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Sony exec pours cold water on PS3 price-cut hopes

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I propose a new word for fanbo/y/i's....,


BOFH: Unfriendly ghosts

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I was laughing at this and trying to explain Halon to a mate when I chanced upon this on Wiki*censored*

It is considered good practice to avoid all unnecessary exposure to Halon.

Thanks Wiki for another -jewel- of knowledge. How many lives have been saved by that little snippet?

Carphone Warehouse gets into games consoles, Macs

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@ Joe K

They're not the same retailer group.

One is DSG and the other is CPW.

The Link were DSG's high st presence.

CPW have been selling PSP's for ages, by the way :)

Revealed: Street View's UK invasion schedule

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I for one...

Welcome our multicoloured billionaire overlords and will gladly play ball with them.

OMFG, what have you done?

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Somebody start a group on Facebook saying how much we hate the new look!

Sorry if it's already been said, but I am too mashed to read 340+ comments :P

Logitech V550 Nano wireless laptop mouse

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Paris Hilton

Was there a compe(tit)ion

To say nipple as many times as possible? :)

Paris: We've all seen her nipples...

iPhone toolkit goes graphical

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Well - your negative IQ did decrease the average somewhat ;)

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Surely Apple would want this released for their OS /first/, however many people run Windows...meh, more fool them.


Maybe Apple would, but as it's not them developing this they have no say.

More fool you :P

BOFH: Smash + grab

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The ending was just the icing on the cake, now BOFH has been read - pub anyone?

Rackable clears ICE Cube shipping containers for IBM blades

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The question should be - Will it get that performance under DX10 in Vista?

Doubtful in either case. They (servers) don't normally come with powerful graphics cards as they don't normally need it.

The PSP: what's its future?

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@PSP Limp

Isn't the PSP limp what you get when you spend more than an hour walking with one in your trouser?

Fractured femur coming!

Steve Fossett may be alive, investigator claims

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Well this is

Much less ridiculous than conspiracies suggesting he was shot down over Nellis AFB!

Chinese takeaway biodiesel man in garage explosion horror

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As an aside...

Why can nobody here spell "terrorist" ?

Mine's the one with the bottles of vodka and sunflower oil in the pocket. I'm going home to fry some chips and get drunk ;)