Must be a pretty clever algorithm. (Please forgive my American spelling.)

Russians withdraw Lake Baikal record claim

Roger D. Parish

Russians admitting failure? Priceless!

I find it encouraging that they are willing to admit that they did not accomplish what they had set out to do.