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YouTube blocks music videos in UK

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What a big bunch of twats

The PRS should be paying youtube... music videos are called "promos" due to the fact that they sell records. MTV doesn't pay shit for their videos, they demand them for free and the music industry comes running like the pussies they are. I bet the likes of Daft Punk have sold loads of music off the back of those harder, better, faster, stronger.. videos. I also suspect those youtube videos had something to do with Kanye West using the track.

Vista SP2 release candidate gets public airing



I love Vista, it's not perfect, but I'd never go back to that dog XP. Pre SP2 XP was fucking awful, the worst Microsoft OS I'd ever had. So quickly people forget the BSOD days.... Vista is a triumph in comparison. Maybe It's a bit chubby round the edges, but it's stable, reliable and a massive leap forward. Testament to that being Windows 7.. which is Vista after it's tidied itself up and made to do some exercise.

BT wins pricing control over faster broadband


£29 Billion

£29 Billion for every house to have a dedicated fibre connection? Sounds like a bargain to me... how much cash was throw at banks and the iraq war?? If this country was completely fibred up it would be a massive boost to the economy. Why aren't they doing this?

DARPA seeks Hitchhikers Deep Thought program



Leonidas's wife, River Tam and that other one are going to be on this like stink on a dead robot/human thingy.

Orangutans concoct plant-based soothing balm

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Orang-utans are so cool...

..they'll be curing cancer next.