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Texan schoolgirl expelled for refusing to wear RFID tag

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Re: Christ (oops!) bloody religion again???

laugh all you want, but if you think again, the book of revelation was written 2000yrs ago and if you follow technology, you know such tech is readily available and is widely used in the animal world. See how popular pet owners are tagging their pets? just look at oyster card, your movement can be easily tracked and located.

So how hard is it to implant one into the forehead or right arm of a human being? as far as i know, there is prison already tagging their dwellers.

after 911 and continous terrorism, don't you think governments are keen in tracking human movement, with the mainstream media and finances institutions hence, (a street with a bull mascot) controlled by a certain group of people. dont you think they want to enslave us in a more distreet way? it's not a question whether is it going to happen? But it's a question of when is it going to happen?

foot note: in the book of Revelation, it also mentioned that at end times, the whole world will be able to witness the same incidents simultaneously. you have to ask yourself, in a world that had no electricity, no satelites, no tv, no telephone, who an earth would think in 2000years time, everyone can be able to watch the same news coverage, I wonder where else do you find another book that could provide such revolutionary view??

Apple's first batch of iPhone 5 preorders sold out in an hour

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Re: Every time

I share your view completely Mika from 2nd paragraph onwards, but i still dont think it's their supply issue that make it so hard to get an apple phone but the apple management, they just want to create the kind of shortage hype impression that you will look stupid if you dont have an IP5. afterall, it's not their first time to release a phone. Sadly, majority of the people dont share the view and didn't realise how much they have been ripped off by apple.

Official: Toshiba discontinues HD DVD

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PS3 sale will climb

there is one more reason to buy PS3 and one less for the 360. How come M$ didn't learn from PS2 and rolled out the 360 with the built in HD-DVD drive and then dominated the market. They have sold 13million+ 360 but only handful of HD-DVD player are in the market. While PS3 sold only a few million units and they already have few millions of blu-ray players around the globe. Anyway, BR is a more superior format over HD-DVD.

'PlayStation-deprived' teen admits part in plot to pop parents

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Confused by US law?

I don't believe the charge of attempted murder is wrong, the prosecution is trying to show how serious this offense is. There was a clear motives and actions to arrange a murder attempt and only 1 step away to get them killed, if the undercover cop was actually a hitman, their parents could be dead by now.

JK Rowling badmouths eBay

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re: Pay Pal Better??? WTF!!!!

I cannot agree more! Once you are in their system, they are in control over everything.

UK PS3 price begins to drop

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Re: Re: We pay too much whine whine whine

"$600 in the US, HK$3,780 in Hong Kong and £425 here in the UK.

Pull out your currency converters and whine. Finished? Good! Now take a look at the median incomes for these countries

$670/week in the US, HK$2,300/week in Hong Kong and £450/week for the UK."

Where did you get your stats? US has far highest GNI per capita and for a PS3 cost £400 in UK but less than £250 in HK, okay you can argue we got taxed, even you put a 20% VAT on top, HK residents are still £100 better off that equavilent to 3 new PS3 titles.

Come on, we are now living in a globalised world and if Sony isn't ripping the European off with a bigger gross margin, why did Sony tried so hard to stop Lik-sang selling into Europe? Lik-sang was trying to help shifting their products.....

We are months behind the launch, with a machine less compatible with PS2 and higher price.... people are right to whine whine whine and whine....


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