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Rogue Atlantis knob removed by hand

IM Phartain

Been there.

I have driven an American car. Foolishly I laid the keys (the only set I had) on top of the dashboard and they slid forward, near to a demist vent. Visible from the outside but nearly inaccessible from the driver's seat. I had to crush my hand between the sloping windscreen and the dash to reach the keys. Painful and time consuming. The Atlantis ground crew have my sympathy.

Apple scores 'power connector' patent

IM Phartain

Springs to mind...

I thought it was a drawing of Kryten's groinal attachment.

Mine's the one with a picture of a double-turbo vacuum cleaner in the inside pocket.

NYT scribe: No bailout for Tesla-buying 'centimillionaires*'

IM Phartain

Centi- ?

That'll be centi- as in centipede, not as in centimetre. "Business Professor", clearly not a scientist then.

Webcast quango: One-third of UK teachers are creationists

IM Phartain

Lucky number Seven?

What's all this about the universe being created in seven days - don't you read the Bible (well I did in Sunday School, once upon a time). The Lord created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Six days, because six is a perfect number - it equals the sum of its factors. This shows that mathematics, like God, is timeless, and exists outside of creation. Of course, if you believe in miracles, you'll believe in anything, even ID.

US boffins: Laptops will be as hot as the Sun by 2030

IM Phartain

Forget the LHC

First it was laptop batteries exploding - soon it will be "My laptop was left on overnight and has burned its way down to the Earth's core!!" - is this the next threat to our existence once we have forgotten about mini black holes?

Extra-heavy minicopter 'Jetpack' astounds world+dog

IM Phartain

Re: Power to Weight

Wow - I never realised it - they build heavier pilots for the American market! Is that to counter the greater weight of passengers in the back of the plane. Perhaps they could develop a lighter strain of pilots just for single-seaters and mini-copters.

Mine is the A4 jacket.

Dell's dinky designer desktop

IM Phartain


Will it cope with being knocked on its side?

Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror

IM Phartain


Power tools and volatile materials - a very bad combination, mix it by hand or (very green) build your own waterwheel.


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