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Apple says MobileMe mail problems 'behind us'

Andy Bottomley

Get a grip fanboys

After all this time I still chuckle to myself at a lot of the responses to any Apple or MS related stories. Apple/MS* are crap... Steve/Bill* is the spawn of satan and rogers his customers on a regular basis... Apple/MS buyers are idiots who will buy anything produced by the company etc etc etc ad infinitum

*Delete as applicable

Some stuff from MS is garbage, some stuff is great. Some stuff from Apple is garbage, some stuff is great. I think one or two people could do with opening their eyes and they may actually see that!

And when it comes to consumer rather than business products, though it may be a shock to some of you there are actually people in the world that buy products from both companies. I'll pause whilst you pick yourselves up off the floor..... Yes, believe it or not some people need a product, look at what is available see how they weigh up against each other, and then choose the product that best suits their purpose.

Mine's the one without my 'chosen' company's logo emblazoned on the back.

Barclays and HBOS slash contractor rates

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@"Twat" comment

For your information I wasn't "gloating" about people being out of work - because the story isn't about people being put out of work, which you would have noticed if you had bothered to read the original article you complete imbecile. I was expressing my belief that it's nice to hear that they are reducing the rates of those who usually charge much more than they are worth, rather than put anyone out of work - the complete opposite of what you are implying!

Did I say there was no hope of reward where I am? Errrm.... actually no. I've been rewarded more than once thanks, due to the startup company of 8 years ago, where I still work, now being the biggest of it's genre in the UK. In fact you ask a lot of questions about me and then promptly answer them yourself, with no knowledge at all of me or my employer. Are you psychic? Given the accuracy of your 'answers' I reckon that's a 'no'.

I'm certainly not labouring under the impression I can't be replaced - everyone's replaceable, whatever their field of work. And do I have skills that other don't have? I reckon I do yes - I also reckon there's plenty of people out there who have skills I don't have.

And finally your 'not sharing knowledge' comment is laughable. I've lost count of the number of times I've had to explain how some systems worked to someone, only to have to go over it again, and again, and again with that same person, sometimes over the course of 3 or 4 years. And before you jump on that one I'm talking permies and contractors here.

Next time you comment on something try actually reading it properly first and trying to gain an understand of the points before you make yourself look stupid. Numbskull.

Andy Bottomley

wondered how long it would take...

I'm quite amazed it took that long for someone to suggest 'lack of cohones' (somewhat ironically that's b*ll*cks in english to the uninitiated) and lack of ability.

I personally think that sticking with a company when they're really struggling through tough times, knowing that you may be putting in a lot of work for nothing but hoping that you and your colleagues can do what's needed to help pull it through and get rewarded at the end shows a little more balls than going and selling yourself to the highest bidder every few months/couple of years. I think there may be another word for that!

As for 'lack of ability'... well I'll just leave you thinking that and laugh silently to myself whilst shaking my head.

And for the record I said most contractors, not all (and re-iterated the point), and I never suggested they were work-shy.

But just to balance the equation out a little, yes I have worked with plenty of sub-par permies as well, both in skill-level and effort put in. And I also have mates who are contractors - see I even socialise with 'em. But it has to be said they agree with my point that there are an awful lot of sub-standard ones about.

Maybe I've just been unlucky with the contractors I've had to work with over the last couple of decades!

And a smiley face because the contractor posts outnumber the permie ones by 4 to 1, which proves they're all out of work or they spend all afternoon on the Reg whilst charging their employers (now if only there was an icon for tongue in cheek)

Andy Bottomley


My closing comment is why I resisted the urge - I value my integrity more than my wallet. My experience with contract staff has been that they range in quality from downright atrocious to 'fair to middling', with only one or two diamonds that have stood out from the rest over a period of many many years. I just wouldn't want to ever associate myself with that group of workers.

And if it's not a 'bed of roses' then why don't contractors just leave their contracts when they end and get permenant jobs? I'll tell you why... because they are coining it in at a higher rate than permies, never have to, or are willing to, work more than their contracted hours to hit deadlines (without being paid even more for it) and once their time is up they can walk off and leave their poorly paid 'colleagues' to pick up the pieces of what they were attempting to put together. Not to mention the fact that the majority of them wouldn't last their probation period in a permie role.

Andy Bottomley

Sounds good to me

Having been a 'permie' for 22 years and resisted the urge to go contracting and earn shedloads more money for a lot less work I find this story rather heartwarming. In my experience the majority of contractors (note I say majority and not all) are far less skilled than their permenant compatriots and take far less responsibility for things. This is probably from years of working in 'get the job done, never mind the quality, now let's go!' environments.

Probably going to get the back up of a lot of people who've been getting money for old rope for donkey's years, but I'm sure they all have nice fat piles of cash they've been accumulating for years to soothe their sorry brows.

Mine's the one with the slim wallet in the left pocket but a big wad of highly valued integrity in the right.