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Sky dishes up iPlayer-style service for Xbox 360

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Just hope this is avaliable to those of use who don't currently have a sky package. Looks like IPTV will finally be taking off in a big commercial way.

University emails 'blocked from Hotmail'



Call me cynical but is this Microsoft's way of pushing universities towards its own Live@Edu hosted exchange email products?

Tesco tills go titsup


Code 10

"Would all customers please make their way to the checkouts"

Apple massages iPhone code

IT Angle

Still no fix for the maps

Google Maps still showing KM instead of Miles in the UK. There goes a perfect opportunity to fix it.

O2 and Be customers suffer network congestion

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No Complaints Here

I'm an o2 premium customer. Just ran a speed test, 11.4 meg download, 1.1 meg upload, 28 ms ping at 7.45pm. Not much slower than at 4 in the morning.

Never had any real congestion problems (I'm in central Scotland), only the odd DNS issue and the general slow down last year when their backbone was cut through by blundering contractors in Yeo Street.

Apple to pay $22.5m for scratched iPods

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US Only

Appears to only be for US customers. Not much help for those of us who were early adaptors here in the UK.

Telegraph.co.uk succumbs to typo irony


Still up


Errors still online. Well done Telegraphh

Apple to slash prices by up to 15% on Black Friday?

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Not impressed.

Why bother?

They only appear to have taken off about the same amount that will account for a VAT saving next week.

Copyright-bothering web TV outfit rises from the grave

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Been using tvcatchup for a while

I can't get freeview here and will not get the full line up of channels when analouge is switched off. Works great on o2 broadband.

Apple updates iPhone firmware


1 day on

Installed 2.2 now and have run into problems.

Typical Apple - fix bugs and introduce new ones!

*Fixed emergency calls allowing locked iPhone to dial any number

*Speed in general seems to have improved

* Change Safari address bar (search is now positioned like the desktop version - to the side rather than below the address box field)

*Messed up Google Maps - KM rather than Miles

*Update resets brightness (easily reset)

*Lost SMS privacy option for previews

Roll on 2.2.1...



All very nice Apple (and appreciated) but there are still several outstanding issues:

Cut and Paste

Flash Player

Sat Nav app

Proper Bluetooth

Oh and I personally find auto correct to be good although it doesn't seem to learn as it goes - mins still gets changed to mind evern though I tell it not to make the change.

"I'll be on msn messenger in 10 mins" becomes "I'll be on men messenger in 10 mind" every freaking time :(

Main BBC channels to be broadcast live via web


Already done

Eh hasn't this already been done (all be it under some law loophole)?

*cough* tvcatchup *cough*

Online identity card scheme aims to remove password headaches


Cardspace anyone?

So now we have OpenID (various), Cardspace (Microsoft) and i Card (Equifax) - not very simple is it?

Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009


No that surpised

From what has been revealed about Windows 7 it's going to be what Vista was supposed to be - not that surprising that it is to be released next year. After all Windows 95 was replaced by 98 in 3 years and Apple typically release an update to the OS X line every 2 or 3 years.

Ubuntu 8.10 - All Hail new Network Manager


Had enough of network manager

argh - the interface is far too buggy

found Wicd (http://wicd.sourceforge.net/) which seems to fit the bill nicely :)


Wireless and Network Manager

@Phil the Geek

It's to do with the fact if you don't login and use the auto login option then your password is not entered to unlock your keychain. A work around is to have a blank keychain - although this is not secure and not recommended.

I wish this would be resolved as right now this is an area where Windows still beats Ubuntu - ease of use with regards to wireless configuration. The new network manager is an improvement but there's a good bit more development and refining needed.

Adobe breaks sound barrier with Flash Player 10

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Windows and Mac

"He pointed to the fact that tools for Flash Player run on Windows and Mac"

unless the Mac is an iPhone...

Google: The Satan Phone cometh


Not quite as good as the competition

More expensive than an iPhone with similar features.

The HTC Touch Diamond provides a similar browsing experience with the Opera Browser and again costs less so why pay £40 a month to be a beta tester exactly?

Apple code of secrecy imperils Aunt Mildred


@Anonymous Coward

Well a trip to the Apple support forums suggests I'm not alone with the BSOD on Vista problem (nor am I the only one who finds unplugging the usb lead to the printer is a work around).

As for the XP toolbar problem - running a repair install fixed it - seems it works as long as you don't use Apples own software update utility!

Yes iTunes was originally designed for Mac but surely Apple can't push out Windows versions without proper testing - after all chances are iTunes on Windows has a bigger install base than on Apples own OS.

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Classic Apple

Let's fix some bugs and put in new ones...

Installed iTunes 8 on my Vista laptop - BSOD (works if I unplug my HP printer - driver clash?)

Installed iTunes 8 on my XP Desktop - toolbar doesn't work at all.

Fujitsu intros 5.6in bonsai laptop... with Vista

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Too small...

I can't see many people wanting to strain their eyes looking at a 1280x800 res. Especially when trying to correct the typos produced on the keyboard that is frankly only for use with thumbs...

Dud Nvidia GPUs tip up in Dell laptops



Most importantly will they extend the standard 1 year warranty for customers who experience problems ala Microsoft on Xbox 360 ring of death?

I can see my XPS m1330 packing up a year and a day after purchase...