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HTC prepares quad-core smartphone for 2012



This is a useless gimmick - there's simply no need for a quad core phone.

HTC should stop releasing 50 handsets a year and concentrate on 3 or 4 core products. How abourt a low end (Wildfire S), Mid Range (Desire S) and top end (Sensation) - refreshed just once a year, with a commitment to release Android updates on time, for 3 years from launch?

45% of Android users to upgrade to rival phone OSes


AAC files

Are not only for Apple products - they'll play on ANY Android phone, any Windows Phone, Any Nokia, Samsung or anything else with an music player made in the last 5 years.

Bell end.

Android bug lets attackers install malware without warning


Rooting the Wildfire

Yes you can - idiot



It doesn't help

That HTC bring out so many handsets - a rate of about 1 Android per month - even more if you include international and carrier variants.

They are simply not interested in updating your 1 year old handset - they want you to buy a new one.

Got a non-iPad tablet? Weirdo


'Only a few'

@Alan Denman -

Given that there are around 40 million adults, or 25 million households in the UK,- 3.6 MILLION tablets is a huge number in a little over 2 years.


'Limited Functionality'

Strange how even with that limited functionality the Apple Machine has over 1000 times more tablet apps available than the andoird store eh?

Whatexactly is it that you are being stopped from doing on an iPad that you could do on an Android?

Medion hides Android 3.2 tablet behind closed doors


Oh Dear

AC said 'All of them are Android, and none of them have the limitations of Apples products'

You can go on about Apple restrictions all you want, but with over 100,000 iPad apps compared to 300 Honeycomb apps its a totally false arguement.

So you are left with a 10inch tablet running apps designed to run on a 4inch phone, and £400 less in your pocket.

Lossless music goes High Street


Waste of space

What a waste of time and space - for people who *think* they can hear the difference between CD, FLAC and an MP3 ripped at 192 or above - you are wrong.

Your ears are incapable of discerning the differences.

Don't believe me? That's because you've never tried a proper blind test.

Arrange to have the same piece of music played from 3 sources played to you at random, repeatedly and note which source you think is which.

You will get the source correct no more than you would be simply guessing randomly.

By the way - a test where YOU know the ource before hand will not work. You will always think you can hear a difference. To be a really bastard - try this out on some music snob, but repeatedly play him the mp3 version. He still claim to have identified the FLAC one even if it doesn't exist.

Schmaltz-powered Chrome overtakes morally superior Firefox


Chrome doesn't run on Android

So the answer is clearly - NO.

On counterfeits, fakes and Apple stores


@XMAN - huh?

So you complained to Apple about a bogus apple store?

Isn't that a bit like complaining to HMV because a pirate DVD you bought from somewhere else didn't work?

Spotify trumpets move to US (and little else)


Its only £5 to get rid of the ads

Yip - £5 a month gets you no ads, no limits access on your computer

Apple orders millions of iPhone 5s for September release


@Gadget Rage is BAD

I often wonder about that too - why is it bad when Apple releases one phone a year, but its ok for HTC to release one a MONTH (as far as I can see they have 7 new models so far in 2011).

Maybe this is why a new Apple product is more of a story than say the HTC Wildfire S, or the Desire S, or Sensation, or HD....

HTC U-turns over Desire Android 2.3 update


Do it

Seriously - I'm surprised that anyone reading this site is still using the stock rom anyway.

Root using Unrevoked > Choose a rom that supports A2SD or Data2Wherever > Partion Card Accordingly > Flash Rom.

Oxygen is good for the plain 2.3.4 look, MIUI with D2W is good for a more polished interface, or there are plenty of Sense based roms - Starburst is nice and works great with the Data2Ext scripts - you can have anything up to 2GB internal storage. I usually go for 1GB.



HTC were probably right. This is going to get really messy for non-rooted stock users.

A Fresh install of stock froyo with HTC Sense on a Desire leaves you with about 140meg free to install apps. This doesn't go far - install a few big apps like google earth and that soon disappears. Of course, you can move some apps so SD using the Froyo method, but most people don't know this so won't bother.

So what happens when you try to push an even bigger version of Sense to them? The install will fail, users confused and annoyed, wondering where they can't update thier phone or have to delete their apps to get it working again.

Of course, Rooters and Modders already know that you can install App2Sd or Data2Wherever - right now I have MIUI running with 1GB of interal memory using an EXT 3 Partion - but that involves - rooting the phone, partitioning a card correctly, downloading and installing a rom - not really ideal for non techys eh?

Mac OS X Lion to include browser-only boot


Express Gate!

Ha - the first time I tried it I thought the laptop was broken! Ugly, useless gimmick.

HTC Flyer 7in Android tablet


Not true

1st Gen ipads ARE still available for £289 - direct from Apple.

The Vega just doesn't compare to it in terms of quality.

The only thing going for it is that it can play flash videos - but honestly - you really won't miss it.


Vega!! Hahaha!

@Danny14 - I can't believe people are still suggesting the Vega as a serious alternative to anything. Its only 200 quid for a reason - its garbage. If you can reach the screen over the huge bezel without stretching your arm, then you'll stuggle to see the washed out blurry images on the screen.

Add to that the flimsy plastic coating, the crippled version of 2.2 and the fact that for just £80 more you could have bought a 1st gen ipad from Apple.

Hold the Vega in your hand and feel the massive sense of disappointment - at least HTC have made an effort with this one.

Make it £250 and people will buy this instead of the crime against Android that is the Vega.


iPad battery life?

10 hours? THere or there abouts - plenty of test of it outlasting 10 hours too


In real life usage (browsing, mailing, twittering, facebooking and gaming) I go 3 or 4 days without charge. Standby is very efficient too - 1 or 2 % overnight.

I'm talking ipad 1 here

Toshiba reveals iPad 2 rival


How does it look better?

David Wood 'Having said that, it looks like a better product so I really hope it catches on.'

How does it look better? I looks ugly, and we know that Android Tablet apps are still no where iPad apps either in quantity OR quality.

So for only slightly less money you get an uglier, fatter machine, with hardly any apps to run on it.

Considering you can get a 1st Gen ipad for £289 from apple, you'd be foolish to look at this, or any Android tablet to be honest

http://store.apple.com/uk/product/FB292B/A (out of stock, but regularly back in)

Mac trojan evades Apple's brand new security fix


Ed 11

How does your 'you deserve what you get' attitude help anyone? It doesn't.

For years the main threat to Windows has not been self replicating viruses, but trojans JUST like this one. People are tricked into installing them by clicking booby trapped ads or popups - they don't deliberately install things they know are going to do harm.

This is why antimalware software is useful - it warns you that the link you clicked caused a file to down to your machine. Mac users are just as likely to make the same mistakes as Windows users, but with the added advantage to malware writers of being unprotected through some idiotic and misguided sense of superiority.

good luck believing that you are too clever to be infected - you truly will deserver what you get when it happens to you.

Apple ships removal tool for Mac-menacing malware


Dont worry Metavisor

Sophos AV for mac is free.

Its not a conspiracy.

New Mac fake-defenders similar to Windows scareware


Now that it no longer requires any interaction...


So now all you need to do is click on an infected link, it auto downloads and installs.

I hope all those self righteous pricks who think they are above making mistakes get hit with this.


spegru - people make mistakes

Obviously not you though - but some people DO click on the things they shouldn't - particularly things that LOOK like genuine alerts.

AV / Anti Malware software provides another layer of protection.

The real idiots are those who think they are above making errors

Apple admits scareware problem, at last


LPF - that's what security software does!

Lots of c-nuts commenting that 'software can't stop an idiot from installing something' - it CAN! That's exactly what AV/Anti Malware software does do!


Stop lying jeffo

jeffo- MS makes it very clear to users that they'll need anti-virus protection - they even provide MS Security Essentials for free.

Go into an Apple store and ask one of the assistants whether you need malware protection - I guarantee they'll say no.

Its all very well blaming users, but if they've been led to believe that they're safe then Apple really needs to take responsibility - its good to see that they finally have.


stop being such a TWUNT

firu toddo - your superior attitude isn't helpful. Not everyone who gets infected is as savvy as you. In fact, they might have bought a mac because someone just like you told them how great and safe they were and how they don't get viruses.

People make mistakes - they click things they shouldn't, then they follow the process through. Someone who believes the initial pop up is unlikley to stop believing it at the point of entering their password are they?

Twitter buys Tweetdeck for $40m – report



Whoever has it now, please sort out the ipad version and make it sync with the desktop and phone apps!

Apple sues Samsung over Galaxy look-and-feel



The great thing about KIES, is that its so awful that it makes iTunes look amazing.

Not only is it a huge 300 meg + download, its slow, fails to recognise the phone, and fails whenever you try to update.

I owned a 3GS and a Galaxy S - they're so similar that most people didn't notice I'd switched. But for me the Galaxy S has too many flaws - KIES is by far the worst of them, but the terrible Samsung UI and the ridiculous LAG made me get rid of.

Now a happy HTC Desire owner, in my opinion better than EITHER the iphone or the Galaxy.

HTC Desire S Android smartphone



For existing Desire owners who want the stock rom, but with increased Internal Storage (up to 2GB if you like) check out the Starburst Rom over at the xda forums.

As well as the increased internal capacity, its much quicker and smoother than the standard rom, and has working ad-free adfree android and other goodies. There's a script to remove the useless apps like teeter and footprints too.


Double Tap

uhuznaa - Douple Tap to zoom works on ever Andoird phone I've used, from 1.6 to 2.3.

Why bother to post stupid lies?

Spotify apologises for tainted ad kerfuffle


The Cube - Spotify does run in the browser

Thanks for the useless advice, but Spotify can't be run via a browser.

Apple iPad 2


iPad v Netbook

Lots of people asking 'what's the point? - I can do that on my netbook' - These questions should be very familar to you, because people say very similar things about netbooks 'what's the point - I can get a full size laptop for less, and its got a DVD drive' or 'I can do that on my smart phone'.

The ipad fills the same gap - perfect as a portable device when an phone is too small and a larger screen is too big.

Asda slashes Samsung tablet price


Still too expensive

You can get a 1st Gen iPad direct from Apple, for £289

At £200 the Tab is an attractive aternative - at £300 its still overpriced.

UK iPad 2 to cost under £400



Or... £289 for an refurbished 1st Gen iPad direct from apple. (Fully certified and guaranteed for 12 months).

The Vega and Archos were ok when there was over £100 difference in price, but for £40 it makes no sense to buy either. They're also rans, not even capable of running the Android market until hacked, and even then they run 2.2, so you get scaled up versions of phone apps, NOT tablet apps.

The Vega in particular is huge, with that awful bezel, lack of even basic Andoird hardware buttons, and the worst screen of any tablet I've seen - £250 of utter dissappointment.

A glimpse at Amazon's app store


But its still not as cheap as APPLANET

...which has every app available for free.

Dixons Advent Vega



@Kingsley - I almost bought one the other day- reserved in store and everything - but the screen left me feeling distinctly unimpressed. The resolution and colour reproduction just seems well below par - even for a cheapo like this I was expection a bit more.

Apple names iPad 2 reveal date


Money Waster eh?

'much appreciated by those of us who use our iPads primarily for Kindle, Instapaper, and the like.'

Yes, that existing ipad you have had for less than a year is completely worthless now isn't it ? Better buy a new one as soon as it comes out, I hear it has a slightly improved screen!!'


Knife-waving knob nabs fat stack of jazz mags



The shopkeeper beat him off?

Google, MS, Mozilla: Three 'Do Not Tracks' to woo them all


Block Third Party Cookies

The first setting I change in any browser is the 'Block Third Party Cookies' one

FF > Tools > Options > Privacy > Custom > Untick 'Allow Third Party Cookies'

Chrome > Options > Under The Hood > Privacy > Content Setting > Block All Third Party Cookies without Exception

IE > who cares?

Then install Adblock Plus with Easy List and Easy Privacy subscriptions.

So will these new settings make any difference?

Wii Countdown conundrum brands family 'SH*THEADS'


He looks like

Bill Murray

LG Android 3.0 tablet out next month



This isn't a review - its just letting you know that its coming soon.

Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty


Percentages? What about the numbers

According to the link below these figures are based on less the 50 known infections.


So that we are looking at probably 9 or 10 known OSX infections at most.

Android's Gingerbread finagled onto iPhone


Not Honeycomb

Honeycomb is 3.0, for tablets - this is 2.3 - Gingerbread.

You might want to fix the RSS feed and change it in the second paragraph too.....

Mozilla takes on web data miners with privacy icon release



What's to stop someone using the icon, and still using your data anyway?


- Block all third party cookies

- Install Ablock Plus with Easy List and Easy Privacy

- Install Ghostery / No Script / TACO depending on how paranoid you are

Or just clear your cookies after every sesssion.

Horror AVG update ballsup bricks Windows 7


MrT - What are you doing

The fact that MSSE is 'catching more' than AVG suggests you are regularly taking dangerous and stupid risks on your PC.

I run MSSE on both XP and 7 and it has never stopped or found anything. That's because I'm not a moron and I don't visit sites are infested with Malware in the first place.

(For a Second and Third opinion I run Malware Bytes and Super Anti Spyware every couple of weeks - never found a single issue, other than 'tracking cookies' which are not malware anyway).

Your AV software shouldn't be regularly finding anything, unless you are deliberately and wilfully acting in a dangerous manner - in other words, you are a moron.

Samsung plans to smash Android rivals..what about the iPad?



Not likely until they

-fix the file system to remove the lag

-get rid of the appalling KIES software

The Galaxy S hardware is great, but until you root and apply one of the lagfixes it is practically unusable.

AVG snaps up DroidSecurity


Just ran the Droid App

Says my phone is at risk because its rooted, and a suspect app is present. Super User.


App Store II: Steve Jobs sucks Mac's soul


Steady on

You are forgetting that the app store will be entirely optional. This is a massive difference to the IOS version where its the only way to get your apps out there (unless you only want to provide to jailbreakers).

Devlopers will still be able to provide apps via the same channels they always have. No doubt many will be attracted to this new store, as it much easier to let apple deal with distrubition, and those that do will probably see massive increases in sales, but that doesn't mean that everyone will have to.

I'm hoping there will be a good proportion of freeware available too.

iPhoto 11 ate my library, say users


Terrible update

iPhoto '11 has been dumbed down - big ugly chunky buttons, controls moved to a giant right hand side bar, and more than anything else, its slower than '09.

It felt like using one of those iPhoto clones they keep bundling with Ubuntu - like a half arsed copycat.

Do yourself a favour - stick with 09.