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Australia cuts solar subsidies, and not before time

Conor McKeown

Solar in Australia - really?

I live in Ireland and fitted a 10 tube solar panel for hot water in July 2008 with a Willis SolaSyphon and it's been great.

I then went to Sydney for a week in October for work and saw next to no solar panels even when visiting work colleagues in various residential neighbourhoods. I also went for a few days to Cairns and saw a few that all looked at least 10 year old, but nowhere near as many as I thought I'd see.

Are all their solar panels just hidden on flat rooves that I didn't see?


Go SMS Pro

Conor McKeown

Is remeber something related to re-tweet

Point 4 of the Valentine's messages

Steve Fossett may be alive, investigator claims

Conor McKeown

Where is Steve Fossett?

Has anyone searched Hartlepool? Failing that, what about Panama?


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